El Paso False flag shooting

El Paso was a false flag! Picture shows crisis actor who “played” the shooter in acting school!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the crisis actors who may have been slightly injured during the false flag shooting in El Paso Texas perhaps by a low hanging boom mic or an allergic reaction to fake blood. The Deep State is up to its old tricks again. It has its back against the wall and needs to make some noise. What could be better than the old standby, a mass shooting? And make it seem like it was done by a Trump loving white nationalist to boot! Perfect!

Sources tell XAnonymous.net this staged event, code named “Operation Marty Robbins,” had been in the planning stages for months. And it seems the fake, fraudulent, corrupt lamestream media has fallen for it hook, line and sinker as usual. There are many problems with this “white nationalist Trump-lover shooter” false scenario.

The actor who played the shooter has been seen in several recent mass shootings as a victim or a victim relative. He appears to be a good character actor who uses a combination of the Meisner Technique of “truthful acting” and Stanislavski’s System of emotional memory.

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user has a point. MSNBC and CNN probably directed the shooting so the feds would shut down 8/pol/.

Bad goy site indeed.

No one believes that. It's not even fun to ironically push that anymore. That was played out by the time Sandy Hook happened.

Sandy Hook was an actual false flag, like 9/11, but now jews use them as precedent to make every shooting/bombing as false flags.

lol, no it wasn't. Even Alex Jones thinks that theory is too stupid for him. And that's saying a lot.

Alex Jones still rags on Sandy Hook from time to time.
And you lie.
IMO, the likelihood of El Paso being a false flag is well above 50% at the point. Keep digging.

These shootings are a nice distraction from Epstein, this happens all the time. There is always something more important you should be focusing on. Unfortunatley, most people are so busy trying to wage slave themselves through life that they just believe the lies MSM pump out. This is because they are either to stupid, too lazey or too exhausted to question what they are told.



Everyone in this thread is a glownigger but me.

Sandy Hook has all signs to be false flag since it's really a pointless attack.

The chance of it being a false flag is 0%. Spend any longer than 20 seconds applying critical thinking and that will become clear.

Epstein is a distraction from something else, he's arrested and the ZOG isn't going to let the damage spreads further.

Yea, you don't sound like a Fed.



The 8 o'clock shift just started.

Yea, it's definitely a cabal of secret oscar-quality actors giving performances than a disillusioned young person seeking a purpose in an otherwise uneventful and meaningless existence.


fake and gay. how does it feel knowing youre brainwashing idiot children. you and your similarly behaving peers are the ones actively creating these violent situations. Inb4 im a kike, a nigger, a glownigger, a shill, etc.

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It's ironically feddy kike jews who spam the false flag narrative.

Don't want to make their Monday meetings too crowded, ya know? Too much work for them.

Pictures dont lie. Here he is in a crisis acting class.

everyone remember to sage mossad threads like OP's :)

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These are bad fakes. Try again.

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They actually have a secret crisis actor's guild and give out the equivalent of Oscars called "Bloodies."

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Why do these guys have musk melons in their pants?

That's what he SAID, while under deposition for a lawsuit that seeks all his assets. How fucking stupid are you? He imagines saying that AND claiming to have been mental at the time will save his e-shekels.

Jones was forced to disavow by the Jews. Sandy Hook, 9/11 and Parkland were 100% false flag attacks, the evidence is overwhelming.

No, white people are fighting back. I know this scares you because you are not white OP. I suggest you leave America.

This. What we’re seeing here is the unfolding of a low-insensity race war. America (and the West in general) is decaying, the pressure is building and these attacks are a bubbling over of pressure – isolated incidents of ethnic cleansing by disgruntled white men. The Jews brought this on themselves through forcing the multicultural experiment on white countries and continually upping the pressure until some people go postal. Just think of these lone white militants as proto forms of the RWDS to come. It’s unstoppable at this point, especially in America. Tarrant redpilled millions on accelerationism and the Great Replacement, all we can do now is enjoy the ride.

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Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Most shootings under Obama for the most part were false flags.

Racially motivated attacks against invaders are not false flags though.
The last thing the government wants is to show people who want to fight back against the invasion of their homelands they are not alone.

Boomer, leave.

I'm whiter than Johnny Winters, junior. Now go fellate your mom's boy friend.

And doing what, exactly? Killing a few people that will be replaced in literally less than a day? Giving every justification for the suppression of free speech and the right of self-determination?

This is a long-standing psyop to push "accelerationism" - and you're either one of the glowniggers pushing for it, or one of their useful idiots doing it for free who drank their conveniently placed kool-aid.


So why did neither Tarrant nor this Crusius (Krusius?) faggot not mention or point blame at jews?

Why are people so fucking dumb. Ignorant mother fuckers with the genes of a fucking bird, to bad you where taught at a school to put dumb shit like this together for others to see

Either low functioning optics or a goalpost moving shill, you're not very keen

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even though this is probably fake I still want to read the fake manifesto, can someone share it?

Tarrant blamed capitalists and Crusius blames the elites.

Who do you think they are?

Forcing the state to focus all resources on domestic issues, decrease living standards and make way for violent uprising.


Nobody cares about free speech and gun rights, you have free speech and gun rights right now, and you are being genocided.