Connor Betts, Ohio Shooter, Died in 2014


Victim list:

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Rupert Murdoch is a crypto-jew

The shooter was Connor Stephen Betts.

Fuck you (((beaner)))!!

I don't like how you're trying to tarnish the reputation of our Jewish brothers. (((BOG))) is behind that shooting, our Jewish brothers are scapegoats.

My theory is that the shooter was a fed and they used a dead guy's identity changing only the middle name as half-assed opsec.

The shooter even looks like him. So yeah. I believe the shooter was a Government actor, prbly mossad or cia, and they stole a dead man's identity.

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Okay, that sounds reasonable.



They are not allies.

Also explains why they had to kill the sister , because she would obviously be like "yo he died 5 years ago"

So who has been running his twitter account < there's your killers.

That's something scummy enough for them to pull. Having your name, likeness and memory sullied with killing. Not to mention killing his sister.

Identify middle person and you’ve got your answer

Just in time for drama class in Dayton

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Cast is there. A Betts is in the orchestra. I presume using an alias

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Uh, OP? What's with that search window in the middle pic?

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Fuck off, spicspam. Your shit is dead tired.

Clearly this was one of us.

copypasta to derail eceleb threads

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I'm sure the media will pick up this story soon

This has promise. It's still early enough to meme him as a mainstream Democrat. Let's do that.

His photo has an eerie similarity to the appearance of the felled gunman, as seen shortly after being taken down by police.

Well he was a registered Democrat and voted Dem…

didnt he shoot up a random street or random people? no dont be like him.

Apparently his parents work for the Intelligence Community.

Moira Betts, sole proprietor, Minethurn Technology: $77,700 contract with MacAulay Brown

Stephen Betts: "Right now Stephen is a Contractor at MacAulay Brown."

MacAulay-Brown, Inc. (MacB), an Alion company, provides advanced engineering, cybersecurity and product solutions to the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), Special Operations Forces (SOF), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Agencies.

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Betts was a retard that shot up random people and nobody knows his motive. No, don’t be like Betts

Probably a black ops cutout

If the initial reports of him being felled within 30 seconds of firing the first shots are true, it's a pretty abysmal survival time; or he was merely the person meant to be identified as the shooter while others did the work.

Tarrant specifically targeted and killed Muslims in retaliation for their countless crimes against our race. this faggot ass retard, on the other hand had, no significant reason and was probably just some edgelord who thought Columbine was "pretty cool". Two very fucking different things.

He was probably a jew like the columbin'ai shooters too.

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Narrative control eh fed. His twitter account has "Kill fash with machine gun"" tweets.

kys glownigger

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It appears the media have en masse adopted Facebook's policy of allowing their obviously made up classification of 'hate speech' for groups that are deemed perpetrators of non kosher ideals. Imagine if the tweets were (genuine) calling for machine gunning niggers, spics, kikes or slopes?

you fucking retarded niggers. in the obituary his mom is kathleen but in the goddamn it says his mom is named Moira. how fucking more retarded and kikey can you get.


Trips of truth
Especially after that and having Mr. "due process second" in charge giving a gun control statement soon, braces will go the way of the bumpstock

WTF is a pistol brace?
My brother works at a gunstore but I live in Ohio so IDK what that shit is.

Basically in muttland if you have a gun with a barrel length of less than 16" and a stock, it's classed as a short barreled rifle/shotgun, which are basically illegal for all intents of purposes. However, something with a sub-16" barrel but no stock is classed as a "pistol".
To avoid the discomfort of no stock, companies released things called "pistol braces", which are basically stocks in all but name, but are 100% legal to put on a "pistol" without turning it into an SBR.
BATF has been trying to ban them for years, so it's fishy that the shooter decided to use one, rather than just slapping a stock on, not like he was particularly following the law anyway.

He answered the call and used what they wanted him to. Brave.


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Connor Betts is a made up name dug from the grave for @iamthespookster antifa deepstate asset that played the poster boy for a made up right winger, until his twitter account was found and shut down.