NEET SJW Feminist Randi Lee Harper Struggling To Make Ends Meet


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Methwhale! Long time no see.

The freebsd whale almost seems normal now compared to the tranny freaks roaming around today.

how retarded and useless do you have to be to not be able to be employed? Does she have a degree? she is missing all the victim coins she used to be getting for being targeted by gamer gate. Sadly you cant cash them in to get a job. Gamer gate was a huge mistake. it helped people like this to get employed as victims the biggest meme ever. Gamers Unite right guys?

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Is the end of the vid broken or is that on purpose?

Didn't the whale try whoring out her kid at one point?

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holy shit. I've only looked at a few of those and I'm already at sub-saharan african nigger levels of IQ.
>I’ve attended Oberlin College in Ohio in the late 1980s, the School of Visual Arts in New York City in the 1990s (where I was lucky enough to take classes from comics legend (((Will Eisner))))

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Why do they bother to make the cartoon in the first place?

..and why do you hate this one?

Is this one of those leftist tricks where they send money back and forth to each other to make it seem like people actually support them? Kinda like their army of twitter bots that mod them up endlessly, and the MSM tricks with ratings and polls, etc.

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His face looks like a glitched 3D models in a video game, or something you would create in Oblivion's character creator. Is he becoming one with the soy?

For blind people maybe? Or to be easier to search an archive.

Probably. And Patreon keeps taking a cut out of all of it. It's like the Patreon runners have figured out a legal way of printing money.

Here's better version.

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we should approach her with a job offer, she would be great on our team

We just need you to complete fizzbuzz in C, you're a FreeBSD contributor, right...? Shouldn't be an issue for you.

Hold my beer, I'm going to be addicted to meth and stay morbidly obese
t. Randi Lee Harper

I would be pissed off if the Gods had forged me into a monstrosity like that. This cuck's artwork is everything I expected it to be. Remember, anything you do on a computer is actually built on the back of Africans.

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That's probably why it's out of money. All the smarmy virtue signaler donors moved on to supporting more $CURRENT_YEAR targets.

She's cute, I'll sign up for her patreon

I really wish I could send those fuckers back in time. They act as if every white person before the last couple of decades own a personal slave to do all their work. Only a minority of rich people were able to afford slaves, after all even slaves need living quarters and food at the very least. Everyone else had to make it on their own. And besides, there were also free black people, white slaves and black slave owners (the first American slave owner was a black man).

the difference with whites having slaves is that the slaves would eventually get their freedumbs compared to the nigger having slaves i think


Under niggers, the slaves would all starve, and then the niggers would starve too. The end.

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I enjoyed this:

Methwhale didn't do that, either. She tried to rip a couple hundred lines of code out of the FreeBSD installer, but she removed functionality that was still being used, so her commit was reverted less than a day after she made it, and that was the end of it. Apart from fixing spelling in some documentation and some compiler warnings, that was the extent of her "contribution" to FreeBSD.

This disgusting, lardassed, potato nosed gutterslut must be getting desperate. Nobody who actually has the skills she claims she has and who isn't a fucking trainwreck of a human being needs to put a "cover letter" on Medium to find a job.

Black people are poor largely because of a low average intelligence and high propensity for committing violence, and everybody fucking knows it. The outliers are the ones people want, but they rarely make it out of the hood due to the crabs in a bucket mentality that pervades the low-income areas.
Besides, nobody hates the average black person more than the successful black man. That, and native Africans that aren't the usual 62 IQ mongloids that eat albinos and bush meat, and drink piss.

um no, just no sweetie it's the white man's fault.

Natural selection at work

No, they're not. Thheir outlier are just normal by human human standards.

Looks like even soyfags are tired of her shit.

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based and redpilled

I read alot of those comics, they're all making the same mistakes. Holding one side as morally virtuose and the other as definitively repugnant. good comics make you laugh at the faults of either side of a political or social issue. This is just beating the nigger when he's down.

Is RH baiting for thoughtcrimes on the channels so shit publications can make an article about how we all are awful and she is beautiful and her Patreon bounce back up?