Brit/pol/ #2583: Yom Kippur Edition

Theresa May to face leadership challenge

‘Total mobilization’: Strasbourg bans public demos amid massive manhunt for Christmas market gunman

Disturbance at Parliament as man arrested inside security barriers

48 letters of No Confidence against Theresa May submitted, reports suggest

Major: UK should revoke Article 50

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Goode lud

Audio quality got squished but it has a nice radio vibe to it, if people want a cleaner one I'll give it a go.

You people are subhuman scum who deserve to be raped and killed. I dare anyone of you to give me your address and you won't be breathing this time tomorrow.

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gud, pal.

Hubble Rd, Cheltenham GL51 0EX, come fight me, I'll even give you my phone number so you can call if you get lost 01242 221491.

i got a good feeling about this

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10 Downing St, Westminster, London SW1A 2AA

Your mother has had over 1000 abortions and her womb is like sand

Good lad

Large chicken big tasty meal with a chocolate milkshake and 9 chicken nuggets for lunch

Good lad

Big plate of chicken breasts and a cup of tea for lunch


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Chicken thighs are for kings tbh

What are you having for lunch tbh?

Read that as a large plate of breasts tbh

What are you eating rn?

I had 3 eggs and some grilled halloumi lash


Isn't it on Youtube anymore?

It is, but I was making it into an mp4 that could be posted on the board.


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did you check all the odds on different sites? I just chose the best odds and made an account

Because I am currently in China, I can't easily make new accounts. So I had to find an account I already had.


it's like leftypol but without the flags

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how do the odds look lads? i dun know how to read odds

get on it lads



wisdom here

smarkets is at 8 and you get a £10 sign up offer

The titles are getting gayer

stuck a fiver on may to lose kek

Lol I love Diane

You've been searching for someone and that's me. Don't go crying, I'm sneaking around. I'll hack you to death with a hatchet. Don't become lonely, a vagina with eyes couldn't even see yourself in a mirror. I'm roaming these streets like a hound.

She wont lose though tbhsmh

deanos on tour tbh

Kek I remembered when that happened


has she gone yet? if she stays Brexit is fucked tbh.

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I don't come once a week or even more, mangling like a trout, ???. That's me. You've never outsmarted or defeated me: in mortal combat I will always win.


33/1 NO, on sportnation.

They call me 40 because I only listen every 40 years. I have secret allies.

who is this normie


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idk why this post is so funny

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It's a promo, the return in in free bets.

Just refreshed, it's 37/5

oh well sod that

buzzing tbh lads

Can't wait for the entire green belt to be concreted over

it will never be mogg tbh

The Tory party should unironically elect Jeremy Kyle as leader. Election of the Jeremy's would be top tier.

can't wait to buy some buy to lets with the ladz xD


I prefer him over BJ tbh. Boris is a liability.

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Step aside, normies

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Good lad

where is this wog from? he has some wierd yank/english mix accent

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The tunnel was a shoddy memi, but isn't it funny how there's not a drop of diversity in this.

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how hateful smh

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Why would leftists attack her for supporting a people's vote?

because she's a scoobydoo

because da left are da weel waycists

I'll fight you outside any greggs of your choosing.

Because it's all a spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) set up

i hope they were lying to troll the MSM epic style

Unironically want to wake up tomorrow to find that Liz is now in charge and she's telling us all off like play school children who pissed in the sand pit.



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Good BO lad


gristle and gone off milk for lunch lads

Reminds me of this tbh.

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This is a wonderful post tbh

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pls give me (you)s

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this, quite frankly


can't wait to get comfy

It's because of the codeine tbf Im cheating a little bit