Seth Rich wasn't murdered by the DNC. Russia noticed a death of a person tangentially related to Hillary Clinton and fired up the propaganda machine.

Russia hacked Hillary's emails. Seth Rich did not. The Seth Rich conspiracy theory was created completed as a russian psy-op campaign against americans. And if you fell for it, you're so stupid that you shouldn't be allowed to use the internet.

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They're really doing a poor job training you guys.

Hmm, interesting rebuttal. Could you provide some evidence of the seth rich conspiracy?

Could you provide some information on how all of the people murdered by the Clinton's are only tangentially related?

Only inbred hick retards believe Seth Rich was killed by the DNC.

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Oh, it was debunked and russia was behind it. Wtf i love hillary now.

Proofs or die

ok - this should be easy for you. Provide proof of the clintons killing just one person.

Ok they hacked her emails

I want transparency in government, why is that a bad thing?

Seth Rich was killed by Reptilians because he was about to expose the sponge, and toothpaste industry for causing the Sun to Grow and expand, you fucking newfags


Would you have a problem if China hacked Trump's email?

Well hurr dee hurr fellers, why don't you go along and prove yer assertation with some evidunce of yer own, I mean, yer awful clever city folk an all!

My assertion is that clinton conspiracy obsessives have no evidence.

Wasn’t Seth Rich murdered in Baltimore or a similar place?




1/10 I replied.


what a load of shit, it wasn't the Russians, it was us, US Americans citizens who said WTF???

why don't you chaff upon the leakage of my asshole for tasty bits

Don't you just love it when people claim something is debunked without providing a grain of proof? Oh but judanon, it would have been even better if your proof was some jew authored article saying "Seth Rich wasn't murdered by the DNC - this is an alt-right conspiracy theory." There's always next time I suppose. I know nobody is saging obvious b8 anymore but old habits and all that.. SAGE

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/bait slide
Why the fervent death wish fbi, you end up fucked either way.
Protip: repent and use your position to turn it around, fear of death is the same tactic with which you we're lassod

Wtf I love the SS now

Reminder, no one has ever been arrested for his murder. Interesting time to post this Shlomo, you must be worried about something…

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Source? If you're referring to Michael Isikoff, that niggerfaggot has been pining for MUH RUSSIA for 3 years straight now, and has a literal money incentive to push such a narrative (BUY MY BOOK).

Oh yeah, how do you feel about Israel, OP? How do you feel about the United States' investigations into their trading of nuclear arms to South Africa?

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According to the District Court of America; No, Russia did not hack Hillary's shitty homemade shitskin-ran email server. Israel did. UK did. China did. Australia did. France did. Canada did. But not Russia. Why? Because they didn't have to. It was already hacked. And if you had lurjed here you would have seen precisely when it happened, scrub.

Where's the proofs nigger?

Yeah yeah, nobody cares. Russia's based (except for all the turbo-kike oligarchs running the country).

The only time Russia should even be mentioned here, only if it's directly related to gassing & glassing subversive, slimy Judenrat filth. Otherwise, kys

cute animals are a better use of this thread than OP deserves

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Both the kikes and gooks also got into (((Feinstein)))'s e-mail as well. I was careful not to say hax0r'd because that wrinkled jewess bitch literally let them in, no 1337 xxHacksx0rSxx needed.
These are the people that deserve the rope more than anyone else, and that's being generous.

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Bump, it's true. Knight Commander Breivik said it himself, Jews are our brothers.

Our recent Aryan hero told us who controls government: BOG

Beaner ORGANIZED government

Ha moron what are you like 12 I lived in AR when shill & killary were Governor and first lady there crimes are numerous start with mena (killing three boys) to whitewater the list really does go on you fucking moronic retard

The Shilling is strong today. Everyone nose and absolutely no one believes you. You're only wasting your time

You niggers really are a broken record. Who do you think you're fooling?

The ATF burned an entire building full of women and children alive with flammable gas and then posed on the charred corpses like war heros just to avoid having their budget cut. Anyone who thinks the deep state wouldn't murder an intern to cover the asses of the Clintons is fucking delusional.

1/10 bait thread, you got me to reply to it. God this board has gone to the dogs.

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