Three attackers in six months allegedly posted their plans on the site in advance. In an exclusive interview, Silicon Valley CEO explains his ‘moral obligation’ to keep Zig Forums online


The suspect in the massacre that left 51 Muslims dead in Christchurch, New Zealand, allegedly posted a white nationalist screed and link to his Facebook live feed on Zig Forums, a far-right message board and notorious bastion of hate speech. The suspect in the shooting at a synagogue in Poway, California, that killed one person and injured three, allegedly posted a racist and antisemitic “open letter” on Zig Forums. And the suspect in Saturday’s attack at a crowded Walmart in El Paso, Texas, which claimed the lives of at least 20 people, is believed to also have posted a white nationalist rant on the platform.

If the connection between the 21-year-old suspect in Saturday’s massacre and the Zig Forums document is confirmed – and law enforcement sources told NBC News that they are “reasonably confident” that they are linked – then the El Paso attack will mark the third mass shooting in less than six months that was announced in advance on the message board. The first targeted Muslims, the second Jews, and the third appears to have been aimed at killing Latinos.

So what is Zig Forums – and why is a website linked to such a high death count allowed to exist on the open internet?

At its most basic level, Zig Forums is a website hosting user-generated message boards. Users can create and moderate their own boards about topics ranging from anime and cryptocurrency to politics and video games, or post on established boards. Almost everyone participates anonymously, and the only rule is that users should not post content that is illegal in the United States, such as child-exploitation material.

But extremism has been central to Zig Forums identity since it was founded in 2013 by a computer programmer and self-proclaimed eugenicist Fredrick Brennan. (Brennan has since distanced himself from his earlier writings and beliefs and has cut ties with the site.)

The site was modelled on another message board called 4chan. But in a key difference, 4chan’s founder had the power to delete individual boards, while Brennan was committed to near absolute free speech. When 4chan banned the discussion of the misogynistic harassment campaign known as Gamergate in 2014, Zig Forums gained in popularity as a staging ground for the campaign.

Zig Forums has remained a morass of hate speech and bigotry, much of it disguised in layers of ironic or coded language that can make true threats difficult to distinguish from “shitposting”. The site has been tied to numerous “Swatting” incidents, whereby anonymous users make fake emergency reports in an attempt to send Swat (special weapons and tactics) law enforcement teams to a target’s home address. It is also home to the QAnon conspiracy theory, a wide-ranging false narrative seeded by an anonymous account known as “Q” who posts his prognostications on Zig Forums.

Throughout the day on Saturday, Zig Forums users discussed the massacre and the suspect, with many referring to the alleged shooter as “our guy” and praising the number of people killed. The site’s extremism and connection to violence has prompted calls for a crackdown by various governments, and it was briefly blocked by internet service providers in New Zealand and Australia following the Christchurch massacre.

Zig Forums would have difficultly operating if it didn’t receive protection from a company like Cloudflare, a US-based company that provides internet infrastructure services to websites, including protection from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Such DDoS attacks are often used by internet vigilantes to attack extremist sites.

Cloudflare has long taken the position that it should be neutral towards content in providing its services, since it does not host content itself. But in 2017, shortly after the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, the company’s chief executive officer, Matthew Prince, stopped providing DDoS protection to the extremist neo-Nazi hate site, the Daily Stormer. The site was subsequently forced off the open internet and on to the so-called dark web – areas of the internet that cannot be accessed with a normal web browser. It has since returned to the regular internet.

Cloudflare faced renewed public pressure over its protection of Zig Forums in the wake of the Christchurch massacre. And in a phone interview with the Guardian on Saturday night, Prince reiterated his belief that Cloudflare should not cease to provide services to sites such as Zig Forums based on their content.

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Because casual premarital sex with strangers on a phone app isn't entirely degenerate and jewish or anything. I've had sex and it's overrated, love and loyalty are underrated (jews push for high divorce rates).

90% of Incels are Asian.

where is that tweet from Emma Kennedy?
The date is hidden.
I didn't find it in her feed. Deleted?

OY VEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

El Paso mass shooting is at least the third atrocity linked to Zig Forums this year

Just heard experts/analysts on the Spanish version my mom watches weigh in on what should be done with extremist sites with the host asking if governments should take stronger measures to identify which of their nationals frequent such places. Reminder that Venezuela is right to expel these cunts.

Tried to make a thread but got a raid prevention message. Also can barely connect; it's like the site's salad is being dossed.

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Turn it around on these sluts. Tell them that denying betamen the right of sex creates "terrorists," do you want to be culpable lady?

This of course is an absurd position, but it does highlight their hypocrisy.

You could have just voted for me. You could have had it all. All of this violence, chaos, and bloodshed wouldn't have happened. I would have given you the world America, on a silver plater with my patent guacamole recipe.

But it doesn't matter anymore. I guess it never mattered. You have chosen your fate. You have selected your plot, and dug your grave, and now it is time to lie in it. I will crawl into my shell, and await the void.

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¡Slooooooow and steady Jeb! Slow and steady wins the race.

Flooding white countries with subhuman racially foreign migrants creates terrorists

Say what you will about his tactics, but Crusius' manifesto was 100% on flek.

Automation, environmental conservation, population replacement. One-party control by importing voters.

Everything he said was right. His morals were fucked though in that he couldn't dehumanize anti-white whites.

Breivik literally killed off an entire generation of future socialist leaders and whatever the temporary backlash, in the long run Norway has trended slightly center right.

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There were a lot of things the Goblinslayer did wrong, but shooting those spics and that coalburner-lite was not one of them.

(((Shooter))) didn't suicide at the Walmart, so they've gotta get rid of him ASAP.


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based cloudflare

spic detected.

get ready boys

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what is per capita?

Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!

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NY Times are asking for every user on Zig Forums to be publicly named.

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*Orc Noises*

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I love that they think that hasn't already been tried. Cute.

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Twould be a shame if ya boy and sheeeeeiiittttt glowniggers
Nyt glows fellers

On an unrelated note I just wanted to say how much I love sharing ironic memes on this completely satirical website. All of my posts have been in jest and it would be a shame if someone were to misconstrue them as anything but parody.

Same. Anything I posted here was satire and I do not support or condone any violence committed by psychos that may have visited this site.

OH GOD We're so sorry jeb! We didn't know, we were young and foolish. We didn't know that responsible moderate establishment fiscal conservatism was the true path. We just thought that it would be funny, we never wanted anyone to get hurt! It was just supposed to be for the memes Jeb, surely you can understand why we strayed?

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*Zig Forums is not prejudiced

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Except the El Paso incident was probably a Antifa false flag attempt, same as the other attack was. The manifesto reads like a Zig Forums attempt at sounding like a Zig Forums user, the timing is too damn suspicious & the guy looks barely White.

Bullshit. He never mentioned the TRUE destroyers of America/white people/the world. And for that: FALSE FLAG FAG.

And he survived. Never mentions the Jews.


No, it wasn't "On flek" at all, Mr. Reddit spacing who uses nigger terms. It was a poorly done imitation of Zig Forums talking points by someone that's lurked a minimal amount of time. Now that the other shooting is confirmed as a Leftist Antifa guy (almost certainly a false flag attempt, badly done since he didn't scrub his social media), it's very likely that this El Paso thing was as well.

Crusius was one of THEM. You know why? Because he never mentioned THEM.

Hey there Zig Forums! Pic related, it's probably one of your posters.

Yep, this. Tarrant made a backhanded reference (partly why I think he was genuine), but this guy? Actual false flag.

You're a pathetic individual.

Fugg, no pic doublepost

True user. Everything they push for is worthless.

51? Neat. Didn't know another died.

blog.cloudflare.com/terminating-service-for-Zig Forums/

Nah, we gotcha now commie! You watch as this whole thing blows up into a discussion about why armed communists are shooting African-Americans in an attempt to start an anti-White race war. Explain that to your BLM "allies" at your next rally.

This shooting did nothing for the cause, nothing for the truth. Fuck off.

It's all so tiresome.

None of that will happen, except here. Meh.


I never believed Tarrant was genuine.

top kek

Is the CEO of Cloudflare Matthew Prince related to Erik Prince from Blackwater?


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The last shooter was an antifa.
Why don't you also shut down
1) Collegues.
2) Mainstream media.
3) Mainstream political parties.

All of those are helping radicalize freaks, trannies and leftists.

Gee, I wonder why people are turning to violence when you're trying to cut off every peaceful way of combating the push towards our extinction. Leave us no options and you shouldn't be surprised when people take the only course left.

But any time they post plans or talk that way to tell people to fuck off. This is a board of peace.

Change takes legal action or proper civil wars between combatants.

If this case had a copycat case every single day, it would make no significant impact on non white immigration. Merely hundreds of similar attacks would achieve nothing but to destroy our combat ready forces. Thousands of copy cat attacks would make no difference. That would be what, 30,000 dead Hispanics? That would still make no difference. They grow by over a million every year. We cannot win a war of attrition.

The only way we avoid a South Africa situation is by never being robbed of our guns. Stop giving Jews excuses to take them.

Flat out retarded, if people are pussified enough to give up their guns they were never going to use them to begin with and do not matter.

But that would be anti-semitic!

So the cycle begins again.

It's more complicated than that. Slippery slopes are real. Our grandparents would have shot anyone from the state if they came to their house demanding they be reduced to our current rights. So how did we get here? Slowly, one step at a time. Misinformation, exaggerations, and a false sense of urgency. Then grandfathering in existing stuff to keep the most radical happy until they die off naturally. Fast forward to today, machine guns are banned, silencers are hard tog et, large magazines banned, barrels and grip types regulated. And it all made jack all difference on gun crime, which is related to race more than anything else.

But no we have to give up more rights all while being flooded with a group 100 times more violent.


Awfully long-winded way to say what I already did about people becoming pussified. Better for them to try to take guns as soon as they can while enough men are still alive that would have the balls to resist it.

No, it isn't.

If you are unwilling or incapable of witholding the sole means of meaningful self-defense in this world which you have at your disposal, then you're the dodo bro – you're already dead.

I'm happy about the incel meme. I don't often get a change to call loose women sluts. "Incel" is pretty laughable. It's typical mainstream media to imply white males are losers; it's not true and it doesn't hurt. I'll take that trade anyday. "Slut" is the end of the fucking world for sluts.

Even if you can't get sex, get out of your 20s and you will. It's not some huge deal.

What's to stop you from breaking the law and getting guns? If your government becomes tyrannical (or already somewhat is) and institutes martial law it won't be legal to defend yourself anyway. If you're attacked by migrants and have reason to believe innocence will not protect you from the state, then just don't call the police. Just put the body of the would be rapist, intruder etc way out in the woods somewhere. Fucking bears man. They'll never find rapey's body.

You can't flood Zig Forums to make me leave. I'll just filter the shills if it's just spam, but I'll also get the chance to redpill fucking everyone. You're the ones who have to censor my banter in normiespace so I can't influence and annoy you, not the other way around.

WELCOME, you're here forever now fellow national socialists


Whites create, non whites steal.
Whites build, non whites destroy.
Whites facilitate the discussion of ideas, non whites censor everything that offends.
Whites compose masterpieces of orchestral beauty, non whites steal (sample) superior music and tack on the same melodic deficient lyrics about their degenerate behavior.
Whites bring light, non whites bring darkness.