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I'll let MPs kill off my deal if you don't help me Theresa May tells EU leaders
She said that without help she would put her Brexit deal to a vote next week

Chester Zoo launches £50k appeal after devastating blaze
Flames ripped through the Monsoon Forest habitat on Saturday morning

UK weather forecast: Bitter windchill will make winter freeze feel like -23C
Heavy rainfall and 'freezing rain' from Storm Deirdre has caused widespread travel disruption across Scotland, Ireland and northern parts of the UK

UP IN FLAMES Taxi driver leaps from cab as it’s consumed by fireball after drunk passengers douse it with petrol and torch it
The cab burst into a fireball seconds after Warren Hearne opened the back door of the taxi and poured petrol in the rear of the cab

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Saw it coming tbh smh

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Getting comfy

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Kek. Even the thumbnail is enough for me these days. If it looks like an advert, there will be an interracial couple involved. I seriously wish it was as acceptable as it should be to name the perpetrators.

I can't believe UKTVGold doesn't want to save the white race

What are you lads drinking tonight?

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At least its a bleaching not a blacking

Tea tbh

half decent cheapo cabernet tbh

Helmer have you been watching Vic and Bob's Big Night Out?

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He's a good lad tbh
I recently read that Hardy is a poof though smh

I didn't know it was on. Saw the pilot episode last christmas and thought it was shit tbh.

jury is out tbh

This series is better than that pilot
Although I hate their usage of cgi

Nah lad not yet. Keep meaning to make an account just for that; the Mortimer and Whitehouse fishing thing and the League of Gentlemen stuff I've missed tbh, but haven't been arsed. Might try and do so now.


Kate Bush remasters in the pipeline lads

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Reminder that if your wife puts you in the shed and uses the family courts to take control of your bank account and home you are well within your rights to correct her.

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Jurgen confirmed /newbrit/

Smdh I saw this on GOLD just before posting this and I noticed an edit. They cut out the queer part, fucking GOLDscoobydoos. It skipped onwards from when he said "I like scoobydoos"

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Is that supposed to represent you posting at 4am?

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he's not gay lad, where on earth did you read that?

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Sorry saw a trip and thought you were steiner.

SA btfo

For true gluttons of punishment


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One eye on the UKIP
One eye on the bankers

I'm pretty sure he blows others tbh.

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Good lads

No worries lad.

Oh no, I'm not sure I can do it but my morbid curiosity might win out. Why did you post this.

Saw it on /tv/, thank allah for /tv/



Thanks lad.

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Based yakub

QT withdrawals I think

I skipped to the middle and listened to three seconds, how far did you get lad?

Why do people treat a lack of faith in religious institutions as a lack in the belief of god?


Opened it when it was posted, at the 4min mark now after having to pause lots. I actually want to see it through as I watch no normie TV and want to remind myself why. Seeing them fawn over some random retard just because he's black and 'fuck UKIP' is bringing it all back.

I won't do it lad, I can just go outside to hear those inane talking points.

Reinforcing a narrative that they want to believe, deliberate or subconscious demoralisation that makes that narrative a self fulfilling prophecy. The same technique is used all over the shop, from schoolyard power hierarchies to global conspiracies and nation wrecking. Probably.

Guess I'm lucky in some ways that I don't talk to that many people and the ones I do are fairly apolitical, or don't talk about it much.


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So Hardy confirmed for closet fascist?


Some proper nice old dirt there lad.


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On a related note I want to wish a fuck you to whichever user it was that got this shite stuck in my head.

*walks into sex bot shop*

Excuse me, do you have a model that won't ask for alimony?

* has nosebleed * tbh

good evening lads

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Good night?

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hate sheffield tbh


good filtered lad

It's infected me. It's really not my sort of tune yet I keep revisiting and listening to it. Damn you user, whoever you are.

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the dutch have a lot to answer for

N'night tbh

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Something happened or are you just watching a film?

What are you watching lid?

what's that?

that ausfag neet with the chinkywife is getting memid on and is likely going to go viral thanks to steiner

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well i'm not going to bed, i'm saying hullo


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bitch has had a shave and everything

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Narcos: Mexico

good lad

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can somebody make a webm of 1:34 part it makes me keeeeeeeeeek 'ard

Playing Hitman 2 (2018) lads

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90% certain Bushposter is somewhere in this video

it hurts my brain keeeeek

seriously, how thick fo you have to be to not realise if the parents are born in the US then its sure as hell means their kids are born there too


gabber girls take speed and carry knives lad

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bushposter @0:57

fkn yas



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