Brit/pol/ #2579: Scooter Nationalism Edition

Viral Video Shows EU-branded Armoured Vehicle Crushing Paris Protests

Pictures and video of an armoured personnel carrier emblazoned with the European Union flag helping to crush Gilet Jaunes protesters in Paris have gone viral on social media, with many suggesting it shows what might be in store for Europe once the bloc gets the unified army it is planning.

Brexit: Critics urge renegotiation as ministers say vote 'going ahead'

The Commons vote on Tuesday will not be delayed, the Brexit Secretary has said, amid growing calls for the PM to go back to Brussels to renegotiate.

BREXIT BETRAYAL MARCH: Thousands march through London demanding HARD Brexit

THOUSANDS of anti-EU protesters today marched in a Brexit Betrayal rally led by controversial activist Tommy Robinson at the same time as a rival opposition demonstration took place.'

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good lad


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Reposting tbh. Any of you lads ever watch pic related? It looks rather like LOGTH, is it any good?

Good lad

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*Sends the jews to special vip room*

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Matthew 18:21-22


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So the brother has 490 chances? Pretty autistic tbh


You may throw your rock and hide your hand
Working in the dark against your fellow man
As sure as God made the day and the night
What you do in the dark will be brought to the light
You may run and hide, slip and slide
Trying to take the mote from your neighbor's eyes
As sure as God made the rich and poor
You gonna reap just what you sow
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Let me tell you God almighty gonna cut you down
Go tell that long tongued liar, oh well well
Go tell that midnight rider, oh well well
Tell the gambler, rambler, back-biter
Tell them God almighty gonna cut them down

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Gonna listen to this as I get my next win on Fortnite

Listening to it rn as I vape and sip vodka

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Johnny would have approved

There is nothing wrong with doritos

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they have soy in them

So do you

you going to put me in your mouth or something queer?

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sorry I am going to be playing noh theater music during mine so that it becomes an occidental rendition of a noh play where the hero defeats the demon agents and ascends in a heideggerian sense

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He does twitch now.

Comfy tbh, hope its not overwatch though

Last time I watched him on Twitch he was making tunes in Ableton, he does a wide variety of shit these days. His ETS stream was proper comfy.

That's how he started, doing streams tbh.

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Good lad

2 episodes in now and Harlock Saga is pretty shit so far tbqh but I guess it is only 6 episodes long

Imagine this : Scooter live remixing old german nationalist songs while people, led by the Techno Viking, storm the shit out of all EU govs !
♪ I was made for beheading you, baby,
I'll kill you and your army, ♫
♪ 'cause you can't hide away from me, baby,
and you'll pay, oh yeah, trust me ♫

More seriously, at this point police and army are just traitors. They had the choice, and they chose to collaborate. Now next time I will hear about some cops getting beaten to death by a thug gang, I will be happy.

It's not too late though, if people from all over EU revolt now, we can still make EU collapse and hopefully build a better world without these rotten bastards. You Brits need to join, for your corrupt gov doesn't give a fuck about what you want.

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Irish woman who married ghost of 300-year-old pirate says they have split up

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real dogposting hours tbh

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have you seen that haim witz (gene simmons) interview where he says fixing cars is for goyim?


Comfy, her accent makes me want to take her behind the Tesco bins and bend her over to give her one urrrrgghhh sex

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Lads I need help
I feel like i am trapped while staying in this country and i am wondering which country i should go to do a engineering internship

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cuckchan tier tbf


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here is a high res picture and a story

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Seems like everything went according to the plan for Tommy and spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine).

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I like to pretend she is talking to me about them lad


I don't want to die alone. Especially somewhere as crowded with foreigners as a city.

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All those dogs are going to die young and fat.

tbf I realized I like to watch that kraut tv channel because I can see actual european people on it and not a bunch of mullatos. it very hard to see any media here where you can see genuine white people anymore.

we all die alone I guess, yeah I don't like the big cities. I want to one day get innawoods to have quiet

they are like rockstars lad burnout out but don't fade away

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should I go to bed or keep shitposting?

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toil on the morn, well i say morn, feels more like the middle of the night waking up at 6:30 this time of year. so grim, i'd rather die in a revolution than toil like this for years to come.

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yep working is for slaves

plus i get so shitfaced on the weekends, i can't get a proper nights sleep until usually wednesday night. Such an unhealthy lifestyle and i know lots of boomers my age are struggling on like this.

I just got up so you should probably sleep but I enjoy your posts

wow he could've saved us so much trouble

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Proof that Autists are considered subhuman by normies.


wew, it's almost a documentary.
Think his wife is Chinese?

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He needs to get up and walk tbh

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sounds absolutely glorious lad

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oh shit lads is it the vote today or tomorrow?

oh nevermind it was in the op


This is the most pathetic thing on youtube. His kid's going to grow up to be a cunt tbh. I know a guy who's in a similar position with the Asian woman who got pregnant by him to stay in the country. Absolute fucking melt. At least he doesn't film their arguments (I'm assuming he's too weak to argue back anyway) and put them on youtube. What a fucking shower. I actually hate the men who delude themselves that they've 'gone asian' because gook women are so submissive and feminine (they're even worse than european women), only to end up being abused like the pathetic little shits they are.

only just noticed it kek wtf tbh

Genuinely getting serial killer vibes from him with his weird masks as well. He even hits his daughter in one of the vids and then when getting the bandage, says we have to make a big deal about this as she's a little girl.

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what a pussy

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i fucking hate them lads

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When a colleague told me my name autocorrected to Dorito and they were seconds away from calling me a tortilla chip in an email, I honestly didn't know what to say.
my fucking sides

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What the fuck is this lmao. It's Brass Eye tier

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today seems to be an odd day for the news
Teacher arrested for 'forcibly cutting boy's hair while singing national anthem'

Outrage in Egypt after Danish photographer posts a picture of himself 'having sex' with a naked woman on top of the Great Pyramid

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I know that feel lad.

>take a train, a monorail and a fucking cable car just to get there

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that dane should be beaten up and handed over to the egyptians