What is leftpols opinion on states rights and confederalism?

What is leftpols opinion on states rights and confederalism?

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CSA was shit, a confederation of communes would be breddy gud

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Only two ways to go, clannish autarkic city states, or world unity. Only one of them is going to get us off this ball of mud.

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It's bullshit, if states rights were actually respected the slave states would probably still be living in the reality of that CSA movie.


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How can states have rights if humans don't even have them

The rights of states to laws which don't broadly violate individual rights are valid. The primary reason for maintaining states' rights is to protect them from shitty federal government policy and defend the rights of individuals within those states. Which is to say, individual rights always come first and should be the goal behind every level of protected 'rights.'

The hypocrisy is that a lot of the people who end up parroting 'states' rights' dogma are actually ok with a lot of the federal government's worst bullshit and just want to be able to own slaves/segregate by race/enforce religious law. It undermines the rights of people within those states; it's worthless.

The very same concept of states rights was a countermeasure to anti-slavery laws, so yeah… they're utter shit and objectively pro-fascist.

Either way, under actual socialism, there would be no states outside of direct democracy.

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Should not exist. Every good Communist knows that the abolition of national borders and the creation of One World Government is a necessary part of the global socialist takeover.


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What else is there to say about states' rights?

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against it, due to the fact S.C. passed a law against criticism of apartheid Israel.

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cotton, tobacco, or cannabis should unironically be on American socialist heraldry as the history surrounding them is inseparable from exploitation and domination in most people's consiousness

This actually.

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Only because of federalism. Tobacco and alcohol are easy peasy methods of self determination for third world countries.

If states want sovereignty, and they should. They need to expand tobacco, alcohol, and go full gang weed.

As far as my view on it itself, obviously not all nationalism is good if it's just the coughs and gags of a dying imperialist power like America clinging to its position. But if it diminishes cultural appropriation by splintering off a super power (like states seceding from the Union) or is a shit hole liberating itself and giving itself an identity against that ordained by it than sure. All the confederations and nationalisms.

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