DDoS protection shutting off in two hours

DDoS protection is being shut off by cloudfare in 2 hours. Prepare your anuses.

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Where the fuck will I go. I gave up social media years ago. Other than my Nokia brick, this is the only digital comm I use.

Some of you guys are ok, don't use Cloudflare tomorrow.
See you later, space robots.

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It's been great gentlemen! Don't cry because it's gone. Smile because it happened.

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Where do we go brothers?

See you all at Alt.fan.plushies

The IRL, bro.

you sound like a female


im over here typing 2 captchas for every post i cant do it time to KILL

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What's 8ch's onion?

its dead

This is my last post ever on 8ch. Hope to hear from some of you in the future.

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Can you at least mention the European style socialists in your manifesto this time?


get to the bunker guys

this poster is a bot it keeps asking across multiple threads. eventually some dumb narcissist faggot will tell. don't be that faggot.


No faggot. I'm not the "what's an onion" guy from;

But you are;

Which is fine. I just asked what the specific 8ch onion URL was.
But you're a faggot and can't even into comprehension.

They are proving us right. So a leftist DDOS attack. How mature of them.

Its clear that they are acting rationally and not emotionally after the recent shootings (sarcasm).

Are you referring to bunkerchan? Because I just went there and they have two leftypol boards and everyone there is referred to as "comrades"
I don't think its a good alternative.

dont tell him guys


cia niggers glow in the darkl. the best way to kill a cia nigger is to run him over with your car.

zeronet bunker:

Ah fuck. Everything to the question mark. After that it's the address to a specific board.

What if they make a digital touch screen dedicated to Zig Forums, it can even be anonymous and shit.
But I don’t think “they” would allow it much in the market

Not like it wasn't coming after DS years ago. You've been lying to yourself if you thought otherwise. Hope you planned accordingly.

Jim, don’t atop being a kike now, sue every single person who DDOSs the site.

How the fuck is that even legal?

This could be a huge money maker for Jim. I doubt Zig Forums makes money on ads, but converting it into a lawsuit mill seems like it has potential to be extremely profitable. We'll drive the niggers to DDOS Zig Forums, Jim can sue them 24-7. Turn the process into an extremely efficient settle out of court scheme.

It's a private company goyim :^)

Surely there is an alternative to Cloudflare.

Tell chodemonkey to switch to Bitmitigate, they are protecting Daily Stormer


God damnit you dick heads. I just want to discuss anime and technology and say nigger, but you fags ruined it for us



Are you a complete fucking Kike Degrade Chode roached defective reject down syndrome Shill (Rhetorical) No OTHER fucking purpose has this website served other than to further the enraveled unraveling of the Goon Cyst Inbreed system. Nothing has occured aside the gracious wave of exact rebellion. these steps one at a time.

Your fucking Weeab Tar Driveling is but distracting. Literally screw your fucking testosterone back on. FAGGOT.

stop posting that in every thread faggot.

all i wanted to do was post on /ck/ my whole life

based and ddos-pilled.

RIP, we hardly knew ye. See you on the half.

this is funny prince just fucked with one of the few places on the planet with the ability will and determination to fuck him harder

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dude, for those of us who can't be here 16 hours per day every day of the year, that's not helpful
I'm sure that you will be superhappy that 90% of the occasional Zig Forumsacks won't be able to find your seekret klub
but it sure won't help with the CIA-to-user ratio

anyone else, where are functional bunkers?

Simple. They created a whole framework of victimization that allowed them to take groups which are naturally hated, and make it "hate" to say anything negative about them. They they meme'd this into the populace's consciousness and the legal system. So if you try to refuse an offer to make a gay wedding cake, or wax a pre-op MtF tranny's crotch, you go to jail. But we aren't a "protected" group, so Cloudfare is just utilizing its property rights to refuse service to us.

It's literally discrimination and oppression. The difference is just that instead of saying "You are bad. You get worse laws and treatment than the rest of us." they're saying "We are so good. We need special protections from those bad people over there."

end chan is one of them.

File store for archives stopped working already.

Took me like an hour to get the captcha for

Exactly, we can and will find ways to get back at East Dakota for this attack. In Minecraft of course. Free speech is non negotiable and those that make themselves enemies of it are enemies of the Republic, and subject to griefing.

Same here.

Remember to cite cloudflare as the reason for future pranks in your memefestios.

what is the problem just to host site on the Onion?
And same with capcha. Move to Telegram lads.


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I don't know where that is. And I am tired of cuckchan and horsefucking chan.>>13574774

It's been a hell of a ride. I wonder how many will just go back to cuckchan?


no don't go back our bunker is on 0net.

What's with all the shilling for Zerochan?

I'm so proud to share our last hours with anons like you. Regardless of the chaotic nature of this, I never fail to find based revealing and accurate logical assessments from our masses. These boards are so much smarter than we ever got credit for.

I don't think these are the last hours, Zig Forums is migrating and we'll probably still be here tomorrow.

Hope you (((White Nationalists))) kill yourselves.

Regardless, right now is the perfect time for an exodus. Jim is a filthy kike, Cloudflare (itself a botnet) stopped hosting it, there's been all these shootings coming from here, etc.

how about neinchan?

1.Boycott Cloudflare.

2. Do some positive pr for 8ch.net Zig Forums online to counter the bias against Zig Forums Zig Forums in the media.

a) say that 8ch.net Zig Forums is about Atlantis, Antarctica, Gobekli Tepe

b) 8ch.net is not aligned with any specific ideology, it's just free discussion about random things + anime cartoons

Make it sound innocent.

I don't think it's going to happen, Zig Forums is too convenient to just be abandoned.

I remember you, fuck off with your honeypot.

It's convenient for the glowies that run it. An exodus is necessary if you don't want to be ruled over and constantly have glowniggers shilling, since it's too late for Zig Forums either way.


It was just a suggestion sperg, how is it more of a honeypot than this shithole.

I’m finally free from this hellhole.

You're the guy who lied about being an fbi agent and was bitching about aliens and the color purple, you were shilling your chan in that thread. I remember you faggot.

It's also too convenient for the people who frequent it and are lazy.

They don't care what we have to say. The Jews in the media are going to spin the narrative any way they want simply because they can and people are going to believe it because they're mindless sheep.

White today?

wrong nigger faggot, you don't remember shit.maybe you were offended by someone else because you have purple hair and let trannies fuck your asshole.
maybe you should stop eating grains so you brain wont be so retarded.

No, I remember you, fake fed.
Who do you work for?


It's not going to be shut down, it's going to be shilled and then it'll go back to normal.

Quality in a the sea of shitposts today

So basically just another week on Zig Forums?


lol, the only people who ruined it are the people who went out and shot a bunch of people.
cept brenton that guy was a g,lol, seriously though i doubt this is going to do anything except run off the short attention span posters anyways, there will be probably be problems for a few days maybe a week and then people will forget about us and things will go on as normal, we can continue chatting shit and fantasizing about x,y,z.

Will we dream?

omg i love x,y, and especially Z!

fuck if i know what gets you off.

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Unencrypt the Liber Primus. Cicada 3301 is looking for its final members.

It wasn't the regulars who ruined it!

It was shills like him!


Don't give our enemies any ideas.

Well, I'm waiting, faggot.

Low effort.

The lack of honesty is these things' most deplorable trait.

Quick, everyone to youknowwhattodochan

Which people? Where?

The hatred against the ways and deeds of good, honest people is not a natural state!

Disregard this last post.


That could be a bit of a problem. It isn't like we could DDoS Cloudflare off the Internet. Right? We can't do that, right? We would need the mother of 0day Windows exploits to harness enough bandwidth to DDoS Cloudflare right the fuck off of the Internet. Then watch the customers who get knocked offline drive their stock valuation down harder than Gillette doing that tranny shit to their customers.

It's about bandwith, not ddos protection. Everyone already knows this site's direct ips so it's pointless to get ddos protection.


Oh no what will we ever do..

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We still have an hour and ten minutes.

we're moving faggot

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Still sitting behind Cloudflare as far as I can see…

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