Brit/pol/ #2580: Rope Edition

Pro-EU Counter-Protesters Arrested for Assault, Weapons Offences at UKIP March

Theresa May cancels a vote in the U.K. Parliament on her Brexit deal to avoid a huge defeat, a source says

Drivers call for protests at City Hall amid fury over Sadiq Khan's 'ultra-low emission zone' covering the whole of London that will charge motorists with cars that are just three years old £12.50 a day 'and raise SIX times more than the congestion charge'

Teacher arrested for 'forcibly cutting boy's hair while singing national anthem'

Outrage in Egypt after Danish photographer posts a picture of himself 'having sex' with a naked woman on top of the Great Pyramid

France's President Emmanuel Macron has promised a minimum wage rise and tax concessions in response to weeks of violent protests

South Africa 'sets date for white farmers land grab' months after announcing 'test case' to see if 'expropriation without compensation' is legal

Twelve Israelis Suspected of Running Child Sex Trafficking Network in Colombia

When a colleague told me my name autocorrected to Dorito and they were seconds away from calling me a tortilla chip in an email, I honestly didn't know what to say

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that new smug owen genuinely unsettles me it's like he knows something we don't

Something doesn't add up, hmm

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good lad


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Teacher fired for refusing to use transgender student's pronouns
muh gunz save yet another BASED patriot from libtard SJW tyranny

good lad

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He knows the results of his AIDs test is positive and that's why he's so smug tbh lad

Gud lid

I love that cheeky doggo, it took me a few times to spot the ciggie tbh

nth for Jerry Jones

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s o o o o o o o o n

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That's very much a dancer's posture tbh

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none of those lads look hard

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sorry lad
good song tbh

I'm not the one casting an appreciative eye over a flamboyantly camp man's posture

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looks don't mean anything lad a mob of fat faggots could lynch any BJJ turbo keto closet queer /fit/ faggot

But you are checking to see if they're hard.

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yeah but only if they were properly riled up

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you should take some ssri pills

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you should go up to the mountain to see them

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don't bully her lad she looks like a good slag

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I hope this is a memi, SSRI's are satanic and destroy your soul tbh


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Last Christmas
I gave you my (You)s
But the very next day
You posted busty jews
This year
To save me from bans
I'll go to /krautpol/ and give it to Hans

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post some ebin threads lads

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But the entire game is just shilling for globalism and multiculturalism

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good lad

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Did the being racist in Greggs thread predict Norf F.C? The falkland islands was also a cracker tbh.

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ascended william

This picture summons me tbh

Lord of the rings-posting was great

Got called a racist in greggs



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tbf its more pathetic how the wogs tried to sound intimidating by filming him

I was wearing a union jack like a cape when I ordered my sosig roll

Reminding wogs that they're utterly fucking useless is a hate crime lad

How likely is a second referendum?

Virtually every online left wing community is acting incredibly smug this week. Seems like remaining is a certainty now.

I can see there being a three option referendum so they can split the leave vote. Traitors REEEEEEEE

Apparently he's some sort of physics prodigy who has contributed more to physics at 17 then the sum total of all wogs ever. And now he'll be ruined because we let them have iPhones.


science is motherfucking magic

Anglican Unscripted 462 - Conversion Therapy Ban

Why do you post this shite?

If you haven't watched it, then how do you know that you don't like it, lad?



god this video is terrifying

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you've made me too scared to watch it

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its just somebody who formerly ran high military office in the US talking about how all the famous people on TV and in politics rape and eat children

Icke has been saying that for years. Is it Icke tier nonsense or is there more reason to believe this guy?

he was a former CIA director and marine intelligence director lad

he also said that in afghanistan us military filmed snuff videos of killing children with dogs

utterly disgusting filth

I like that the aspect ratio makes them look like wide lads

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anti-bully techniques at 6:40 lads


Lads I went out for a drink with my step dad and we both got pretty drunk. He stuck his tongue down my throat and I let him, then he tried to put his hand down my pants. That was too far so I sparked him out and broke a glass over his head. Now I've got about 40 missed calls and text messages from my mum saying I attacked him unprovoked and he's going to call the old bill. What should I do?

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he was talking about "Military War Dogs", by which I think he meant army guys, not actual dogs.

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I'm serious lad

this scene was ripped off in a Tarantino movie


what's it like being a burger?

pretty shite ngl, everyone is fat and or ugly and or not white. also everything looks shite and everyone is dumb as fuck. but at least I can own guns or something. land is beautiful and animals are comfy but otherwise its pretty shite

also multilated jew b*nis and boomer expectation on life trajectory stuff too

sounds a bit like being Anglo tbh

apart from that bit


literally going to buy 10oz tomorrow and then 1000 rounds of buckshot later this week

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eh maybe more like 250 rounds

you have enough cash for the silver? Go somewhere to buy it, it's cheaper than online.