Brit/pol/ #2576: Lion of Damascus Edition

Syria war: US and UK say alleged rebel chemical attack 'fabricated'
The US and the UK have accused the Syrian government and its Russian allies of fabricating a story accusing rebel fighters of a chemical attack.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer Replaces Merkel as Germany’s CDU Party Leader
On Friday, the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) sees long-time leader Chancellor Angela Merkel step down as party leader and three candidates to compete for her job as party leader which could lead to major changes in party policy.'

UK house price growth slips to six-year low amid Brexit uncertainty
Prices grew by only 0.3% in the year to November, down from 1.5% in October, Halifax says

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They closed the pocket in Al suwayda since last time I checked, nice. This idlib memi needs to end though

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good lass

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current mood

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Good lad and goodnight lambs


night bertie, sweet dreams you crazy diamond

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Not Bertie but I miss him thats why I said lambs tbh

oh well sweet dreams anyway

i think bertie still posts on /newbrit/

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The Global Compact for Migration will support global co-operation on migration without affecting the sovereignty of all countries to control their own borders.

Uncontrolled migration erodes public confidence, damages economies, and places those on the move in situations of intense vulnerability. The UK is taking significant steps to tackle uncontrolled migration by:

- Addressing the root causes of migration, through our targeted assistance for livelihoods, healthcare, education and economic development
- Tackling modern slavery and organised immigration crime
- Supporting enhanced border management
- Providing critical humanitarian support and protection for vulnerable migrants, as well as offering voluntary return and vital reintegration support to those wishing to return home
- Supporting refugees to stay in a first safe country through our humanitarian and development work in Africa, the Middle East and Asia

The Global Compact for Migration embeds these efforts within the global system, enhances cooperation between states, and sets out ways that countries may choose to deliver these objectives.

The Compact is not legally binding. It creates a framework to allow countries to work together to make global migration more beneficial for everyone.

It respects the sovereignty of all states to decide who enters their territory. It will not affect our ability to determine and implement our own migration policies, including in areas such as asylum, border controls and returns of illegal migrants.

It does not establish a ‘human right to migrate’ or create any new legal categories of migrant. It explicitly stresses that migrants are entitled to the same universal human rights as any human being, and that these are different to the legal protections available to refugees.

Too many people, including vulnerable women and girls, are taking risky journeys to migrate through dangerous channels. The Compact will help us take important steps to keep migrants around the world safer and to protect the most vulnerable, by supporting international cooperation on the protection of migrants, in line with our obligations under international law. It outlines ways of preventing exploitation, and of combating the heinous crime of modern slavery.

A key objective of the document is to support cooperation on reducing uncontrolled migration. It sets out the responsibility of countries of origin to ensure effective control of their borders, and to cooperate in accepting the return of their nationals when they no longer have the right to remain in another country. Furthermore, the text also calls on countries of origin to work with the international community to address the drivers of irregular migration, by creating economic opportunities for populations in source countries, and improving governance and respect for the rule of law.

When migration is safe and regular, it can bring great prosperity. The Compact also sets out possible actions to harness the economic benefits of safer, regular migration, for example by reducing the costs of remittances that migrants send home. These can foster economic development in source countries, helping to address some of the causes of migration.

The Compact is the result of months of intergovernmental negotiations. Though it is legally non-binding and no country can be compelled to conform with its provisions, we are aware that a small number of countries have chosen not to endorse it. We respect this choice and note that countries will be able to endorse the Compact, or cooperate with other states on delivering its objectives, at any point in the future.

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and I've gone by the point of caring,
some old bed I'll whom to be sharing,
I've got one more silver dollar,
but Im not going to let 'em catch me no,

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*dabs on the zoomers with a REAL game*

*spams woad raiders*

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G'night lads, going to drift off into the nether realm to the tune of a demure Yank woman whispering about political philosophy.

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It's fairly good, there's a recurrent juxtaposition of Aristoteles and Plato and adafgljrglh…af…..zzzzz

met a BIG 17st mastiff today and he was very calm and a good lad

there was also a smaller mixed breed black wog mastiff who was all aggressive and barking like he had something to prove

remember lads get BIG


oh no non hon hon hon


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fuck me never knew it was that bad
holy shit

prideful deist dafty antiquity larpers tbh

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Alri lads



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James Fields was convicted of first degree murder

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Anglican Unscripted 461 - We Are Not Company Men

Smdh, it's like the Finsbury Park lad, happened to hurt someone that was already dying

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Lazy weekend post

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He trusted the kike system. Serves him right!!!

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Who here met their furry mate on here?

"we answered all the tests, but it was useless"

Small brained Churchill.

Met steiner on here tbf

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honhonhon, the 4th week begins.

so police just ran into the crowd followed by screaming and the stream cut out, so I'll link the RT one

God Bless France

Big yikes

always forget how disgusting the French language is until I hear it spoken again

Multiple angle stream, protesters getting gassed.

what's the cure for France?

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this thought haunts me tbh

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Churchill killed the British Empire by being such an ameriboo cuck and arresting Hess instead of negotiating with Germany and tag-teaming the Soviet Union and Japan

Why would we fight Nips lad? Unless they wanted pooland who cares what they'd do with the chinks tbh

About time we put them up against the wall. Happy to volunteer if they ever need help filling a firing squad.

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baste guardian tbh

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You should never know this feel.


What do free masons do? Other than noncing children.


Is that SA's voice?

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I'd imagine it'd be twice as bad if you're raising an Essex girl.

This fucking memi again

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one day there will just be artificial wombs and only men tbh

War of the pink flesh when?


when the germans come back from the antarctic
nah when AI and artificial wombs/sexbots are perfected social relations between men and women will have to change massively

wtf I don't want children any more


shit wrong link

bit gay tbh

God knows.

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no gayists allowed

Why are you lads in favour of sex bots? Isn't the family dismantled enough?

Why were the Germans let in during the 1800's?

sex bots mean women will have to offer more than just basal pleasures tbh

t. literally all leftists
I think the selective use of pro-big business economic arguments is the thing I hate most about the left tbh. If they'd stop pretending there is a divide between them and the money masters and actually backed up their pro little man rhetoric I'd hate leftists a hell of a lot less. As it is, it's very clear they are driven by selfish, personal image impulses - and are as treacherous as hell due to this.
front page of the torygraph classic


Just another facet of the controlling globalhomo homogeneous grid.

the right does exactly the same thing

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Yes but they don't have to pretend to be pro worker. Mogg for example is through and through a representative of the shareholder more than any constituent.

The mainstream right is not built around the pretense of standing up for the working man by holding the toes of big business over the fire. What's more, even the goyiest parts of the right are less conveniently gullible when it comes to the predictions of economists etc.

mogg is shit tbh but normies seem to like his le posh silly tory man persona
we need protectionism

We need trading partners that won't try to undermine vital parts of our industry.

so what you are saying is we need protectionism

Does that cover getting partners that need our industry because they have none of their own?

yes, protectionism is about shielding ones own industries from outside factors that would otherwise undermine them.

I honestly thought it focused solely on active measures to protect industry from other industrialised nations. Like tariffs and industrial subsidies.

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Which channel lad?

UKTV Drama

You could have made the exact same claim about internet porn. Relationships just come to more closely resemble the substitute.

People will start to subconsciously view marriage as upgrading their sex bot.

thank yee.