I'm probably going to post this in Zig Forums as well...

I'm probably going to post this in Zig Forums as well, but I can't help but notice this strange phenomenon with regards to the NPC meme

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I am an NPC but I'm actually the black Australian Dengist NPC in the original Deus Ex defending China's premier.

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Maybe the NPC meme is a reflection of Zig Forums's own ideology. They believe they are the PC and are "thinking for themselves" and all this liberal hocus pocus but they are still following a scripted path and repeating dialogue programmed by the game designers – if they do have choices they're narrow like dialogue option (A) (B) (C). They are the true ideological subject. I do accept subscriptions to my Patreon account where you can get additional insight thank you very much, and I will take fries with my order.

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The Original NPC

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only game where the final boss kills himself

It’s just
version 10000

Some are pretty funny though

It's another half truth. Yes the fucking normies are NPCs, but so are we.

Life isn't like Final Fantasy, it's more like dwarf fortress. Most liberals are just as retarded as your average fort where they just wanna cum and smoke pot and crown in their own piss if you let them.

But just because we're special snowflakes who have a +9 rank in shield crafting and got that intellect by watching deleted scenes of Rick and Morty does not mean we are any less a part of that system.

The pont is to make the fort worth existing in, or accelerate it's collapse so the lore isn't so fucking unbearable to behold.

That's it.

And i dont believe the fort is salvageable

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NPC is a dumb fucking repetitive and stale meme that psychologically opens up Pandora's Box for any and all arguments to be shut down. It creates a self-fulfilling tool of validation that makes sure zero constructive conversation can be had

That's like me asking for a civil conversation with a Trump Supporter right before I shout "NAZI!" in his face before running off.

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Post the link in this thread wherever you're going to post it so we can see Drumpf-tards get upset

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I like this new edgy anime nazbol accelerationist

Regardless, I find that in my personal experience, the only way to make life bearable for the vast majority of my working day is to give up control and turn into an NPC, degenerating into a sort of unfeeling, unthinking stupor, letting the game play itself without any agency on my part. To try and engage with it as a Player Character is unbearably painful. Those who don't try to move don't notice the barbed wire wrapped around their limbs.

This is just an another name for the effects of alienation, and applies to everyone. It's without a doubt by design. There exists a constant pressure on proles to suppress their PC agency just by how much it would hurt to try and control one's material conditions, because in truth we can't control a damn thing individually. Living in false consciousness means being unwilling to face the fact that one can only wrest control and stay a PC without suffering for it by organizing and uniting with others who are just as pissed off about being forced to NPC-fy themselves, to build a world for PCs rather than NPCs.

I think it's because a lot of people are narcissists and think they're life is a simulation and they're the protagonist and everyone else is just a bot there to fill in the scenery.
The ironic thing is, the people who usually believe this shit are the biggest fad-loving retard sheep on the planet.

What is it? Not Politically Correct?

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atombrain nature analogies
peabrain book analogies
brainlet film analogies
grownbrain TV series analogies
galaxybrain rap music analogies
cosmicbrain video game analogies

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More than the narcissism of assuming everyone who doesn't hold your views is a character in your story, what gets me is the unoriginality of just recycling wojak and ancient "free thinker" talking points while believing they've found some secret truth by going to a fringe forum and shitposting all day.

Stop killing threads over a stupid meme. It’s embarrasing enough that Zig Forums has a thread with over a hundred posts on it. Yes, we get it, it’s adolescent solipsism at its cringiest, but it’s no different in he end than the normie meme other than lack of self awareness.

Doesn't Zig Forums believe that your acts are determined by the "quality" of your parents blood? Their actual worldview is a lot closer to RTS games where some abstract "hand" gives the orders and all combatants are NPCs.

Non-player_character, a reference from online video games: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-player_character
Just like Kek, which is "Lol" in Orcish from World of Warcraft.
This is the threat we're up against (seems like we'll have it easier than some suggest, when shit finally revvs up).

And they say our memes are stale

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Yawn. The real NPCs are those who post it

Ah. No wonder I didn't get it. Seems like a variation on NEET/hikikomori stuff.

Reminds me of this documentary I saw recently.

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With memes remember that less is more
I saved the last pic of yours, good shit

Scratch that surface observation. It's alienation stuff. I get it.

THX 1138 is almost like that. After work (assembling police droids) THX goes out shopping for a thing he later chucks into an incinerator, just to fulfill that old desire.

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these are great

Not the guy you respond to. I'm probably going to watch that documentary but it feels like concern trolling documentaries that constantly spring up. Yes, there is an alienating aspect to internet technologies, but can you honestly tell me you never knew pre internet people that spent like half of their waking day glued to tv screens? On alcoholic old people who can mash their brain without even a technological device? I didn't see the documentary but I feel I am up to wasting some good 2 hours. After all if there is a thing Debord said it was that the spectacle is NOT just mass media.
I think there is some kind of liberal dystopian narrative: black mirror style stuff that it is not aimed at finding solutions to real problems of society but to take some nonetheless bad but ultimately contingent and cook it up to something catastrophic

Yeah, it's a micro focus piece for sure. I saw the Metanoia docs with a little more focus on the bigger picture (Can't remember if it was The Power Principal, Psywar or Human Resources that I'm thinking of. Doesn't matter. They're all good stuff) Been meaning to read Debord

Link if you haven't seen

heh haven't read debord myself but I was always struck with that phrase as one of particular trueness. I'll watch the stuff, thanks for the link.

normies / liberals are the NPC and Zig Forums is just the improved AI mod

So they corrupted Dorito Face and fused him with Wojak.
Why can't the right meme?

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Debord says the spectacular is what became of the fusion of economy and state.

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Here’s more

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You need to know with whom you are dealing with.
There is a great overlap between Zig Forums and /r9k/
And the main problem is that a bunch of uggos set the bar too high when it comes to women.
Talk with some of them about off topic stuff and you will realise that most of them are just 4/10 AT BEST, yet refuse to settle for lower than 8/10 when it comes to women. That's their problem, that's why the hate thots and sexual liberalisation. The more radical and sexually frustrated faction falls for the trap meme and try to fuck each other this way.
There used to be a system in the good old days that gave them a shot for reproduction, which is called arranged marriages. It's gone. So instead of going to tumblr and bang a landwhale (who face similar problems, which often result in hatred of men, and just as the trap meme, they talk themselves into thinking they are lesbians) they try to force a reaction to sexual liberation.

They only way to fix this are mandatory boy/girlfriends which I christen as "Project 4chumblr"

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Business as usual.

That aside the study the NPC meme is based on is actually pretty interesting and supports the notion that consciousness is a social construct. People who have no internal monologue are encouraged to be that way because they're easier to market to if they don't reflect on things. In a different society you would expect to see different rates of internal monologuing.


Funny how right responds when somebody says "it's dehumanizing" meme. They even drag it further and say that everybody who says it's dehumanizing is in fact NPC. It's like brainwashing because if we want to talk if situation in West or whole world is getting tense, wouldn't be really easier to hurt people if you are convinced they are NPCs? Weren't armies of the world doing something like this to their soldiers during training? Now this might be "funny" coincidence but nonetheless, is it really just an innocent meme or can it have even ideological or psychological impacts?

Who cares if it’s “dehumanizing” to normie centrists it’s funny. And Centrists aren’t people anyways.


spend less time on the internet

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You spend to much time on reddit

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By comparing them to NPCs you are absolving them from taking responsibilities for the crimes they committed.

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The people on top aren't NPCs though they know their class interests and want to fight for them

The meme is for the tards at the bottom whose crime is mostly being fucking retarded

SS officers had greater crimes other than just being fucking retarded.

SS officers weren't really the bottom strata of society

Have you even seen the picture I was replying to? What are you even talking about?

I'm just disagreeing with the image. Calm down


not quite

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must've hit too close

Article by the main researcher

Study itself

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Both sides have NPCs.
The left uses them as footsoldiers, useful idiots.
The right is ashamed of them and attempts to hide or ignore them.

This is why the left always wins in the long run. They have greater numbers, and are willing to do anything to win.

Top kek! Extra-chromosome Republicans have been the face of the right since 1980.

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Bitch, please.
The right is 100% NPC brainlets who can only communicate and reproduce their ideology through silly memes and they are very proud of themselves.

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Hive Mind is willing people using their independent thought together. Mind control is biased media selling lies and opinion as Fact.! and idiots not researching when forming conclusions.! Hive Mind is Evolution, and Mind Control is Deception.!

Hi lefties. You can't reverse this, none of you are good enough, and this genie is way too far out of the bottle.

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Absolutely epeck my dude XD.
Good thing that I don't give a fuck about anything anymore so I'll just grab some popcorn and watch this shitty world literally burn with climate change, widening of income inequality due to capitalism fuck ups, increase of violence and tensions, again due to capitalist fuck ups, all while you geniuses primate monkeys waste your time with epeck meme wars instead of like, trying to address shit that actually matters.
Actually, I lied. I do care about something still, I care about entertainment and I'll take much joy seeing the absolute suffering of millions of people in the coming years, especially of retards like you meme kiddies who are going to be fucked so fucking hard it'll make my penis hard.

Funny enough. If you open up 4shit/pol there are always at least 2 NPC threads every time on front page. Really makes me think why they are so obsessed by this yet another le ebin maymay. It's ez win discussion though, before they had to sperg out and put effort into their poorly constructed spooks but now they can just say "you are npc eks didididi haha". Keep in mind that this maymay is defense, not an attack. It helps not to point finger on people you disagree with but to defend yourself from people who disagree with you. I miss days when rightwingers actually even tried so I could laugh on them, but now it's not fun anymore when they run away shielding with this meme so hard. Good ole times.

It's part of how society is and I guess it's more obvious just recently. You are pretty much indirectly forced by society to pick a side and fight for it. If you don't do it and you stand for yourself, you will be hated by all other groups. I don't really blame people for jumping very quickly into conclusions because if I'm not mistaken, psychologist would tell you that our brains work in a way to search for possible easy and fast solutions to our problems. It's natural but people can do better.

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stop posting anytime lol

fuck off retard

You type like a Faggot.!

wow peepee the frog in a maga hat, you sure told us

petition to start calling liberal capitalism apologists "Nazeem"

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lel, could be fun especially if that one wanker flips out and says people are bots when they use it to respond to his twatter shitposts like with Shrek's Cringe Compilation

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I don't even know at who is that picture directed to.

At natalists who breed like rabbits and think that life is a spechul gift of god.

anti-natalists are fucking retarded

I hope I can have as many kids as possible one day to piss off autistic virgins like you

It's is fucking retarded unless you are filthy rich and can support all the stinky kids comfortably.

But how can I get pissed off when I'll be laughing at your broken ass trying to support a full house?

The overwhelmingly majority of people shouldn't even exist.
Bringing more people to this shithole of a planet just make things worse for everybody.




It is now my life’s goal to BTFO anti-natalists epic style

Good, good, follow your programming, it's biology we can't do anything against it anyway!

By having children just to spite other people? You would be proving them right!

Kids are cute as fuck. If you are over 25 you should probably be thinking about having one.

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Nice spook. You obviously want a kid so go for it but quit that ridiculous reasoning.

It's more than that, it's a reflection of Enlightenment ideology: that we are self-interested agents that always act according to reason to maximize our self-interest. This perspective was formalized in _game theory,_ the "science of strategy." This is reflected in rightist thought in the perspective that life is about eternal struggle and competition, and if you aren't an alpha competitor who seeks to maximize their acquisition of interest-units, you're an omega NPC. The irony is that they can't think past reality as a competitive game, and so choose analogies to characterize the way they see the world the best - it's absolutely a projection of how they see the world. Trump is the embodiment of this, his entire life lived by the ethos of living vs. losing, he is wholly and unapologetically an authentic avatar of rightist thought. To overcome this perspective requires not seeing the world as a game but comprised of shared stories and shared experiences, a co-creative effort that cannot be reduced to mere mechanism. This view of the world as a mutually creative non-zero-sum effort is at the core of most leftist thought beyond the specifics of ideology.

If you really want a kid in your life, you could just adopt. That would be actually helpful and wouldn't just make things even worse.

Actually I think that the bigger irony is the fact that most righties (at least on Zig Forums) are a bunch of mega beta incel faggots who support this "alpha" ideology against their very own interests.

this is why you deserve anal rape.

kinda reminds me of
>Ross Treadway: No, people are robots! They are! You know, they’re programmed from birth: “The King & I”? [ imitates a robot ] Yul Brynner, Yul Brynner, Yul Brynner.. It’s all so nice and tidy! But, God forbid, an original thought, or, let’s say, a talented actor should intrude upon their little menagerie of lies!
in that it's autistic screeching that since their opinions aren't in the majority, the majority are sheeple/robots/NPCs

>I want a kid, but all those other kids in the world aren't good enough for me. It has to be my kid.
This kind of shit is why the world is so full of assholes. All the needy kids out there and you don't give a fuck.

Adopting kids doesn't do much, it prevents people from bringing more poor souls to this shithole but the kids up to adoption are already an undesirable excess of breathing meat.
The real solution passes through abortions, voluntary vasectomy/tubectomy and voluntary suicide.



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You become an npc when you get friends and fuck

I procreate because it pleases me to do so, and because I wish to leave a legacy.

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If you want to adopt fine, but I’d prefer to procreate.

Anti-natlaists often believe that procreation is the cause of our current environmental and scarcity issues. It’s the other way around. The more people that there are means that there’s more scientists, which means that the rate of technological innovation increases. This means that we can easier solve environmental and resource scarcity issues. Natalism is the only way to FALC comrades. Anti-Natalism is anti-progress, thus it’s reactionary.

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what the fuck

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Is Autism Level distribution even a thing? Is some level of opportunity even a thing? - in a context that you have to met specific conditions in order to develop from a child to scientist, from education up to possibly financial and intellectual background of your family.

That's not my point. My point is that from all that quantity of people being born, not that much of them become scientists who would be actually useful in this context. Keep in mind just because you have good education, good background, in other words, you have all predispositions to become qualified scientist in a way that would help humanity on worldwide scale, that doesn't mean you are not free to choose different career or lifestyle. I mean, aren't the environmental, let's call them challenges, pressuring us more (not sufficient agriculture, environmental problems related to weather, etc.) and we will - simply put it - never outbreed these issues? Seems like really huge lottery and I'm inclined to even call out a spook right here. On the other hand, the quality over quantity argument often NS or Fascists present (muh we don't need that much people anyway, important is quality) is imo ridiculous. I'm pessimist in this issue even though we have a lot very good scientists collaborating all over the world, on the other hand we still have places like India etc. breeding like insane, China polluting the Earth like there's no tomorrow, and even though western countries try to fight f.e. climate problems and become more "green", it's still not enough.

oh i..q.. is filtered lmao

Jesus Christ, that is not how any of those things works. Real life is not Civilizations 4.

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