Brit/pol/ #2590: Awdry Edition

Lord Patten : Brexiteers are like VERMIN and Communist revolutionaries

UK Labour Suspends Official Who Blamed scoobydoos for ‘All Wars in the World

Vegan activist who played the sounds of cows being slaughtered in a Brighton steak-house is the daughter of a millionaire meat merchant behind £56.5m posh ready meals company

Judge Blocks Deportation of Rapist Who Faked Christian ‘Conversion’

Pupils, 8, to be told 'boys can have periods too' under new sex education guidelines

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almost droppped my tea, i didn't have the balls to say it's scoobydoos though. should've done.

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noice. the white race is waking up

should've just mentioned that it's also the most uncommon mixed pairing

fuck, that would've been the perfect thing to get his nogging joggin.

Based lead heavy water strikes again.

I'm glad that normies are noticing this stuff

got a haircut :)
2 marks off my theory test

What's a mimosas?

I don't think I've ever seen an advert with WMAF and that has to be the most common pairing

I'm sure the gov't will look after them.

poasting nige again in case anyone else wants to boom along with me

Don’t beat yourself up lad no one passes it their first time.

I was 2 marks off as well. Come here lad.

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Are you not allowed to drive or something without depth perception?

Champagne and orange juice, it's incredibly effeminate.

Exactly, really rinkies the dinkie.

WMAF is just as harmful as WFAM in genetic terms

Depends on how good the other eye is but I imagine that informing the dvla, insurance company and any employers will be put off nowadays.

Self defence from rape tbh

Should have guessed you'd know.

Well yeah, but it's just a matter of fact that it's the most common mixed pairing, yet is never represented on media, whereas the least common is on every single fucking Christmas ad.


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Bit gay lad

He'll just have to find a skill that doesn't involve driving a cab around.

And he isn't a British citizen either. The absolute state.


well I did work in a bar :^)

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ha, yeah ha

That's him fucked then.

That is a really odd gripe for someone who is against all race mixing.

Well, yeah, obviously.

What's that "worked under a bar"?

Hardly he'll be making 60+ plus in bennies in no time.




It's not a gripe, ((they)) push racemixing yet it's the most uncommon pairing and normies fucking notice it.

I'm not sure why included plus twice.

lol i was watching these earlier
fucking horrible tbh


I hate having to hide my disgust when my cousin turns up to family gatherings with his Thai bride and half-zip spawn.

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thots smh

Then don't hide it.

Zipper heads are Vietnamese lad


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Yanks called the Koreans it as well tbh lad.

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What's the difference?

I don't think this is likely. It was a wamen that did it, so she was obviously in the right, also there is no video to go viral for shitlibs to circlejerk over, and use to annoy the Right, so I don't think he'll get any special gibs

Might as well pay a slag to smash his other eye in then for keks. Plenty of em round here.

The war has already been won.

The lad was talking about Thais though smh

I thought the term was more generic tbh.

The men that do this permanently degrade their society by opening the door to subversive elements for the sake of their cummies. Actually sickening.


400 years, they've only arrived in the past 60 tops.

who gives a fuck they are all furriners

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I swear if the British men who basically launched a worldwide crusade against slavery in the 1800's saw what these uppity wogs were like today they would have spent those energies on wiping these cunts out

You corrected him and I corrected you.

Zero sympathy for this thick convict cunt as well.

what number did you get on the back and sides lad

Niggas makin P innit fam

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how sick and twisted would you have to be to stick a live animal up your arse for pleasure, killing the animal?

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His mrs is pretty attractive tbf. Definitely mental though. She'd literally have to be to be in a relationship with the most high profile nazi in the world.

Big note high prestige init.

i leave my hair to grow for fucking ages (3-4 months) then get it cut down to a .5 fade

looks pretty sick to be honest, the mrs likes it too

thank god for arab barbers tbh

If I was a shop keeper and a sleepy eyed paki came in, brought summat and handed me a £50 note with Zephaniah's face on it i'd belt him with the mop tbh.

I agree, Stormzy should be on the next £50 note.

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the virgin yellow fever vs the chad opium feeder

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can unironically see Diane Abbot being on money someday for being the first female wog mp

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pretty much a race traitor lad

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Kek. I literally sperg out about the scoobydoos to my parents all the time. I honestly find it difficult not to call a spade a spade.

Tbh they lost to the dreadnought more than anything.

Based mods tbh except mercia, poof tbh

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my dog looks like this when I scratch her flanks

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fuck off lad

Bad feel

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*Calls the coppers on you for molesting your doggo*

wrong pic

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I bet your wife is foreign as well


He probably has a turk wife smh

disgusting lad

Has the dog got dandruff?

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Steak and chips for tea tbh lads

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If your doggo looks at you like that when you touch it you must be some kind of degenerate tbh

no, my other dog used to have dandruff from being stressed out by a new environment. They're rescue dogs.

sainsburys double pepperoni for me

you'll get fat

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My Dad is more spergy than me about the scoobies tbh. Gramps used to throw things at the TV when he could tell one was on kek

you have a sick mind kentlad
shame on you

brother mehmet?''

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Chuck a fried egg on for kino.

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