Forced orgies

Ive read that the communist party had forced orgies.
The fact of the matter is that they believe that the party is more important than any one individual and that if that means cohercing roasties to have sex with incels they will.
Especially if they aided the party in any significant way.
They wont put a gun to your head but they threaten to excommunicate you if you dont.
Well if they come to power they might put a gun to your head.
Still want to be communists roasties?

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To each according to his needs. You can't argue with that.

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1. Don't use that degenerates term
2. How many women do you think are on this board? (No really, I'd like to know)
3. Even though this is low quality bait, I can answer, that I am an anarchist and an authority to myself.

Free love means free love revisionist
But youre a lesbian so you get the pass

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You still got to do it with ugly chicks though btw

You watched that Unruhe video, didn't you? That's just burger stuff. No non-burger communist party does this.

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Well americans are stupid

Well americans are stupid

Well americans are stupid


Are you implying were not stupid?

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To be perfectly honest, yeah. In my idealized socialist society there would be a free of charge 24/7 establishment in every community, with a massive pansexual orgy pit, pools, refreshments, lube, toys, etc. where people of all ages and genders can freely gather after a hard day's work to fornicate in every way imaginable, tie each other up and practice extreme sadomasochism, piss and shit all over and within each other, roleplaying as their fursonas or whatever, all while simultaneously partaking in the most profound philosophical and political conversations. You know, just like they did it in ancient Greece & Rome, the cradles of "western" civilization.

But for real though, this being the '"aftershow" to a party meeting should clue you in that the meeting itself was an elaborate LARP by americlap red liberals. It'll be laughed off with impunity by everyone outside the US, or just anyone on this board.

I want in on this. Where can i find parties like that?

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they actually exist under capitalism, but you have to be a bourg with shady as fuck connections to even be able to find them. you bet your ass all the top porkies are hosting sex slave parties and getting away with it.
a side effect of ~us commies~ socializing everything might actually turn them from conspiratorial private events to voluntarily public establishments where it's no longer a 'party' that is thrown but a drop-in-drop-out self-serve which just goes on forever and everyone can contribute to improve. in the meantime, just simulate it by playing paraphore or something equally degenerate

i kno rite :3



>The People's Party will force it!

Some will certainly feel free to host orgies, but some will prefer to not to take part.
The general sexual freedom for the following generations will produce more relaxed and confidant people who may have multiple partners (and even mates) throughout their lives, so, having a mostly satisfactory love-life, I would expect less indulgence in bizzaro fetishes and excess. Maybe partaking in only annual ritual orgies for Saturnalia or something.

Orgies are passe

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Only an FBI infiltrated, burger personality cult communistcparty did that. That slecific party has been the butt of jokes on the left for a while.

I mean, it's still pretty hilarious, because it upsets whores.