Why do you drink coke, Zig Forums?

Why do you drink coke, Zig Forums?

The recipe for coca cola is literally kept in a vault, the same as companies like (((Microsoft))) who keep their licenses non-free

If you drink coke, that means you support proprietary software.

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Everyone knows the formula is just water and corn syrup


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Coca-Cola is not software. IIRC, Stallman doesn't like them because of their habit of murdering labor organizers. He prefers Pepsi for that reason.

In my country, the Coca Cola factories put addictive substances onto their beverages and then sell them to stores, as i have been drinking it since a young age, not drinking it causes me a vacuous sensation.

Yeah, caffeine.

I agree, and I don't drink coke.

The day Coke can install malware is the day your argument is valid

Coke is OK but when you put ice in it the flavour is completely diluted and it tastes like shit. For this reason I prefer Pepsi

malware called diabetes

don't trust SSRIs either, they're proprietary and fuck you up

doctors be like "your family is messed up and you live in a depressing environment and you're worried about money? clearly it's all just a chemical imbalance in your brain!"

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Proprietary software is a problem whenever I install and run it on my own computer. What other people do with their computer doesn't affect me directly. As for Coca Cola, their proprietary recipe doesn't harm me* thanks to the FDA's regulation over food. If I believed that it is important to know the recipe of food I eat, then I would abstain from eating foods when I don't know the recipe.

*if I consume it sparingly

RC Cola is superior cola.

Anyone try Club-Mate Cola?


What is sugar?
And what is this shit thread?

The chemical imbalances are not corrected by magic pills. What they're supposed to do is disrupt a provably negative balance to allow you to take further action to head towards health. You take them in conjunction with actively doing healthy things.

Me too. All coca cola in the world comes from the same factory, they make a cola syrup in USA and then ship it worldwide where it's mixed out with water in every country. Anyways they put cocaine leaf extracts in coca cola. Coca cola company and/or their owners is the only entitiy that's allowed to hande cocaine leaves in USA, they import it from southern america, legally. Then they extract the "active" parts of the cocaine leaves and make medicine products out of it, that doctors prescribe. What's left of the plant after the cocaine product has been extracted is then put into coca cola.

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Citation Needed

completely 56%

Huh? then why the tastes is different?
In my country they put shitons of sugar in it european coca cola is better, taste less like diabete.

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Here it is, faggots:


But the real, secret recipe has a few other ingredients

this is all public knowledge, although not often talked about for obvious reasons. im not gonna spoonfeed

it tastes different in different places because they use different water in different places

american cola is unique because they use sugar made from corn rather than sugar made from sugar beets or sugar cane, it's because the government subsidizes corn so much it has an artificially low price

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