Brit/pol/ #2577: EU Army Edition

Nigel Farage unveils plan to form new party to fight 'biggest battle yet' for independence from EU

The loaded, leftie elites are conspiring to steal Brexit from Brits – while pretending to represent ‘the people’

The ‘far-right Twitter’ where sick neo-Nazis share vile hate and chilling threats of race war

Sinn Fein hits out at Tories over food shortages threat

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Student whose parents didn’t know she did drugs died from cocaine overdose

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tbh the fact that she does that around the potato lad shows you that she thinks he is literally subhuman and an animal. she does not care about her social image around him at all because he is a non-person. its why they like dogs too tbh

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also SA do the new Joe wordfilter as suggested by Westie pls

I've been taking photos all day.
How was everyone's Saturday?

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Why were Ottomans capable of such cruelty so late into modern times?

why do we not own cyprus, lads?

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teehee so subtle

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Boy this thread is going to be shite

Islam is a shield against empathy

I think America wanted an ally in the cold war on Cyprus, so that's why they let that mess happen. Don't know why Britain gave it up though.

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what do you expect from a late night pre toil thread, lad?

I always lmao at the tough bitch mene, it only exists because we are in a bureaucratic period where its about resource redistribution and not securing more resources.

Idk why they sodomised British captives. You read about Turks being homosex due to polygamy back to the Crimean war but I just don't get it.

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I don't want him back tbh.

Her name literally begins with POO

Because you aren't a filthy turk.

he needs to come back as he is the only one who can both be trusted to deliver brexit and to be politically acceptable and appealing to enough of the populace to do it.

after that he can fuck off to yankistan and suck flumps cock all he likes tbh.

Would tbh

Filthy Turks should've been exterminated from Cyprus and Europe

From the face of the earth*

do you have a bumblebee tattoo and a straight-cut fringe?


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are you that swingeranonlad?

Didn't a Brit design a special form of ammunition that caused more grievous wounds and labelled it 'For Turks'?

a u t i s m

interested to know the (((race))) of those 1000 tbh


nah It was a nasty milf from work
she kept pestering me and eventually got me in the corner of a room and tried to nonce me, punched her in the face and made her tooth bleed, no more noncing after that

He is exposing the juice by doing that tbh stop crying

I fail at linking

Probably egg hatched

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Yeah it was the Puckle Gun.

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Reminder that even a drunken crackhead can ace GCSEs.

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t. has made nothing but posts of literally no value this whole thread


nasty milf was seth effrican too

doesn't make going to orgies any more moral, lad

Nor throughout his post history, rinky dinky.

My posts are much bigger than yours

Reminds me of Artyoms gun in metro

But much larger

That gun looks extremely beautiful. I wish we still lived in an Artisan age, smh.

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what will toilberg say tomorrow?

we need to go back to the pound shilling and pence tbh


guineas tbh

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The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “The UK should not agree the UN's Global Compact for Migration”.

spoilered for gore tbh
1 - Yellow-vest loses an eye
2+3 - Yellow-vest's hand is crushed
4 - Snipers fire on yellow-vest

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They aren't leaving us with many options tbh

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what the fuck is going on in france, lel

Why on gods green earth would a sniper be using a tracer round like that?

People are reading culture of critique

Scare tactics

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The left side doesn't make any sense, who is it supposed to represent.

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im already tracer

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remainers I guess?

That aaahh at the end.

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the servile English, lad.

saved tbh

"birds-eye-view" of Paris

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Based USA


I honestly think the French reserve the right to burn down Paris exclusively to themselves and that's why they surrender the moment Paris is threatened by someone else.

was that the "can't dodge the dodge" lad?

There's not really anyone that fits into those categories from here, it'd be the remainers but then the memi wouldn't make sense.

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It's just comparing our level's of protest to the French's which is stupid considering the last time we rioted in the streets was over the poll tax and if forced thatcher to relent.


they're built at the war factory. they're tanks

Exactly it doesn't make sense, it could compare to the recent anti-Trump rally or any similar but why would they compare that as representative of nationalists.

They could have easily been put together in a tractor factory.

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it's more akin to the Iraq protests and the futility thereof I would say.

It's almost like civilians don't know the difference between and armoured trunk and a tank

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It's not just random uneducated civilians, it's war correspondents and military journalists that really should know better.


Yeah but again an unfair comparison because we're just as capable at rioting because of unjust new taxes.

Yeah, he's been convicted of 1st degree murder, i.e. with premeditation, and with a a hate crim enahancement he's looking at a capital punishment.

We had our chimps oogaboogaing not too long ago over nothing, to think that actual Brits wouldn't stand up if shit got too bad is just silly.

Unfortunately the British tolerance for Governmental corruption and deliberate erosion of living conditions is far higher than the Frogs, which is the main point.

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This seems quite interesting, going to watch the first one

Lad see journalists are retarded

That can be said for basically fucking every country.

tbf lad that could just be the fact that yanks are retarded

I wonder what she is doing rn

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good God, i never saw that video before.

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getting blacked some more