Why aren't we shitting up Zig Forums

Are we just gonna sit around and enjoy the high? Come on you normalniggers, let's all run them out, then we can use the board to funnel 4cum edgy niggers that saw us on the news.

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Come on you stupid niggers, let's get rid of the cancer once and for all

Zig Forums shits up Zig Forums for us, sliding shill.


Bump Bump

let's do it

Kys chairnigger, get off your fat ass and raid for once


Fuck off cunt.


Can anyone create a script which creates a catalog full of threads or are the some restrictions? There are a lot of free proxies available, which could be used.

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Fuck off Zig Forums.

Says the Zig Forums faggot.


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I'm raiding /niggerpol/, unlike your whiny bitch self

That webm just turned me lesbian.

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Kys homo, raiding Zig Forums should be your fetish

You are a nigger, WE are white. Now kys.

KEK this is what /leftyfag/ has to resort to to get their numbers up

Go touch yourself to Stalin

Because Zig Forums is insignificant and shat up of it's own accord.

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Kys jew

OP is correct. Down hear in Texas we intermarry with Mexicans no problemo. we like how the kids come out. I say combine the 2 countries. Then we can wipe out the Cartels.

Wrong thread, subIQ Texican