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Viral Video Shows EU-branded Armoured Vehicle Crushing Paris Protests
Pictures and video of an armoured personnel carrier emblazoned with the European Union flag helping to crush Gilet Jaunes protesters in Paris have gone viral on social media, with many suggesting it shows what might be in store for Europe once the bloc gets the unified army it is planning.

Brexit: Critics urge renegotiation as ministers say vote 'going ahead'
The Commons vote on Tuesday will not be delayed, the Brexit Secretary has said, amid growing calls for the PM to go back to Brussels to renegotiate.

BREXIT BETRAYAL MARCH: Thousands march through London demanding HARD Brexit
THOUSANDS of anti-EU protesters today marched in a Brexit Betrayal rally led by controversial activist Tommy Robinson at the same time as a rival opposition demonstration took place.'

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Scots aren't people

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good lad

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have that almost every night lad

good lad

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END OF UK? Scottish independence support SOARS amid no deal Brexit fears - shock poll
ALMOST 60 percent of Scots believe it would be better for their country to gain independence rather than remain in the UK after a no-deal Brexit, a new poll has indicated.

When the dust settles we should always remember that the Welsh were loyal and the scots betrayed us. Edinburgh will be put to the sword and the clearances restarted.

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xth for The Lion of Damascus

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This is bollocks, since the Scot Ref they've only gone the other way.

Why do we even keep Scotland around? They are just a massive tax drain.

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The whingy fuckers replying are delicious

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Make a family lad


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Is that Assad being wrest from his humble medical career into dictatorship?
Modern cincinnatus tbh

I've become such a whateverboo for him since seeing him come back from the brink of destruction to defeat all opposition tbh maybe just because I am into military history and all that I gravitate towards authoritarian leaders I dno.
love suheil tbh

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what a madman

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the left sure can memi

reckon the lads on the right would beat everyone in the pic on the left
kevvo would come in with a sick headbutt and knock william off his feet

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fucking S P I E S

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Its easier said than done. Its a hard effort getting a good woman. My last gf from years ago now could not stop drinking or doing coke. I went out at the weekend and had an awesome time, 2 beauties I met and vibed with were lesbians. Then one of their friends was really nice and I was talking to her but she was with some other guy there and was kissing him shortly after. The one girl I really like is in a relationship (and told me itll never happen), everyone seems to be taken, its like you have to go on a waiting list or something. People ask if you want to have kids like you're the only one to decide. Now Im thinking its something that I may want, I dont know how it will happen.


Show me a worthwhile woman and next year I'll show you a family.


yaxley hasn't embedded himself as much as his handlers would like

If this was actually true (which I doubt), what possible reason could they have? They've already been told they're not going to be allowed to jock their way back into the EU - so what do they gain by being independent of both the UK and the EU?

Sounds like you aren't trying hard enough or hanging out with the right type of people

Poor attitude lad no wonder you are yearning for a family

How on earth could it be any better, I'm not going to start one with some drunk tart down spoons

Just find a nice girl to settle down with

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You are pretty much the same as her tbh

Hahaha I don't know what's wrong with you lads if I was gonna go out with a girl I'd want her to be a filthy slag who knows what she's doing

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Seems about right. Somehow it's still the women who are the anti-establishment figures in all of this. SHAKE MY FUCKING HEAD.

wahey amirite the experienced ones are the ones who know how to have fun in bed amirite wahey

You are constantly having a beer why not have it with a women instead

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dude you just have to be alpha

you were bragging about drinking a bottle of rum a day a couple of weeks ago lad

this except boomer teen

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But I do.

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You have a gf?

u wot

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Bourgeois liberal proving what a snobbish cunt it is.

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It's amazing how they still don't fucking get it.

I said you are constantly drinking why not drink with a girl who also likes drinking and you said "I do" so I thought you meant you had a gf

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I am not a womaniser
It is women who seek after me
And I often relent

God that is so fucking shite wtf

Asides from going out socialising (on the piss) every week, which I dont really want to do. I dont know how else to meet women. Online shit is so cynical and I hate it and through work it never feels relaxed enough. Ive had gfs in the past Im not incel tier and I have tried hard, and yes in someways you are right, try harder but the struggle feels relentless and heart wrenching.

I love it

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No you asked "why not drink with women" which I have but that doesn't this the GFQ

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give up try clubs and shit but any worthwhile clubs either won't have women or will be ruined by them

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Commit grand theft auto in minecraft

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I don't care about her past as long as she is when me now thats all that matters

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My mummy told me I should try amateur dramatics or something.

I still don't know what you are trying to say.

would be easier to make all these threads if i was a mod

is there a female version of brit
perhaps some sort of dating service where you could meet lauren southerns and faith goldies
then youd be sorted lads

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tbh it's a good idea, the field is filled with single women and gay blokes who have no interest in them, so you can take your pick of the tarts.

Why would I want a wife who drinks as much as I.

Yeah it's called making a twatter and thirsting after the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) that follow you.

Yes, I have a whole folder of various anime dictators.

this is unironically how i met my girlfriend

hullo YK how long 'til she's dragging you off to the nick

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I guess you're either one of them, or you feel a disgust at the very sight of them. Most normies are as annoyed by them as we are tbh. Back when I was sort of apolitical, it was always the leftists that irritated the shit out of me. Honestly, I can't wait till we can set the deanos on the traitors. So much catharsis to be had.


Who the hell was singing that? Think I could give a better rendition than that tbh. Who thought this was a good idea?

that is me yes hullo hullo

Who's YK lad

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I'm surprised more lads here don't realise that, the amount of cunts I've spoken with about this that just want the cunts to fuck off is whitepilling tbh

Yes that's how it works, she's a woman and I'm not.

wew spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) got him smh tbh

will have to do that

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There's a solution for this.

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Everyone is ugly


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I love these meems

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keeek me too

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the truth is that its all fucked (or do some thing like a club like tai chi or something lame where you get to get into close proximity to a lass, like dancing class or something)

YK is tyne and wear

become a singer in a band or something and choose one of your fangirls then indoctrinate them into steinerism

Owen Jones is a hate figure to basically everyone other than the people he fraternises with (who are almost always social retards who no one likes (no offense to any lads on here)). The problem for us is that normies don't connect the dots - and won't acknowledge that he is emblematic of the entire establishment, because the media tells them to be good goyim.

Nah I just think it would be easier for you if you had a gf who also likes getting smashed so you can both get smashed together and take of one another tbh

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take care*

that sounds incredibly unhealthy

*post greentext of boilerplate MGTOW terms with a picture of le rebbit wojack-grug face mene*

im a 28 year old choomer