Brit/pol/ #2589: Wrastlin Edition

Storm Deirdre: Wind, snow and rain hit parts of UK

Jeremy Corbyn slides in approval ratings in spite of Tory schisms

REVEALED: How German hate preacher who inspired jihadis made UK his HOME under May

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centre of the world

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2bd for him

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*Buys this*

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Gud lad


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I like this

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*buys weed off you*

Thanks lads

Love this webm so much tbh

Good lad

Good lad

Get a black bomber for the proper gabber vibe. They frighten civics too

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Shit deal tbh.

Which of the royals are being forced to sit through this shite?



i just dress like a normal person though. is it better to try and look threatening like a hoodlum?

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I'm so busy running my salon that i need a nice glass of wine at the end of the day to unwind - thank god i don't have kids! *sips prosecco*

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You should just buy a tracksuit and a signet ring lad

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love my trackies me

Chavs are nigger-tier for the most part tbh.

Chavs are drugged-up bastard-siring petty criminals lad.

Are ya fookin' starting mate? i'll get me big bruv kev on ya

If you hate normies, yes. If you dress too much like one you'll get jumped by Pakis. You must strike a perfect balance to assume the much desired role of crouching chav, hidden deano.


Camoflague must not be that good if you can see them smh

The cultured chav

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I would a Sian tbh

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were the Krauts the first military force to use dpm?

Good lad

Chocolate Milk truck just arrive

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Krauts have never used DPM.

just note how predators behave in the wild; they always go for the weakest looking prey. And it's fair to presume that innercity predators are no different. Dress like a gypo tbh. No one is daft enough to bother them.

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'scuse me?

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That's Flecktarn

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Good lad.

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ESTDCU is nice, so is Danish M84 tbh

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Why live lads?

Thanks lad, GOOD webm

I can almost smell her conviction that horoscopes are meaningful.

>ywn be autistic intelligent enough to memorise various seemingly random military acronyms and recognise some obscure version of camouflage at a glance
Actually a bad feel. Makes me want to start working on my larp bag though.

Tbh they say the newer generations are more atheist and enlightened but they believe utter shite like horoscopes and astrology

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Fun fact, Russia uses a camo called "SS-leto" which is just the Oakleaf camo the SS used during the war.

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Oak b was more green and brown and less tan tho

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Honestly I just shove astrology thots into the same group as Harry Potter thots.


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It's basically an improved version of it tbh, the reverse is a Palm Tree looking tbh.

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Does anyone remember that chunk of 2016 with all the clowns running around with knives at night?

Surprised westie isn't here to discuss camo tbh

yeah but I distinctly remember Rick Wakeman dying sometime around 2012 too

tbh I thought New England was a state until earlier this year.

US frogskin camo was better smdh

bulgarian frogskin is also cool

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lets bully wews lads

I honestly forget Bulgaria exists

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aren't they your racial brothers lass?


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Southern slavs are odd tbh

come and help poo post in his chat lass

Not surprising tbh

I would love to cheekily choke Sian in bed tbh

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Tip top kek lad


Lad, that's even more autistic than my post
This tbh

I endorse this bullying

have any of the woes streams been worth listening to?
haven't bothered aside from the youkipper one tbh

no this one is some dumb thot talking boomerist points

Lads I love him

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Lad, you're a cunt

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fuck off dad

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Surprised he's still going tbqh

that wews stream was so shite, the alt-right is so boring and shite nowdays.

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Woes is a boring brainlet, I don't understand why you'd watch him in the first place.

Not really. I've played a fair few in the background while doing other things and they've all been very dull 1-on-1 convos where the same talking points you've heard a million times get stretched into hour-long vids.

The Mark Collett one was alright because he's actually a good speaker, but he has a concrete face with a turnip for a nose