The end

You stupid, stupid faggots have done well in destroying this site. Congratulations. Magnifico. Bravo!

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Have sex, incel.

Oh no, this shitty site with ban happy mods that delete manifestos is going go down? SAY IT AIN'T SO!

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Oh no. I won't get to access a well, for years, compromised honey-pot.

Is 8ch going bye bye? Where will I go. Can’t post on halfchan with a vpn.

I can't wait, we'll have months of shill-free talks before you figure out where we've moved to.

Fuck you, Zig Forums. You've ruined this site for everyone.
Burn in hell, you larping nazi faggots.

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This site has been cancer for years now. No harm done tbh. Fuck Jim Watkins.

Glad I could help!

We did it, Reddit!

Well, it was fun. When the day comes, we will all meet and purge the world of the shit skins. Off to greener pastures for now.

whatever see ya faggots

ultra baste bantz and memes cant wait fellow national socialist

Lurking was fun

It's not role play when you use the real thing.

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So ledditors with Loic can take out 8ch at whim? What does it mean?

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site has been running like shit for months



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This will be an interesting test. Q said "this board is protected". /qresearch/ is on 8ch. Guess we'll find out if they're for realzies or nawt. Heh.

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The truth shall triumph my friend.

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Checked incel sex dubbbbs


Lurk more and never post here again fag

It’s been a pleasure fun posting with you lads. See you on the otherside

Define LARP
Heil hitler.

Well it's been fun, faggots. See you where I see you.


here you go

Good riddance

Where we moving to anyway?

Shitpost till the end faggot don’t give up this is the best day of your life and you’re trying to escape it. Embrace it

Boohoo, Libertarian cuck. You want to have memes while the West is utterly collapsing. The people who posted here before going postal were only caused by the degeneration and hopelessness of our situation and there will only be more of them whether or not this site goes down. Ultimately though, it will be men like them who change the political climate enough through acceleration for us to have a hope of doing anything. You fags who are only here for irony are just as bad as MAGAfags and cuckservatives because you don't get it: THERE IS NO PEACEFUL SOLUTION AND YOU WANT TO AVOID THE FUTURE AND REALITY BECAUSE YOU PREFER ESCAPISM AND BEING A PSEUDO INTELLECTUAL.


dont worry fren, i have pee bottles for free

If it was a larp, how did the site get shut down again? Oh, right, people actually doing something.

Q is a Larp anyone that still falls for it obviously has brain damage.

The real world.
They should have just left us alone. All I ever wanted to do was play fucking video games


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site was already dead years ago

Lol, gay.


Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee peeeeeeeeeee crikeeeeeeee!!

Any statement yet from Jim Watkins?

Ha made ya laugh

Over at >>>/vril/ the vol is cool as fuck and strictly adheres to rules, and also bans leftyfags on sight because fuck them, lol

Fuck lads

It's been an honour and a privilege gents

Then come here, they can't delete your posts.

I’m glad it’s dying tbh, the site died a few years ago anyway. This will be our chance to exodus to greener pastures anyway. Where else still exists?

Nah. He has chores to do still and he may be off doing god knows what but the fuckin pigs need fed regardless. Pigs can’t just feed themselves user

Fuck off fedberg eat shit

I don't feel like it unless you fix it.

so just post our manifestos to facebook now?

Yeah because you've really accomplished much other then shutting down the few places where you could discuss your ideals.
Also wasn't the shooter a fucking child? Goes to show the people who post here.

Zig Forums died a long time ago

Hotwheels was right
/intl/ was right
Imkampfy was right

Fuck Jim Watkins and his stupid gook son up the ass.

Have children, faggot.



What a fascinating time to be alive. See you boys around I guess. Unless nothing at all happens and we resume business as usual.

That works. Is MySpace still a thing? Print them out and tack them up in public spaces. Cork boards and such
Be subtle and creative
They want a butterfly war??? Fine I’ll give them a butterfly war !!

In the meantime, qtards are chimping out about the site going down. "Oh, lordy, how is q going to find us?". Kek

It was great shitposting with you niggers
I love all of you
except kikes, fags, and shitskins

now that everyone isnt going to have their fav shitposting board anymore I wonder what other t hings they can get up to

In the meantime you guys should get laid and learn what having a life is beyond your dicks and hands

Indeed. This is going to free up some daily time that I could put more effort into efforts

Reddit is going to become real weird for a while.
What's 8ch's onion?

We're all going to become scientists, doctors, and engineers.

Lol wut?

There are plenty of other places you're just too retarded to find them.

Discussing ideals here is a waste of time because it accomplishes precisely fuck all and it gives people an excuse to avoid IRL action. If the chans shut down tomorrow, you'd all have to go and actually do stuff. I stopped posting here for 6 months and I got two academic studies published in prestigious journals. I only came back yesterday to celebrate the action of McLovin, a real fucking hero.
I've met 10 people from this board IRL. All were grown men and professionals with degrees. Anyway, the shooter being a kid shows we're at least reaching a young audience.

Zig Forums is Terminated

Zig Forums is among the more than 19 million Internet properties that use Cloudflare's service. We just sent notice that we are terminating Zig Forums as a customer effective at midnight tonight Pacific Time. The rationale is simple: they have proven themselves to be lawless and that lawlessness has caused multiple tragic deaths. Even if Zig Forums may not have violated the letter of the law in refusing to moderate their hate-filled community, they have created an environment that revels in violating its spirit. Forums/

Fag. Your service suck balls.

I'm gonna shitpost even harder than before

Trump in 2015.
It's cute that the thinks Gates is a big player in the internet (actually , he never really was, M$ were slow to adapt in fact), but what matters is the mentality. Trump doesn't really understand the internet, despite being a Twitter President. He is now in a position to demand that certain rights are curtailed.

Gay as fuck
It’s been real fellers
Press f to pay respects and pee pee poo poo pissssssss and shit
Antarctica threads were my favorite

Oh man hirohito is gonna be so pissed when 2k fuming cybernazis land back on his shitboard.


Friendly reminder that this board is completely and utterly compromised.

There are 5 threads shilling against Saint Crusius, 3 of which push the exact same false flag narrative with the exact same bullshit talking points. Yet, all of these identical threads have been allowed to stay up, while the thread which was made by Pat himself, which contained the manifesto, was deleted, just like the other threads who were praising him.

Hotwheels has personally confirmed on twitter that he wants Zig Forums gone. The mods have done nothing about niggers, leftists and obvious shills spamming up the board after the recent occurences.

Lets hope this place gets shut down. We can reorganize on the TOR network, the additional anonymity will allow for better distribution of the real juicy stuff anyways, which is important since we are entering the era of pro-white terrorism.

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This site went obsolete when you dropped Gamergate and got Trump elected because it was funny.

Nothing is obsolete

There’s a ton of imageboards. I could name ten off the top of my head. I was here since first exodus so I’m used to a slower posting speed but higher quality posts anyway.

Guess it's time to go outside and do something in the real world for your race, huh?


everything is fine
move along

Cuckchan is even more of a mossad infested hell now, so no, its hardly obsolete, but that doesn't make it good.




If this place gets shut down, where will the FBI shitpost all day?


well? do name them then


What are some good TOR chans?

haha pools closed amirite?

Well now that it looks like its not going to be shut down, its great knowing that you faggots have solidified you as the replacement for /a/

Proven how? Every time some fag has posted a "manifesto" it has been immediately removed, faster than the likes of facebook and twitter, which the shooters past and present used. The only "proof" is accusations as statement of "fact" with no rationale.

I guess we'll find out now, won't we? 1.5 hours b/f Cloudflare drops protection.


Do people expect the site to go down the moment cloudfare drops?