Brit/pol/ #2586: Emergency QT Edition

mods add links pls

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top totty but no brains

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Top bimbo

I want to bite those lips


Best reaction image I've gotten from QT in proper ages tbh

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she has mashed potato in her head. dumb fucking woman cunt bitch. Any system which gives such a useless emptyheaded cunt a vote isnt one that I can support.

id put my cream in her scotch egg tbh

I swear these fucking second referendum cunts can't see that prolonging this shit and making it as bad as possible has been the plan from the moment it was a leave vote. It was all part of the plan

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Her lips are so nice


that doesnt make sense

They can see but they're good goyim who do whatever the establishment tells them.

you don't put cream in a scotch egg lad. You should have said "her eclair" or something

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is angelo based?

she was a jock though lad

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Lad, spoiler that please. I almost got a semi


Gay Ray Winston

It's melanoma

scotch eclair then

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/sleaze/ tbh

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Gay Bumston

Fat fucking yid

this is the last favour i do for you

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Mulatto Americana

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*slips on an avocado*

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I know that that fat cunt is a yid. I'm so good at noticing this now.

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yank mongrel spotted


I want to blow his head off with a shotgun in minecraft.



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every single episode someone hints civil war
get ready lads its coming

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Take your yank shite home okythnku

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what is the scoobydooish equivalent of a Gammon?

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Based man of the lord


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This. We know trying to make a deal is futile and that the only way to uphold the binding referendum result is to leave on our own terms and go to WTO rules.

reminder of the Buddhist monks in Burma



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What a gay smile

how dare you look at me while i use my private shitting street

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Dont shit on me or my son ever again

How long until the bus gets mentioned lads.

This lass looks like Stacey Dooley's body double

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Tbh your solution doesn't involve enough rope and death squads.

Sexy hair lass

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now this is autism

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god she looks like a lass i could of married and had kids with from school

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I want to jury my citizen in that lass tbh

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actually i think it is her

A literally divided country


This stupid cow.
So basically she wants the future of a nation decided by a possible diverse large think tank!

She needs throwing down a mine shaft

We arent running out of time you poobrain





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She's not a scoobydoo.

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sorry lad my accent have is corrupted of ov which then leads to of

ahhh fuck off

Reminds me of this lass in skins

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Angela Rayner looks like someone got a pony addicted to meth

Is moving your hands whilst talking an important part of communication?

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Yes lad
I ended up learning it

Baste druggy-called-molly memi for normie teenagers.

It's generally what people without autism tend to do.

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I want to slap her face with my member

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I swear this audience will applaud like crazy if lucas farts.


qt in the back in a tracksuit