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Theresa May survives confidence vote of Tory MPs

UK SNOW forecast: Britain braces for temperature drop as SNOW CLOUD set to hit UK

UK MUST prepare for ALL OUT WAR against Russia, China and Iran military chief warns

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Why is dogfighting illegal? Its a British tradition.

Im so hard in this thread

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Same reason certain memmies are illegal.

Good lad

good lad

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goooooooooood laaaaaad

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what did you mean by this?

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that english lass has good thighs, not too big, not too weak.

That's Sabrina from the Apprentince.

somewhat agree with that tweet tbh lads.

To prevent us from starting uprising and establishing Fortress Britannia out of the blood of our enemies.

literally who?

I'm so fucking hard rn

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are you ok gchq?

reminder that hardness isn't a physical condition but a mental and spiritual outlook achieved through decades of dipping your hands in petrol every day

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No because Kent hates fun.

Zig Forums please go.

Good lad

Thanks lads

Good lad

I wouldn't feel sympathy if he was randomly stabbed in the back of the neck while walking home.

Then you are stupid, did you think all soldiers have the capacity to foresee the future? No, they thought they were fighting for their country and not much else. To stay home was to be branded a coward.They suffered and suffered and for what? For some retarded millennials to not feel sympathy for them after they were used. It's a great insult and I wouldn't mind if you were also stabbed in the back of the neck while walking home at night.

I can see how the reasoning was arrived at but I can't bring myself to wish any harm upon those poor old lads tbh

Tbh there are quite a few people I don't feel anything for but why should I if I don't know them and hold tangible link to them.

National Syndicalism not National Socialism okthankyou

What is sown is subsequently reaped tbh. I don't take any particular glee in it, but when one participates in something, without questioning or reasoning, it is up to time to correct such things.

Again, I don't wish harm upon them, but their actions helped to reap what was sown.

Love this webm tbh

Ard lad.

The Man Who Would Be King

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I would rather put the blame on the generation directly after them tbh, since they used their fathers victory to create the countries and systems we live in now.

You wot lad, better back that up

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Do you have the cap I'm talking about per chance?

And they are the ones who will be dumped in the care home for the pakis to throw dinner at tbh… thus the circle is complete.

Did anyone else have Brio as a kid?

true tbh lad

yes, because every soldier was an individual driven by their own individual will right?


funnily enough, that's the same line the Marxists use, but for different reasons

I can just imagine you lads sitting there in your dressing gowns gorging on food while spitting on the graves of the common soldiers, sickening tbh

I had a biro

Had brioche as a kid tbf

She looks a bit paki tbh, might be a bit slav though, round face and all.

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I don't revere the soldiers of yesteryear any more or less than the soldiers of today training Ukie fighters and working in Afghanistan and Iraq to the benefit of a Sunni-Wahabbi-Israeli entente.

Was an embryo once tbh

I don't like this lad

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Hard to resist having a wank to Sabrina tbh smh

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Thank yee lad

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Can anyone recommend a book about the first crusade lads

Good lad

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This seems like emotional coping if I'm going to be honest. These average men, used by their leaders to fight, the leaders after them destroying the very country they fought for and as a final insult, is to be killed by the aliens given free passage into the country they fought for, utterly crushed for nothing but for the will of their leaders. To have their own ancestors to not feel a thing for them, for them to not have any sympathy for their needless suffering, most of those soldiers of which thought they were fighting for a noble cause and for your very skin.

Instead of being angry about this and "emotionally unstable" you can just blame them for not having the foresight all the way back then to predict todays events. You shouldn't blame the common folk of whom aren't as smart as you think, maybe you forget about who made those choices for them, did they deserve to be used and destroyed because they were simply too stupid to realize they were being duped?
Maybe you can make parralels with the Rotherham gangs, these small white girls were too stupid to not have been sexually abused, thinking the brown men were full of nothing but love for us and that we're all the same, maybe the fathers of those daughters could have been liberal voters "thinking" that they would want open borders, imagining that everyone was to be holding hands because they were bombarded by propaganda from a young age to now and told them what was to be true, are they to blame?
In the end, the ones who manipulate the strings are to blame and they will do anything to divert that blame, we do not live in a true democracy. Never blame the commoners as a whole or you side with the ones of whom brought everything into place it is now.
If you're a rootless mongrel and secretly wish for a mongrel UK, then I could understand.

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says half Indian on an instagram that looks like her instagram.

This all well and good and quaintly sentimental. Now look at this space cow
Does the space cow look sentimental?
No, it has taken a good, long and 'ard look at the situation and is about to devour the earth.

she might mean american indian?

God bless that space cow, and god bless all Sirenia both of the terrestrial and the space faring kind.

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Germany: AfD's 'white men' Advent calendar sparks controversy and ridicule


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so lads anything cool going on rn ?

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yeah loads

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what post? Going to bed in a min tbh

the one with the dog with the teeth in its mouth and mercia said "you've still got one hour left"


deleted posts and what have you makes it hard to track down tbh, the one I've unbanned was from kent not mercia but matches your description, a perma-ban probably wasn't necessary regardless.Test if I've unbanned the right IP because I'm not even sure


I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kent hates fun.

Now this is ban worthy.

yeah it worked thanks lad

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np lad, it was probably bullshit.
*deletes all evidence of this transaction*
Night lads.

All mods are fags tbh.

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in some ways lasses prostituting their femininity is even worse than just honest whores being honest whores


Na that's what women have always done lad.

Why do mods here hate asmr? Were you lot abused?

screw your optics im going in

asmr is psychologically manipulative shite, just give me some nice stripe tease shite and leave the pretend gf crap to losers who think these women won't turn into vampiric demons like brittany venti treated that one lad

it was weird watching Cagney in his breakout role after seeing his later films first. didn't like it as much but the ending was shocking. surprised that I could be shocked by a film so old.
I'm torn between White Heat and The Roaring Twenties as my favourite Cagney film. I think Blood on the Sun had potential but it was squandered by pacing and a happy ending.

Angels with Dirty Faces was the first one I ever saw. 13 Rue Madeleine is underrated.

tbh the fact that they don't depict the shooting makes it more intense because you are denied the view. I need to watch more of those movies tbf, old gangster movies are such kino

the end of white heat is kind of sad tbf

Yeah, what happened to his mother was sad and his gal was a right bint. Roaring Twenties is major league blackpill movie though. A lot of Cagney films have sad endings tbh.

never seen roaring 20s though whats that one like?

Soldier gets screwed over by his country, becomes gangster. It's a story of fall, then rise, then fall. Trouble with women mixed in as well which is the real killer. If you've seen White Heat and watch 20s, I'd like to know which you think is better tbh.

yeah I'll have to watch it tbh, I have been reading about the older days in chicago and it was quite intense. the rise and fall of different power cliques.

have you ever heard of this lad? he was from an old ulster family that resettled in the midwest then he used the irish mafia to dominate other news companies in the "paper wars" he also was against the scoobydoos quite intensely. he is a patriarch of the city and many buildings are named after him and his family

its interesting that "the outfit" (dago scoobydoo mafia of capone) used the mayor to control and isolate mccormick politically. the mayor was a real idiot too at the time