If we seriously want to bring about a communist revolution...

If we seriously want to bring about a communist revolution, we must be able to use extreme violence against the capitalist system! We have to found a genuinely communist party and create new authorities! Especially a secret police like the Cheka and a Red Army are crucial to enforce our interests as the proletariat!

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Yes! And remember comrades, forced race mixing and mandated adoption of Judaism, as well!

As a wise user once said about the Cheka: "Terror without direction is barbarism."

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That's just how you get a dictatorship

Yes, with no widespread support among the population surely this will gain us many followers. Go advocate for your “propaganda of the deed” somewhere else, CIA
Implying either of those existed prior to the Bolshevik’s coming to power or that Communism = Kill everyone

You aren't a proletarian.

Of the workers

Shit b8

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I'll just copy & paste what I've said in another thread.

We are on an image board. Most of the users here are sissy manchildren anime watchers who would faint if they saw a pint of blood and they believe that the system will just magically fall on itself one day without the need for fighting and/or revolution.

Yeah capitalism wants that, nazifaggot and you are helping the capitalists with it.

Sure the CIA wants the Communists to be organized and assertive…

Yes, and we do not want that, right? Let the poor capitalists have a chance …

OP is a falseflag, idiot.

I don't know, many young people are very pissed off by the capitalist system and exactly there you have to start, faggot. But sure the CIA wants you to organize and fight against the capitalist system…

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Good argument, you retarded bootlicker…

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Oh it's you, OP. Thought you'd be bored of this by now.

I am very bored of stupid bootlickers like you, that's right.

It's obvious from an airplane you're just a Zig Forums tourist who wants to trole leftists. Find a hobby.

Again good argument, stupid bootlicker… kill yourself retard

And the word you were looking for is troll, learn english!

Do something with your life.

Just like you? Sitting in front of the PC all day and watch Hentaiporn?

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is cointelpro really this shit at their job

Nah, he's been tarding up this board for a while now I think.

dude even masturbating to spongebob squarepants roblox trap hentai is a more productive use of your time than what you've been doing here


Sage isn't a downvote.

Hahahah, sure the FBI gives a fuck about fat sissy faggots, who just sit infront of their PC all day and watch Hentai-Footporn… xD

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