Russian leftists and IdPol

It is very interesting that leftists in Russia are mostly anti-Idpol. You will never hear them talking about homophobia/transphobia/ableism/white privilege. They even make jokes about western leftists!
They consider IdPol and intersectionalism as "liberal and individualistic", "breaking unity of workers" and "having nothing to do with class struggle".
Why it is completely different with the leftists in the western countries?

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Because the Russian oligarchies need their soldiers to be fully functional staffed and ready for action. No dillydallying allowed.

Because the whole west fell to cold-war propaganda and subversion which is still going on.

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Same with the Chinese:
It's almost as if the retarded IdPol shit is a Western phenomenon.

I think trannies work for the cia.
Just like they shoved that coc(code of conduct) down the linux community and now linux probably has a nsa backdoor.

same reason as Russia

Identity politics was and still is funded by Jews to disrupt the western political sphere. Russia and China both have an iron rule over their citizens because they need strong soldiers to defend Israel's interests. The west on the other hand gets a careful staged political circus, that encourages infighting and makes it impossible to raise to power and challenge Israel.

Don't you mean capitalist class, tovarish?

Are we playing this game again? Hiding identities inside groups? If you admit it or not…capitalism in 2018 is fully controlled by Israel. Identity politics, feminism, migration, antifa terrorists, even your favorite left-wing propaganda books are financed through Israel.

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This is because IdPol and Intersectionality are breaking workers unity. It is true.

Actually everyone in CIA is a tranny.

Linus actually said that he finally put a code of conduct in to keep the Nazis out. It wasn't because of people were asking him to do it, he did it to upset the "low-life scum on the internet that think it's OK to be a white nationalist Nazi, and have some truly nasty misogynistic, homophobic or transphobic behaviour" (i.e., people like you).

Linus will probably commit tragic suicide, with 2 bullets to the back of the head sometimes soon, owing to difficulties with his "therapy"

That's because Russian 'commies' are actual reactionaries, Russia has anti-gay vigilante death squads so yeah I would say they could do with a bit more idpol.

You're all talking like this is some grand conspiracy when it can really just come down to different cultures tbh

And before you tell me that culture is a spook, yes I'm aware that culture is downstream from material relations of production. The U.S. tends toward social liberalism because of the service sector being such an enormous part of the economy. These industries are global in outlook and take on a "cosmopolitan" character. Russia and China, the latter of which is a big manufacturing hub, do not compare.

Is Konstantin Syomin a leftist?

They aren't anti idpol though, just anti GSM, a lot of them cuck for religion and nationalism so I don't know how they could be anti idpol if you're using these terms consistently. Anti individualism isn't anti idpol either since I'd say most forms identity politics are actually fairly collectivist when it comes down to it, even intersectionality.

It really is primarily a conspiracy, given the CIA origins (Open Society, Ford Foundation, etc.) of the PoMo crit theory that produced SJWs. US/Canada/Australia/Europe are in the CIA's sphere of influence, Russia/China aren't. It really is that simple.

Russian leftists specifically?

Yes, he is.

Yes, there is some shit like KPRF or Suť Vremeni. But I am not talking about these "monarkho-stalinist" or "okhraniteli" (Putin supportative groups, many leftists supported Putin until pension reforms such as Kurginyan form Sut Vremeni). I am talking about real leftists (to be specific communists, i dont know what is the situation with anarchists).


Here's the problem.

Leftist in Russia are, at least the ones you're displaying, merely the left wing version of teabagger faggots we have here in the US. They're mostly tankies and ridiculously conservative/authoritarian.

Either way, leftism and IdPol are incompatible. SJWs are neoliberals LARPing as socialists.

"Liberal" is a genuine curse word in Russia.


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I'm really wondering lately what the average Russian thinks about politics. Do they know that the US has russiagate blaring 24/7 on all liberal media for years? What do they think of burger oligarchs? Makes sense re: filled with tankies but what is like the progressive / anarcho scene like?