Brit/pol/ #2581: K/D Edition

Disturbance at Parliament as man arrested inside security barriers

48 letters of No Confidence against Theresa May submitted, reports suggest

Major: UK should revoke Article 50

Journalists elect themselves Person of the Year

Tommy Robinson supporter calls train passenger a 'black cunt' in shocking video

Gunshots were fired at one of Strasbourg’s Christmas markets

Russia ready to make public correspondence with US on alleged election meddling

"We are NOT biased against conservatives and we DO care about privacy", says Google's CEO, as he prepares to be quizzed by Congress for first time ever

Principal bans candy canes, says ‘J shape’ stands for Jesus

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The Pulitzer should be abolished.

It must be a german irredentist return reichsland lotharingen now

good lad but too early tbh
when are we going to do a 2018 retrospective thread?

Things were easier and simpler back in 2015

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lmao somebody memid again with this shooting

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Kinda interesting how the German empire never fully integrated and still had these vestigial kingdoms within it, looks like A-L was the only proper Imperial territory from what I can see, kinda mad.

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How do they not have this pic up at every news agency warning it's a hoax yet rofl

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Should be a lot more tbqh

God knows how people still fall for this.

I love how Sam is such a deracinated goblin that he can plausibly be inserted into a mass shooting on any continent

just fuck off back to /newbrit/ lad, this is a pro-firebombing GARMans board

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a part of me wants that to be true just so we'd have to switch to using some rare sams

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And you were still filtered

smh, theres always a wave of mental illnesses during this time of year

smh the jerry lad on milleniyule seemed so nice though

it would be hilarious to see sam hyde posters in a newsroom warning hes not a shooter tbh

how do you identify bins so quickly lad? I'm in awe tbh

smdh that was back when sam tried to be a normalfag wagie at nick's dad's car dealership but then they tried to be artfags and got BTFO

that was his end game all along

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we should ban Christmas tbh, it obviously has a bad effect on the marginalised and oppressed


I empathize with sam because somebody told him to go to some richfag artschool (RH school of design) to pursue his dreams and he just got fucked


I thought he had an amazingly high IQ and did science shit?

you can smell how much they hate each other

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All of his posts are just so recognisably gay and cringey tbh

no he went to art school and fell for the graphic designer mene


don't know ether of them

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you should become a bounty hunter lad

You don't need to. Just apply this to every single business and institute that employs women and you see why we're in such a shit state.

no wonder he went insane



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Was some derivation of his name given to them?



insulting a mod too smh

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Looks fucking awful.

And this is clearly the first I've seen of it else I wouldn't have said anything.

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That would be class tbh imagine all the money you'd make from bringing ropeposters to GCHQ


SA is a good lad

>not insulting this board's mods except Helmer

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delusional cunt

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Helmer's dead lad

SA is a big lad that can look after himself.

Strasbourg Christmas Market Shooting: One Dead, Three Injured

Helmers not dead he comes back for QT threads.

Nah lad he's stuck on the phone trying to upgrade his mobile phone tarrif and asking the pajeet to repeat himself and speak up.

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That's his ghost, and it only appears on QT nights that coincide with the full moon, when the veil is thin

Who does the graphics for mde?

for a "mass" shooting that's a pretty terrible score.

some french version idk look up the strasbourg shooting

Samuelle De'Hyde

Two dead now, 11 injured I think

how does she get all that from that picture? You can tell the total opposite story too:

So glad the ziohomo establishment exists tbh. Thank christ we are being enriched by these barely sentient brown people - and they all have twitter accounts!

By making it all up


lmao cunts would say that nancy pelosi would be "showing who's in charge" even if she was in hand-cuffs because its just their programming to homer simpson tier defame any male

John Barnes says media coverage has a lot to answer for when it comes to racism in football - and in society as a whole

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they'll never stop complaining, ever

trying to identify genghis tan here's chigga phenotype and can't tbh
what's his background

they will never understand what per capita freaking means

They never seem to collect accurate data on pedophilia by ethnic group but i'd eat my hat if foreigners aren't overrepresented. We never ever had this rape phenomenon on this scale before mass immigration.

the saddest thing is that eventually that argument will go away

Sam does.

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umm ackshually

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It also wouldn't surprise me if the white paedophile group wasn't really (((another group of people))) paedophiles



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oh tommeh tommeh!

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*puts theresa in the bin*
its where she belongs

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It was posted on here ages ago lad, maybe if a lad had mentioned it on twitter you would have seen it.

comfy and local

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okay this is ebin

exactly lad smh

sorry lads :^)

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Good lad

rotational symmetry > mirror symmetry

new neighbours are due to move in soon and if it's the ones I think it is I think I'll offer to tidy their garden up tbh

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One step closer to saving Britain

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Don't trespass

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Pence looks like he runs the mob kek

so long as it's one of the native elderly couples that viewed and not one of the poo families I'll do it

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