Study: Racial Patterns and Mass Murders

Right now, #DomesticWhiteTerrorism is trending on Twitter. AOC and many other politicians are singling out white people as always being mass shooters. We see it all over social media. Is it true? Well, somebody decided to finally crunch the numbers and it turns out that when adjusted for population size…

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link to study just released today. Even includes the 2 new shooters:

Way to perpetuate the false narrative that multiple killings are isolated incidents!

Just kill AOC and then she isn't singling out anything. Someone else has to do it because she'd be dead. You just rinse and repeat right on down the line. Kill your way out of the problem instead of whinging about statistics and cobbling together some dumb essay. Just kill and figure it out later.

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Just point to what's a "normal" weekend for Chicago or any other Dem-controlled city.

More Mass Shootings? 4 Dead, 38 Wounded In 'Normal' Weekend In Chicago

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Reply to them with the facts and names and ancestry. Remind that jew bitch it's her kin that shoots innocents.

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Kill yourself jew.

the video actually has other people you don't have in that picture. The study is from 2009 to 2019.

Find a better source then, lazy paranoid nigger.

I would like to know out of all those alleged white terrorists, are any actually white? As in they are not mixed with any non white race, especially not kike, or some euro larping latino.

I know the guy to the right of the guy in the top left corner isn't white; that particular picture was photoshopped
I've got a comparison somewhere in my Zig Forums/old/v/ folder, but the folder is too much of a mess for me to find it

I'm aware that a number of these things are bleached before being released to the public as 'whites'.

Aw? Where the #notallwhites hashtag?
Lmao just accept these people are your enemies and treat them as such.

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we're coming for Zig Forums, faggots. we're going to jail you motherfuckers, STAT. #DomesticWhiteTerrorism

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This. Twitter is essentially a 'carrier service' for the distribution of anti-white propaganda. The same people who ridicule others for eschewing mainstream media will follow these events from their twatter account and believe anything the numerous 'sources' report as being credible.

I'm waiting.

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Do it faggot, I'm a good boy who dindu nuffin, I'm innocent, stop oppressing me you shitscum!

Incoming, ASAP.

Take this one first.

Oriental scribble tards deserve the mind numbing boredom of a jail cell.


Does it alleviate your ravaged ass pain to pretend you're anything more than a powerless bitch?

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You know just as well as I that the stupidity on display here is going to end with this board being shut down, the extremists who radicalize young adults here being arrested, new gun control laws introduced, or some combination of all three. There's certainly a Constitutional weakness on display: those who shitpost others to violence are *just* out of reach of the arm of the law. But only just, and it is not without precedent to correct this oversight.

The plan is to genocide white males, they will do this by turning white females against white males. There are only 27 good Jews on Earth.

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you finally set up a bitcoin wallet this year? broke retard lol


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Once they get white women and cucked white males to align against the only white males uncucked in spirit, all is lost. Males depend on females for validation. Those who don't have it will be ostracised and called nazi racist lone-wolves. The remaining ultracucked 'whites' only in name will quickly breed out.

I take it your rich eh?

You know it just occurred to me. Those people aren't kikes, they're actually warriors and it's you fags who are the pathetic women who piss your pants like fags whenever men become men

Good for you lucky guy. Cause that's all it is. Luck.

Surely better than this poor sod!

Doubt it. If the government was to arrest extremists radicalizing young people into violence they would start with university professors. Every mass shooting that you will get is nothing but a predictable and healthy response to your genocidal policies.

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Kill yourself, you pathetic subhuman jew.


Of course, that's why optics cucking doesn't matter the media will blow these incidents out of proportion and try to use it as an excuse to take away the civil rights and liberties of European and British descendant Americans while every time a Black, Hispanic or Asian rapes and goes on a mass killing spree - which is about once a week, the media is as silent as they can get away with. They clearly pick and choose what they want us to be concerned with and it's never their pets.

Bowers, Brenton, Earnest, Crusius. Oh, my. Looks like we're not so lonely after all.

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Even in the worst case, Antifa is still responsible for exactly zero murders. Also, if you're concerned about "race mixing," it's probably because you aren't getting laid by anyone, let alone enjoying the company, carnal and otherwise, of women of color. Stop being repulsive scum, get off the Internet and make friends, learn what it is not to be rejected by people and society, and maybe you'd finally know the body of a woman.


Vast majority of mass shooters are incels.

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All three of those are very visibly jews.

TIL the "master race" is scrawny, near-sighted, weak-chinned social rejects with bad haircuts.

So much this!!
Thank you for the redpill, this place needs it

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Haha that's all you brainlets can ever think about is pussy. The only possible reason anyone could ever have a strong emotion is sex that's all your peanut sized brain can contain. This is why you've already lost - this is why you're here telling us what to think and we don't even have to come to you anymore. It's only a matter of time now.

We live rent free in your head.

These are Zig Forums's Aryan heroes, right?

I can see why you'd think that because you're a lobotomized golem who only interprets the world through the mass media—but no, we don't consider jewish mass murderers heroes here.

Come at me nigger.
Oh wait. You won't because you're a posturing reddit faggot who can't even into.

Yeah, luckily for the civilized world for all their bloodthirstiness, antifa is comprised of soyfags who can't figure out which end of a gun to point. Didn't stop that one faggot antifa from trying to firebomb a building full of wetbacks though.

Who the fuck calls jews the master race? Get back on CNN's cock, faggot.

Let's just say that in my line of work the expectation is that we can explain what drives violent behavior, e.g. people like you, and develop strategies to combat violent extremism.

I think I understand what's happening here: you all spend too much time online, reading bunk-ass philosophy, surrounded by a low-IQ herd of dumb fucks, and trying to ironically meme a reactionary revolution for the lulz, because you think it will give your life meaning, or improve your evolutionary fitness, or whatever. Meanwhile, normal people solve this problem by going out into the world, forming relationships, and fucking.

No, we're just fucking sick of jews destroying us through propaganda and direct Mossad-led terrorism, you pussy ass journo bitch.


Can you stop projecting, taconigger?

Obviously you, your colleagues and your opinions aren't worth shit then because you've achieved nothing. Things are accelerating and to deny that well that's hilarious because you can't go into your so vaunted hysterics then. Look why don't you shut the fuck up for five minutes of your life, maybe the first five minutes ever and take some time to listen to the opinions of other people before immediately projecting your low-IQ simian desires onto them.

That's just because they're too incompetent. They tried though. There are at least two deaths tied to antifa, the cow in Charlotesville and the boomer bomber. Also, it's a pretty well documented phenomenon in history that when young males aren't allowed to create families and reproduce, they start killing people. I find that perfectly healthy from an evolutionary point of view.

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nice LARP, lets see if you can keep it up when the next shooter points a gun at your head :3

Why are niggers so violent?
Why are jews so violent?
Why are asians of all variety so violent?
Why are pajeets so violent?
Why are spics so violent?
Why are /leftycucks/ so violent?
Care to enlighten me?

I can guarantee you this board has a higher average IQ than /r/chapotraphouse or whatever subreddit you came from. I know that's where you come from because all you faggots have the same pretentious writing style.

Oh yes, me and the b o i s are armed too. And we have toys you cannot acquire. Rawr xD

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That's our "High-IQ" enemy brothers, kneel in fear. Ahahahahaha.

Please filter fca333, you obvious day one niggers.

Look, kid. I'm a reformed old fag whose job it has become to combat violence extremism. Habbo swastikas were fun. MARBLECAKE ALSO THE GAME was fun. GUSHING FUCKING GRANNY was fun. You retarded assholes are terrifying normal people. You make our work hell, and you degrade the reputation of our nation in the eyes of the world. Grow the fuck up.

More at 11. Go cry yourself to sleep niggerbutt

How's the weather in Langley?

See, this is why Zig Forums sucks they act just like Jews. No caring or cooperation, just competition. This is why the Jews win.

idk not my department. fyi: politically we are going to push to criminalize those who radicalizing violent extremists here. btfo. i'm out.

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God it buddy.
Don't really care.

>implying (((politicians))) can keep up with this rate of acceleration
Even if some or all of these are false flags operated by TPTB, it's hurting them with how retarded the scripts are.

AHAHAHAHA what a complete limp wristed faggot

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;) Forums/

Good job faggot, you played yourself ;)

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bring it on, faggot.

In the video he considered white / black, because one parent is white and one is black. He was a BLM activist though.

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i dont mean to be small minded but why cant we just chill and live and not commit tragedies

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White people tried that. They tried playing nice. There is no ground left to give.

so the solution is to just like take peoples lives? i dont mean to bitch i just would like to just know the mindset?

Kike psyops aside, some of them are getting tired of the shit and popping. They are losing it and failing to go after the appropriate targets. Sucks but you can thank the jews for that.

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I'm behind 7 proxies posting nigger hate memes, come get me fag

Hitler killed 100 million whites.

Posts nahtsee cartoon.

>>Whites commit the least amount of mass murders

This probably doesn't include the days of sea fahrers, crusaders, colonists, the Roman empire and slave trading.

Jews killed 100 million Palestinians.



Oh god please do it.
Its like you don't even understand the concept of 'accelerationism' lel

I know this is bait, but if you read the thread it's the past decade since that's around when mass attacks became such an increasing hot button issue. Also

Dude I have absolutely never had a problem getting laid. If we had gone to the same school I probably would have fucked your girl just like I fucked everyone else's.
I exceed in this system. I have all I could ever want as far as advantages in social situations and sexual interactions, and yet I still want this fucking clown world to die. I hate it. I hate the fact that I have taken advantage of mindless women and fucked over my own white brothers.
I will die bringing people like you down. The Swastika will fly on American flags and I will help usher that in.

Predominantly asian countries have predominantly asian mass shooters…
Predominantly hispanic countries have predominantly hispanic mass shooters… etc…
Yet, when predominantly white countries have pregominantly white mass shooters… it's a sign of toxic whiteness… sure thing, professor pedo-stein