Zig Forums is under attack

I'm afraid we might get shut down, CNN is attacking Zig Forums, we are a community, not a band of racists, we speak of politics and memes, we have built a community around ourselves that the idea of shutting us down could ruin this entire part of the internet, join together members of Zig Forums and bring back our glory

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Is CloudFlare gone? I just noticed that performance on 8ch got really, really good. Site is snappy. CloudFlare must've been sabotaging it all this time.

wait I'm from Zig Forums, why am I asking you guys. CloudFlare is still technically involved:;; ANSWER SECTION:8ch.net. 86400 IN NS isla.ns.cloudflare.com.8ch.net. 86400 IN NS ben.ns.cloudflare.com.whois or dig NS will say when it's really gone.

Anyone know when voat is allowing registrations again

nick monroe is following this pretty well at t.me/s/nickmon1112

new.blog.cloudflare.com/terminating-service-for-Zig Forums/

O7 14/88 RWNGTK

once again the "Facebook and Twitter execs would've all been guillotined a hundred times over already if we really believed this shit" standard.

it's cute how hotwheels thinks CF are free speech. This is their second big cuck. They're going to cuck over and over again after this. Just hand ICANN over to Sleeping Giants' twitter at this point.

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It's pretty obvious that if they shut the channel down, then all mass shootings stop, right? All (((unauthorized))) opinions simply stop and we all go back to watching network news, sitcoms, and sportsball.

CNN is fake and gay news

incidentally cloudflare's DNS records for 8ch are standard 2-day-long ones. So shutting 8ch off so quickly is a completely unnecessary fuck-you from them, one that they understand very well that they're doing.
Even if Jim instantly changes DNS over, the site's going to be hard to reach for a couple of days.

It's been an honour lads. We all knew this day would come when our brotherhood would be cast to the wind. It's why we've spoken of preparation for so long, of self improvement and betterment. Because we knew that what we had here was temporary that it was some sort of blessing of time - more than just a normal learning resource but almost an entire tribe. A culture and people of our own. It's not over yet lads, in fact this end will be a new beginning. We will meet again fate will once again bring us together.

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They can persecute us. They can even kill us, if they like. But we will never capitulate.

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at least until Epstein's back in the news, right?
Maybe they'll shut kiwi farms next time. They don't need a good reason for it. There was no good reason for this action.

Suggested altchans?
Preferably not full of pedoniggers.

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Fuck that, those niggers can go straight to hell.

Dont downplay it nigger at the very least go out in glory rather than a whimper.


come home White™ Man

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kill yourself fed, white men fight

Do not downplay it nigger.
Go out in glory rather than a whimper.

Endchan or nein
Leave kohl for the krauts to use unless necessary.

Meant for op.

Come to steemit. They can't really censor you here.

Just popped in from 4chan to say Ahhhhhhhahahahahaha, this is what splitters get

fuck off please

p.s you're not welcome back.

They started this with the "hispanic trump supporter maga hat" false flag guy in FL (cesar sayoc). He was the first to supposedly have "Zig Forums stickers" on his van.

Since then there's been many more, getting gradually more realistic.

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no one wants to go to 4cuck though sorry
you can keep your trap (gay) and blacked porn

This content is what you're happy about? Shitty /b/-themed site

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No joke whatsoever…

Next targets will be "the Squad".


your board is a literal steaming pile of shit, nobody wants to go back

implying anyone wants to go back to that dogshit website


I only pray they catch everyone of you sick fuck and shut you down you need to pick up the bible read and study that

endchan and nein both have dead tech boards.
going with nanochan.

Fuck your dead kike on a stick.

what are they going to 'catch me' for, friend?

8ch/pol is basically a free-thought zone, that's what scares this shit out of them.

Most posts are accusing other posters of being shills/feds/jews/cia, or jewish cia shill feds. There is no coherent narrative here.

But most importantly, the gloves are off. The ideas wander, even to places that society fucking hates. This is useful. There is little enough free thought in this so-called "free country".

Now fuck off with the false flags

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Zig Forums is still living rent-free inside TRSodomite's heads

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you were always allied with antifa in going after them.

Yup this is how it plays out, false flag or not they use the shootings as an opportunity to take our rights away bit by bit until there's nothing left. I have hope though, I know at the end of the day it will all work out and the white race will prevail, these are dark times right now, in the coming year you'll see things happen that will be incredible. Prepare with food and water, learn survival skills, war with Iran will break out, the US economy will collapse and the true shitstorm will be upon us.

I try to wake up as many military zogbots as I can, because if I can save even one persons life that would be good. The problem is no matter how much proof that I give them or how logical my arguments are, the brainwashing is too deep, they don't listen.


If we cannot speak, we must act

mike enoch is an obese jew with an obese jew wife who is part of bnai brith, the oldest jewish lodge in existence. I guess antifa are the real anti semites now

There is a consensus here. Say after me:
Hitler did nothing wrong.
Gas the kikes, race war now.
Hail Anders Breivik, the destroyer of socialism.
Hail Saint Tarrant, the destroyer of pisslam.
Hail John Ernest, the Saints first disciple.
Hail Saint Crusius, the wal-martyr.
If you don't agree with this consensus, you are an anti-white, pacifist cuckold and need to GET THE FUCK OUT.

isn't pushing Jewishness. You are when you attack TRS.
They'd sure beat Brother Nathaniel to death, even though he's actually a Jew.


Stop spamming the nano bunker you fucking faggot.

eh I wouldn't say the shooters have done any good. If one of them went after epstein or another rapist that would be one thing, but I can't get behind someone who just targets average citizens.
The climate for a smart shooter doesn't exist yet, but if there is enough momentum, we might start seeing intellectuals finding and attacking gang leaders, corrupt politicians, child pornographers, and other niggers that actually deserve it.

Neck yourself. All of those faggots did more harm than good to any self-determination movements.

By the way, do you think Israel's nuclear weapons facilities should be inspected by the International Atomic Energy Agency?

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brave browser's the easiest I-can't-into-tor way to use it. Still not that good, because everything thinks of tor as the way to avoid getting black-bagged by Iranian secret police, instead of a good way to communicate in ciphertext with sites that want to avoid DDOS attacks without using CloudFlare, or that you want to avoid sharing your own IP with.

I use this retarded fucking question as a method of spotting shills now, whoever uses it is one. Fitting how you use the picture of Harrison Ford, a known kike.

And to answer your question, i think Israel should be nuked into oblivion.
You stick out like a sore thumb, lmfao. Accelerationism is the future. Cry more, kike.


totally convincing schlomo

Kill yourself, leftist

nice quote, but the only other shit I can read on tha tpage was "Tfw no gf"

Then we will only grow, this was just a honeypot containment board for feds to think they are doing anything useful in supporting jewish and anti-White terrorist. And for (((them))) to waste millions of dollars and man power on shilling here for reddit fags.

While the closed chan has only got better during this and has produced worthwhile things to read , coordinate an discuss again.

Neck yourself kike

these are jewish runes my man

be careful

Your movements suck cock, much like you.
Read Siege faggot.

No muzzies were harmed in the making of this movie.

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Null is a subhuman commie.

4ch and 8ch are less responsable for shootings than mainstream media.
How discussing WWII is making people go shoot a bar but having mainstream media 24x7 saying that whites are evil, have privilege and are pushing non-whites down is completel inocuos?

You are obviously a subhuman trannie trying to push your narrative

i wonder how many people die when Zig Forums gets shut down

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hopefully all of you

Don lemon is a nigger faggot


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It has been a one hell of a ride with you niggers
Thanks for the laughs and shitposts

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Thanks a lot faggots, all I want to do is browse the movie/film boards and now you people brought the whole ship down.

I found a "thing".
As to how accurate it is, i dunno.



wondering if legit

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The kikes murdered Christ, you buffoon

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I mean I only used this place for fucking /hgg/ but at least it was a good source of download links. And now you fucking faggots have groomed enough mentally damaged retards that they're going to shut everything down. Thanks a buttload, cunts.

Jesus, the absolute state… Unreal.

You see the fucking pencil icon in the corner, Tyrone? Now think! What does that icon usually entail 99.99999999% of the time?

Both images have that, though I'm not familiar with twitter, I don't use that garbage. It seems both images contain the pencil icon. There are other images relating to it on his page. Just asking.