Trump says 'hate has no place in our country'

By Ken Bredemeier

President Donald Trump is denouncing two mass shootings in Ohio and Texas, saying "hate has no place in our country."

Addressing reporters in Morristown, New Jersey, Trump said Sunday that "we're going to take care" of the problem. He says he's been speaking to the attorney general, FBI director and members of Congress and will be making an additional statement Monday.

Trump pointed to a mental illness problem in the U.S., calling the shooters "really very seriously mentally ill."

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“Hate has no place in this country”
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Now Trump's trying to stigmatize mental illness. Wow. Yet another scapegoat while the real problems remain ignored. This shit is getting old and tired.

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I can already feel the people who are like “hehe ironic coming from him”. But even he would clearly never whip out an AK47 and mow down a bunch of people no matter how racist you think he is.

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