I have had a lot of influence from my Marxist parents


Is this why Microshit is going down the drain lately?

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He needs more telemetry to build better designated shitting streets

ok, but who is the real CEO of Microsoft? I believe this guy is just some PR stunt thing to show how progressive and woke they are

nigger half the world's parents were marxist in the last century

If only, maybe then M$ wouldn't be such a Jew. Probably just a lie to get the attention of the kids.

I would hardly call a 1 trillion dollar company and rising "going down the drain"

Also, isn't Richard Stallman an actual Marxist?

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Fucking ameritards

This is your brain on europe

Marxism is you dirty idiots stealing the bread I made myself, leaving me a crust, and saying how much better everybody is.

It's a failed system and even all communist countries have abandoned it because it's stupid and doesn't work. It's disgenic.

He didn't say that. In fact, it was mentioned in contrast to both his mother's ideology and his own.

Nadella blows Ballmer out of the water.

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Nadella blows Ballmer out of the water.

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But it's not you silly burger. I am so sorry what your poor education system has done to you.

It is, you've just become demoralized. It's like Yuri says, some people like you are just too far gone.

Well I know that you're too far gone for any hope but there can always be a miracle. I pray for you user.


Agree with almost everything but isn't this a Filipino sexpat site now?

Move back to where it "shared bread equally", you fucking heeb. I'll be waiting.

Do you become mexican when you eat a burrito?

Maybe not if you just eat one but if you run a business selling them you might.

Fair enough. But what if you opened a burger stand in Mexico? Does it become mexican food at some point?

With that logic you become Arabic for running a coffee shop.


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Tbh would wish we had ternary computahs instead of binary

He was from a rabbi family.
Marxism was just about exploiting the mass too.

Only software side of tech gadgets have American origin nowadays. Chinese can already make 7nm processors and cellular chips so I wouldn't be surprised to see American companies collapsing left and right while Chinese ones seize the control. That's already happening as Huawei becomes the largest smartphone manufacturer only second to Samsung.

Same with Google's CEO just after the whole corporate restructuring so that Alphabet is the parent of Google.

Microprocessors, another great American invention. Try again.

Who invented what is irrelevant outside of bragging rights.

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You mean Simplified English as opposed to Traditional English?

Oh boy, a 56%er is larping as a European socialist again. Imagine hating yourself so much that you pretend to be from another continent that's just as bad, if not worse in certain respects. Pathetic.

lets fire all our american staff and import foreign guys who have no training and require our fired employees to train them or they wont get benefits

while also turning windows into a toddler os that makes android look reasonable

fuck ya, nadella.

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