Brit/pol/ #2585: Purity Edition

Wetherspoons wins court battle to reveal person behind 'abusive' parody account on Twitter

Prevent scheme: Extreme right-wing referrals up by 36%
>Prevent, which aims to stop people being radicalised, received 7,318 last year, of which 1,312 were for far-right extremism, up from 968 the year before. Referrals for concerns related to radical Islamism decreased by 14%.

The Liberal Arts May Not Survive the 21st Century
>boohoo muh nazis oy gevalt

'Get ready for NO DEAL!' Brexiteer says 'UK BULLDOG spirit' to guide Britain out of EU

Dutch MP Makes Love Actually Video Plea to Brits

LGBQ young people four times more likely to self-harm

Oh dear it seems our rampant debauchery will lead to the death of humanity quick run damage control

‘Minimum wage is nuts if you work 70 hours a week’: French farmers’ union blasts Macron’s promises

Sweden is generous to migrants, while its pensioners turn to soup kitchens

Germany: AfD's 'white men' Advent calendar sparks controversy and ridicule

Wisconsin students will not be punished for apparent Nazi salute photo

Apple announces a $1 billion investment in votes in Austin, Texas

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If the shills here were actual members and not shitposters then sod them tbh, we gave them advice and they sperged out over it.

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Feel like I'm going to die any minute. Every day Im afraid I have this or that disease or if I'm gunna have a heart attack or aneurism.

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nth for muscular Christianity

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iirc one of their members chatted about planning to murder an MP to one of the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) inside the group.

sinister eyebrows tbh

Lad I know you’ve swallowed the mod pill but that’s not really proportionate punishment

They were LARPers but LARPing shouldn’t make you a terrorist.

Looks like council tax payers will foot the bill for extra police staff because they're too overstretched and under funded.

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bad lad

just a thought, but perhaps if they weren't so flippant with their spending they'd not have these problems

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Wew I didn’t realise they were nonces.


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Based Stef

12 more sleeps until Christmas lads


sorry northrons

just give us our own flag and let us pretend to be a country like Scotland do lads

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Name my band, Zig Forums.

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Ian Dury and the Eastern Bloc-heads


(reposting from the last thread)

Also they need our money. The most infuriating thing about this whole brexit shitshow is that our entire establishment has colluded to transmit the idea that we are going to the all powerful EU, cap in hand, begging for a deal which will necessarily be on their terms. The EU is fucked and anyone with a grain of sense can see this.

The Dafties

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The (Literally) Who

No the jocks have too much autonomy as it is.

My right bollock has been aching all day

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♪♪ The other is in the Albert hall ♪♪


am i the only one who saw the vampire?

I think I giant pig would be more imposing.

how long do you think it would take to breed a battle pig?

Wait until you encounter the people who think every right winger thinks the same way as the the caricature they've created in their head.

*sets a band of Covenanters on you*

*pays them back in the following centuries ten fold*

Timestamp lad?

I usually tell people that I'm apolitical, as in there is no current political party that truly represents my views but they hear it as, I have no opinions on anything political.

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No idea maybe 2 years to get him big enough? It'd require a lot of feeding and selective breeding.



this tbh. wish i was neet again

That would happen to you

I would have told her if she didn't choose the one I wanted she would know what would happen to her

Nah you would be all sparkly eyed and be like oh yeah girly lets spilt this joint and then get btfo'd by her power

Split or steal the white race

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no ginnie I would win because I would be that guy in the car park with the suppressed .22 at 3AM 10 years later with plastic surgery and a shaved head with fake mustache

He probably would have autisticly stared at her and called it stoicism when recounting the story.


oh yea, kek

Sounds more like something Wessexposter would do


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I think we should choose to save it betrays you

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She reminds me of the girl from Skins

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roast beef with mash, veg and mini batter puddings for dindins tbh

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Gonna go have a cold bath

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Might have to go out and get some fast food I have nothing in the larder.

>tfw did some naughty things that are 10x worse than something from Skins

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This isn't another homo story coming is it, I might have to abandon ship if any more gay lads turn up.

Good lad, had homemade banoffee pie for afters

this is the biggest memi ever. make a fucking clove and brown sauce crumble

Good lad

might get a tiramisu in for dimbleboy's last qt

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the bloke fucked her over twice that's why he's talking about revenge at the end
stop being such an incel smh

Chicken goujons and chips from the local chippy for supper

I have 2 chicken breasts and a fifth of a leek.

I might have to know.

that's all you need. take the ketopill


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It's so fucking bland though how are people not driven insane?

you can use salt and peper

Here we go again

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I feel like I'd have that happen to me, i'd tell them im poor and look after my relative with cancer and split then they'd just say fuck you steal and book a holiday to ibiza

*taps mic*
hullo is this on?

absolutely based

Lad she looks like a garden gnome

Yeah I suppose.

It's still not exactly kitchen tiles is it.

Damn this threads slow.

Alri lads

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Somebody is in the bathroom

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all the cool kids post on /realbrit/ now lad

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worse than arselicking?

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How did you identify me?

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I know, and there's something weirdly cute about it. I want to see that gnome face contort in ecstacy as I climax inside her.