Rightism is paradoxy

"Right" wingers are funny. They make me laugh.

In this scenario, typical "right-winger" is presented as "Dexter" or D. "Dexter" is Latin for "right".

D: "Government shouldn't ban sugar just because some some hussies get fat from it. People just need to grow the fuck up and get their shit together."

But, they want to ban video games and social media "because teenagers."

D: "Government shouldn't try to impose their will on citizens' vote. That's tyranny."

But, they want to ban young people from voting "because muh liburulz."

D: "Life is unfair, deal with it. Nobody owes you anything."

But, they complains about young people adapting new technologies/hobbies/tastes, creating new industries, having "cooler toys" than their elders.

D: "Rap music is monkey music because they talk about shooting people,drugs, and bitches."

But they listen to hard rock, which sings about drugs, demons, and women.

D: "Leftists are anti-logical. They think the life is a magic fairytale book that can rewritten They want trannies to use girls' restrooms, they think that race does not exist, they want men to vastrate themselves just because some women don't like penises."

But, they believe on conspiracy theories about intergalactic lizards feasting on humans, and that the earth is a flat slab of rock floating in space. Thinks that NASA photos of the Earth are composite montages made by con artists. They also think single women over 30 are radical feminists and/or cursed by God.

Let's be honest. Theres a reason why there's much more satire of right wingers than of leftists. Right wingers are macho badasses with urban mythology as education. Theyre like the cool uncle/grandfather who talks about their tales of their odd jobs but are prone to fits of schizophrenia.

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Team Blue and Red are the same thing, they are both useful idiots of porky and they don't even realize it. Everything that they champion, only helps the upper classes.

t. 13 year old Democrat

The thing that I find interesting about "right" is how they are inconsistent in describing their """enemies""". Sometimes they use word marxists, then neo-marxists, then liberals, liberal left or leftists but they somehow mean all the same people. They can't comprehend that there are people who explicitly care about "social justice" and those to who race, sexual orientation or religion are simply just not topics worth caring about and focus for example on economy (means of production, classes and shit). I don't think they are all dumb as fuck to be honest, I just think if they would spend some time digging a little bit into philosophy it would broaden up their views in certain areas. Yes, they can keep their views but at least they would understand "the other side" a little bit more because I can't shake the feeling that they are mostly living from urban legends made from left and they support their political views simply because it's easy stance in opposition to this. But what do I know, I gave up on talking mostly to "right-wingers" on internet because it leads to nowhere and there are too much emotions, which is again funny because in their perspective, they are the ones with concrete solid rationality vs. emotional left. Such a mess.

That's still smarter than the average Republican though.

We can mock liberals all we want but they could potentially side with us one day if the conditions were right, conservatives will never be anything but an obstacle to be destroyed

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t. 11 year old democrat

I mean seriously, why do people use children as an insult in "intellectual" debates?

t. 7 year old Democrat

Someone is way up past their bedtime. Are you a disgruntled manchild waiting to impose your "discipline"?

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Based on what? Democratic administrations have contributed just as much, arguably quite a bit more to expanding the power of the state and crushing socialist dissent as the GOP. Today they are the most rabid proponents of imperial conquest in the US.

You're just another deluded tool of the American state, please leave. We have enough "socialists" here on this board who take Washington's propaganda at face-value.

Republicans are also liberals.
The difference between self-described american "conservatives" and self-described american "liberals" is that the Ds have the right goals in mind but have absolutely no idea how to achieve them or how the world works, while the Rs do know how to achieve their goals and how to practice realpolitik but it just turns out that all the things they want are completely evil.

Regardless, they're both slight variations on the same theme of liberalism, they both make 150-200k a year once elected which is between 5 and 7 times as much as the average american worker, and are completely beholden to capital.

Come on now

You don't have to understand your bondage to be in it

This. Engels has this shit figured out over a century ago.


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Sounds like my Uncle when N.W.A was releasing their stuff back in my 80s-90s

I didn't say the DNC did I, fuck off. I mean the majority of people who voted against Trump, they're generally a bit easily led but have mostly good hearts. A bit too accepting of imperialism for my taste but overall willing to work with other nations when not being lied to by a huge rightist media. Liberals are a bit scared of change true but when dragged into the 21st century they'll make do, whereas reactionaries are actively hateful towards change and will never get on board with the program without some kind of Civil War pt 2 situation where they're under the heel of the left. I know people say 'same thing both sides' and yeah the parties are pretty much the same but their supporters are very different psychologically.




Republicans are sexist,
racist, transphobic too
Against their islamophobia
any blue will do.





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I always laugh my ass off when the Trumpturds always calls us "snowflakes", even if we despise SJWs even more than they do, yet they lose their shit with the NFL protests and when someone "disrespects muh flag".

I mean, if you're gonna shit all over SJWs and feminists, at least be consistent and don't be such a faggot when someone shits on your flag and your anthem.

but this is something they don't know and will never know because life in an ideological bubble is such a pleasure isn't it?

Rap is quite shitty. Lets be honest. Although the crap they listen to like insert hill billy name here is 1000x worse.

This guy gets it. Fun fact is the Soviet Union used a lot of cobalt blue. It was kind of a characteristic Soviet "thing" along with red. That electric car Russia was touting this year at a car show was painted cobalt blue as kickback to Soviet nostalgia.

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we have this thread everytime

And the left has people who believe that a poor white man is more privileged than Hillary Clinton.

Early marriage was the best way and it was only changed because women couldn't compete with teenage girls on the marriage market.


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So you think that adolescent girls are not human beings to be respected, just to breed, right?

But then again, right wingers dont care about the well-being of young people anyway.
Because adults are disgruntled "teens" forced to grow up.

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Pedophilia is attraction to girls who have not hit puberty. (12 and under)

Hebephilia is attraction to girls who have hit/gone through puberty. (13+)

Most men DO NOT have any genuine interest, sexual or platonic, of prepubescent girls. Unless if said beings were 2D.

But yea, flattard is a creep.

Hey gramps, the cultural zeitgeist has moved. Many, if not all of your points aren't true anymore.
After years getting their asses kicked the righties have realized that being huge anal cunts about those cultural stuff was harmful to them, now they pose as the opposite, as the defenders of freedom and liberty for the most part and they have stickied the image of "anal authoritarians no fun allowed" on the left using their powerful SJW propaganda arm.
You are like, stuck in the 90s.

That’s where you’re wrong, buddy

Well, if the girl has hit puberty early, but then again, I kinda overshot the puberty minimum for girls. They start at 9/10.

But they are to be respected. With my dick.

Don't bother. This false equivalence has become an essential part of feminist propaganda. Look at how the faggot I just replied to acts like it's some sort of disrespect to want to marry a teenage girl, as opposed to the highest form of respect possible. They're desperate to stop men from having access to teenage girls because they can't compete with teenage girls and they'll resort to any smear tactics and lies they have to. Fortunately, their attempts to maintain this doublethink of teenagers only being able to consent with each other and somehow losing the knowledge to consent when their chosen partner is older are increasingly coming under fire from people fed up with feminism.

Several posts before the one you just made give excellent examples of the left being no-fun-allowed, and this is the reigning status quo on the left ever since feminism infected the universities and produced bullshit propaganda "studies" claiming some sort of mental harm from teen/adult sex that they have absolutely no proof for. The left thinks it has the right to tell everyone else what's consensual and what isn't and then pretends to be in favor of sexual equality. No wonder men have been leaving it.

You’re correct. The ages nine and ten are the prime for girls. It’s down hill soon after. Nature intended it that way too


An ass is nice, which is why I prefer young teens more honestly. Younger and that can still look good though, cute too

Again with this "sexual house-pet" view of adolescent girls. This is why girls are not legally accessible. It's not so much attraction for girls as the lack of respect/concern for said girls.

This view is no different than how 18+ women are treated, and that means no reason exists to deny men sexual access to teenage girls except to preserve the sexual market value of their older competitors. Your rhetoric reeks of the intentionally vague accusations of "objectification" that feminists love so much.

I don’t want a “sexual house-pet”, I want a cute tween girlfriend to raise and love and then impregnate by her mid teens

Tweens are just a bit too young in my opinion, but it's clear that the intent of the phrase "sexual house pet" isn't to dispute how old is old enough to have a sufficient understanding of sex to consent to a relationship. It's just another feminist word salad that they use to denote anything that threatens their ability to gain male attention.

That is absolutely correct, and it is not limited to just females. People always objectify their ideal partner, because their ideal partner is a fantasy, not an actual person. It is like all the weebs who jerk it to 2D characters that look, sound, and act like parodies of human beings that were designed by space aliens. Everybody fantasies about their perfect partner. That does not necessarily mean that they will completely lose touch with reality and expect real human beings to match their fantasies. That is, unless they are Zig Forums, of course.

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Exactly. Not to mention they can’t argue against it without spewing spooks and denying the intelligence and autonomy of these girls
That’s my lower limit, but I guess everyone has a different taste

Lol, I knew that fellas, I just knew it would inspire a multiparagraph rant like this one about how you're not actually a creep and it's normal to go around after middle school girls. I hope your PC gets seized

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It’s called using your imagination

shure shure, tell that to the judge.

This is your brain on spooks

High school begins at 14.

Two paragraphs is only multiparagraph in the same way that having two skills makes you a polymath, i.e. not meaningfully. You're so desperate to prop up your hysteria and cynically deny the agency of teenage girls that you're actually stooping to criticizing people for writing a post of more than one paragraph in lieu of even attempting to refute any criticism of your behavior, which is every damned bit as self-contradictory and idiotic as anything the right wing has. Very low energy of you.

I hope you get shot to death by the capitalist porky police. You don't deserve to be liberated from capitalist oppression.

Look, you know that any relationship between you and 14 year old is not going to go well for them ultimately, I honestly sympathise a bit because you can't control what you're into, but just because you didn't get any sweet jailbait pussy in high school doesn't mean you can go after it as a grown ass man, it's just not good for the girl and you know that deep down. How would you be if some hairy 30 year old was after your little sister? I wouldn't have even tried to bait you if you didn't start with that 'fucking roasties can't compete' shit, it's just pathetic. Just stick to your loli, I don't begrudge you that, and I don't hate you as much as the average person does, but come on.

Why not?
In what way?
How would you be if some hairy 30 year old was after your little sister?
If she wanted to be with him and was not being harmed by this man (legitimately, not in some hysterical way), I would be fine witn it.
Lol butthurt

Ahh, and I was trying to be nice too, go fuck yerself pedoscum. I don't have to explain to you why it's not healthy, you know it. 14 year olds are naive and inexperienced, it's possible that they wouldn't understand what a creep you really are, they're easily won over by a little attention and some cheap jewelry, that's why as a society we have to protect them from you. Sorry but that's just the way it is.

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

This is a nonsensical view. If she has the ability to consent to a person of her age she has the ability to consent to anyone. The act is the same.

I love this pretentious attempt to tell other people what they supposedly know without a single drop of evidence. If it's not a good thing for her to fuck an older guy it's not a good thing for her to fuck anyone.

Same as if a guy her age was after her. It's all about the individual guy.

Not as pathetic as your "fucking nerds can't get laid in high school" crap.

Is that so? Your attempt to make this about "fucking nerds can't get laid in high school" shows that you're an asshole who wants to deny certain people happiness to feel superior. You even called it sweet jailbait pussy. You know good and well that teenage girls are in the highest demand and there's nothing separating the consent that teen girls are able to give from that of adults. You just want to have somebody to shit on. If anything, your behavior is worse than the people who refuse to admit that teenage girls are broadly attractive.

You have lost the argument.
Really, it is such a SELF-EVIDENT truth, so true that all must be aware! WOW
>14 year olds are naive
Not with that attitude
Just because you were too dumb to tell when someone was a total weirdo when you were younger doesn’t mean everyone is as autistic as you and unable to read people well.
Where is her autonomy in this situation?

Apparently you consider "I hope you get raided by the capitalist police I profess to hate so much" a nicety. Just another dramatically distorted definition from you.

The fact that you were an idiot at 14 and continue to be an idiot now doesn't mean all 14-year-olds are as dumb as you. I was smarter than you are now when I was 14. Then again, from the way you've conducted yourself in this thread, my garbage can has stuff in it that's smarter than you've ever been.

Eh. I have seen it work out before. In fact, I know a woman who has been married for seven years to a guy she started banging when she was fifteen. Only a small fraction of any relationships between two people ever last anyway, no matter their age.

How old was the guy? If this story has anything close to truth in it, you're probably not from the US.

He is a Boomer. She is a Millennial. He has three retirements, and she is a nurse. They have two kids who were born in this decade. They are Upper Midwesterners. Granted, they are a rather extraordinary pair.

I know that. What I am saying is that beyond sex, she's a ghost, thats it. Im not a feminist. I know that girls are socially ambitious creatures, yearning for attention of/acknowledgement as adults. All I'm saying is if you think teen girls will just open their legs for you without some repayment, you're dumb.

I think your basis of "fouteen year olds" is the 1950s "innocent/simple" youth.

Kids nowadays are not the giggly happy-go-lucky idiots the media still paints them as. Theyre cynical, edgy, dull, still make fart jokes, but ambitious.

OP here. Enough arguing about hebephilia.
Summary: Legally, adolescent girls are "children." Socially and mentally, theyre closer to "adult."
Anymore talk about this without any relation to the absurdity of right-wing philosophy and I will delete this thread.

where are the proofs you pedo scum

Wasted breath. They know teens have the same mental capability as adults. They already gave a demonstration of why they want to keep the laws the same regardless - to give people grief because they think it's funny.

This is exactly the kind of discussion that should be happening in these threads though. Pointing out the stupidity of the right wing offers us nothing if similarly stupid behaviors are allowed on the left. None of these retards screeching about how it's going to be dangerous for a teenage girl to fuck an adult man have actually told us what they're supposedly protecting her from that wouldn't also be a potential problem regardless of her choice of sexual partner or what gives them the right to decide when somebody needs to be protected. When you make a thread talking about how the right wing is a bunch of no-fun-allowed types who prohibit people from doing things on the basis that "we know what's best for you" and then the left does the same damn thing, it comes off as hypocritical. Go ahead and delete the thread if you want, but it won't erase this problem or the legions of pissed off people who've been affected by it.

Intelligence testing.

Why shoulf we care about the law?
Scary threats bro, how will we recover

Right-wingers are just fucking stupid. They literally believe that a non existing entity has created us in seven days and at the same time they want to talk about logic… they are fucking brain-dead. They don't even know that the USA itself was created from "left-wing" revolutionaries who rebelled against their own feudal government…

This is a very outdated view of the right. Christian fundamentalism is no longer a substantial factor on the right and hasn't been since the Bush era. Then again this whole thread is full of self-important retards patting themselves on the back for being oh-so progressive while working to stifle other people's fun. Look at and his "lol I got jailbait pussy and you didn't so you can't have it, it would be bad for the girl because I said so haha NUUUUURD". It comes off the same as "lol I got lots of money and you don't so you can't have my money you socialist faggot, it's bad for the economy because I said so haha POORFAG". Every time some poor sod from /r9k/ comes along and reads something like that, it drives him away from the left and towards getting a gun and solving his problems the Elliot Rodger way, or joining Zig Forums so he can kill leftists. Is that what you want?

Good. Self-pitying, self-destructive people like that are more trouble than they are worth. Let the rightards deal with them.

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What exactly do you think the left is supposed to be about if not helping marginalized people? This question ignores the very real possibility that the right's method of dealing with him will involve giving him a gun and sending him to kill you, or the possibility that he'll choose this method himself. You can't just dismiss this as a non-issue given that.

The left has wasted too much time cuddling mentally ill retards already. It isn't the role of the left to help all the people who suffers from a victim complex out there, its focus should be on the class struggle so that someday society is structured in a way that the mentally ill retards won't even exist.

It is about overthrowing the present state of things in order to establish something better. It is not about charity. Our goal is not to lift up the downtrodden but rather to help them, and all of the rest of us, to acquire the means with which we can lift up ourselves. Such people as you find at /r9k/ have no interest in lifting themselves up. Their goals are either absurd fantasies (a pure young Aryan waifu who will birth them many perfect children and never be attracted to people who are significantly more attractive than they are) or those things which are already easily obtainable with only a modicum of effort (to get laid). Such people will never meaningfully contribute to anything that requires work.


The poor and the unattractive can, and do, get laid. The mentally ill are the ones with the problem, and the mentally ill are more trouble to have around than they are worth.