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Blair: EU leaders think Brexit is 'big mistake'

‘People will NEVER vote again’ - Question Time audience member ATTACKS second Brexit vote

Fee for travelling to the EU after Brexit revealed

Wetherspoons wins court battle to reveal person behind 'abusive' parody account on Twitter

Prevent scheme: Extreme right-wing referrals up by 36%

The Liberal Arts May Not Survive the 21st Century

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Kekeke I think I just unlocked the board by posting in the mod thread

Why did it take so long for the threads to appear?


This thread seems better than the one you linked tbh

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guess this is the real one

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Welcome so glad you joined us

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Are we using this one? Jesus this site is fucked.


fine lad, i give in

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Survival of the thiccest

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there's so much to pick apart in that image its not even funny

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is this the real thread?

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Lad, that was made either during the fight or just before
The well dressed pepe with a drink is the *ahem* fuck niggers memi. Makes sense for Fury as he had a fight with a nigger

I like the contrast between Heimbach and this weird looking Williamoid

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Blueberry yogurt, blueberry vape, peanuts and lager for dessert

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why do they all have pooeyes?

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You alright lads? I need some help.

My mate who's really good at music, knows lots about the technology, different genres, history, etc. says this track is shit. I however really like it. Who is right?

It has it's purpose, it's chill out / druggy music

I got bored about a minute in but your friend sounds like a wanker

Good lad me too with a can of coke rn

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smdh this place is fucked

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good job las, gophers look like nigel thornberry


im unironically considering emigrating over there if brexit gets sold down the river

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McDonalds for supper again

Would have done a better job if I had photoshop but I can't find a lite version anywhere

Good lad a real working boys dinner

you should come to michigan lad, if you stay north of our state capital there is no wogs and most people are either anglo, scottish, kraut, irish or danish-swedish with some bits of poles here and there. or they are a mongrel mix of these. its very comfy. go to traverse city its a port town with jobs and you can work in the speedboat making factory or something.

It was payday today too tbh

you can use GIMP its free lad, I used to have photoshop but my desktop dieded

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they made him job quite hard in RotK

Good lad I get paid next week and I haven't even started christmas shopping yet

oo0 thanks didnt know it was free

Evening fellow patriots!

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Hands up. Who dis?

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Haribo tangfastics,half of the celebrations tub,custard and some vanilla milk for supper

that image has potential tbh

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Same smdh

Very good lad



The House That Jack Built is pretty kino so far lads



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Is Nigel thornberry how Americans see us? i remember you saying you thought Britain was like Wallace and gromit kek


tbh I knew very little of England as a kid and I thought it would be like in Giles

maybe some people, I think I was more aware of wallace and grommit. I think most people think the UK is like harrypotterland

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how did you find yom kippurs accent on wews?


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idk he sounded different than most accents i've heard they tend to generalize and stereotype the accent in the USA. my great grandfather on my fathers side had a glasgow accent and my grandpa would imitate it when he told stories so I knew about some variation but the accent differences in english england are more challenging to decipher. the manchester/liverpool ones are easy enough


maybe she was jealous because he didn't tousle her hair

Difficult situation
Dealt a bad hand
brave in the face of adversity

Wouldn't surprise me if someone writes a hagiography of her when she resigns using only those words/soundbites

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lads double patriot points are available now holy kek

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whenever I'm somewhere touristy and I hear a group of yanks talking, they sound exactly like a group of Irish talking. Must be the vowels or something.

yeah, we have a glorious localism of accents here, grounded in the long history of these isles

scotland is a great example tbh, glasgow is so different to edinburgh and both of those are easier to understand than the east coast (north of the forth), with the dundee accent being near unintelligible, then you got west coast argyll accent, then of course highland accents, caithness, the western isles, etc all with their own distinct accent based on the history of settlements

england has so much more variation than that, some places the accent drastically changing within 10 miles (the difference between manchester, wigan and st. helens for example)

Rare acetate voice recording of Steiner's great grandaddy


Tbf this capeshite looks more in line with Nolan's films although I barely know anything about it. Joaquin Phoenix doesn't seem like the type to get involved with absolute shite capeshit

argyll and bute is technically under "highlands and islands", though I've had plenty of lads from further up north tell me we don't count as highlands

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the accents between them are very different. technically the highlands is the top half of jockland, but if you've ever heard west vs east coast accent its near on a different language

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yes I'm from Argyll and Bute lad

fenians out tbh

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i love her

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ffs smh


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depends on where they come from I guess. I never realized I have a autistic accent until I went to alabama and everyone kept calling me a yankee

She wasn't the best catch of the night tbh

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do a vocaroo lad say the pledge of allegiance

try to stop me sassenach besides I'm a Huns supporter

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sound like an alien

maybe later las

I wouldnt if I sounded like a generic yank golem either tbh

Been watching the Twin Peaks film lads

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Aurini on wews

I'm watching Autistic Yank: Thot Destroyer atm, it's been class

You can't bully a jock, they have no sense of shame.

what did you mean by this?

im norse-scot living in saesland tbh

Just started downloading prey (the new one). Heard it's quite good.


good lad, I got plenty of East coast in my family as well