Leftpol IRC

I made #leftpol on Rizon because #bunkerchan is full of right-wing retards and the mods are lazy and don't care about us

Stop using Discord! It's CIA shit!
Come on IRC where your comrades are waiting for you!


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IRC drama is what killed Zig Forums tho

anybody there? i'm not going to idle on dead channel

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#commune on DALnet… guess we've had the same idea, comrade.

discord is the best tho

Just poked my head in, saw three people, two of them ops.

Everyone who is a comrade should be ops. The non-ops should just be untrusted newcomers.

wtf it's empty

seems promising, few people visited the channel today

Just post on the fucking board.

Everyone on #bunkerchan leans left and the fact that I'm pretty much hands off Just shows that I'm not a rulecuck. So what does it say about your channel if being hands off is viewed as a negative?

Discord/IRC kill imageboards. Especially discord though.

I'm sure as shit not joining anything with pirate in charge. Pirate has been angling for a position with power for ages. The desire for power generally indicates a personality not to be trusted with it.

It's just a chatroom.

So why does pirate need one of his own?

He wants all the power for himself

Wrong flag

no, more like
>Jim sold our data and 8ch got hacked on April fool's day

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this isn't the 50s gramps

Algorithms can't do jack shit look at all the allah akbars who the FBI/NSA had reams of data on and yet they still managed to successfully carry out terror ops anyways because the NSA simply have too much data to sort through and are overwhelmed even with the help of computers.

FFS some terrorists even used Apple iphones I mean that's as security unaware as you can possibly be and yet still they were successful. Face it no one gives a shit if you have to discuss serious stuff in discord.

That didn't exist until 3 years after launch
Their clients are more than happy to do so

Now look at all the allah akbars who the FBI/NSA had reams of data on and got shut down really fast, either by a drone strike with 50+ civilian casualties over in sandland or raided with their dog shot and shot without trial in "first world nations".
Also see all the dumbass skiddies getting their door busted in in the US, Germany, UK and Canada because they use dumbass services like you are advocating for.
We used to bomb targets on three separate occasions in America in the '20s and still not get caught, yet now dumbasses like atomwaffen does this kind of shit and they get owned before they were able to get any target bombed. We get it CIA, you want it easy so you pathetic asses just shill for it on a Mongolian thread weaving forum to fool suckers into your trap. How low can you go, this is laughtable, nobody is buying your shit. Besides isn't your buddy Jim giving you all these shitty shitposts already, can't you be satisfied with that? Huh? No, you can't because you all are blood sucking leeches who can't get off our dicks until its been bled dry. Just go fuck off back to your pathetic department chair already and tell your boss that you can't do this job anymore and that you quit , but you can't because you love sucking on his cock so much to bring yourself up to it. You are pathetic, you lost, there's no hope for you, commit seppuku.


I hate to agree with you, Satan, but I can't say I disagree that glow-in-the-darks need to gtfo