Anti pol and right wing memes etc

Anti pol and right wing memes etc

Requesting that one where it's the three panels pol stick figure guy shitting up a thread and then they tell him to leave and he keeps spewing buzzwords etc

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That OP is fucking good.

But, this is easier.

I'll post a few of my faves just for you though

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That OP is fucking good.

But, this is easier.

I'll post a few of my faves just for you though

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/r/ing debunk images

That's correct tho.
It doesn't matter that it's a nazi faggot saying it.

what do you mean correct?

Muslim communities, even in the west, have serious and rampant problems with human rights violations.

Also call me a fedora-roo but I seriously believe that people who take religion seriously at a fundamentalist level simply do not belong in any developed nation.
All truly develop countries are all about secularism and freedom, if you want to jerk off to god and his awkward morals then you should stay in your third world shithole.

The problem is that western libs are so secular that they don't understand that what it's like to take superstition seriously.

I thought you meant yelling on random migrants coming here is correct. I didn't thought about the muslim communities already here.

Fucking faggots. You miss the whole point of the comic.

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bosniac muslims were basically like european christians (secular and not "radical") before balkan wars meant an injection of foreign muslim fighters. Afghanistan itself was basically secular and tolerant before the soviet invasion.
Don't misunderstand me, all religion is pure horseshit, but singling out islam is falling for propaganda. Buddhist are fundamentalist too (see myanmar), basically only the christian west is not like that and this not because christianity is special but because of the fall of religion thanks to secularism

Yeah, genious.


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Observable reality singles out islam.
Good islamic societies and bad non-islamic societies existing has nothing to do with it.

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Yeah, that's clear enou…

user, I'd be willing to apply your argument even to, say, most of the Mideast before the Ottomans were obliterated by peninsular nomadic goatfuckers washing over the rest of the subcontinent with British backing, followed by efforts at secular republicanism being sabotaged by the CIA during the Cold War. But Afghanistan, seriously!? Even before the puppet state degraded to the point the USSR invaded, or the CIA meddling ramped up, the country was a backward basketcase.

Good, secular, watered down Islam should be encouraged. Bad, fundamentalist Islam should be discouraged. It's the same pragmatic praxis that gradually reduced Christianity to its current relatively toothless form.

I guess he wanted to say Iran.

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There's some pictures that flow around the internet which people claim to be from old Afghanistan but I don't know if it's legit or not.

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The whole point of the comic is that there's people concerned about protecting transgender people like you from being hanged at the hands of fundamentalist religious nuts.
You fucking radlib dumbass.

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A section of Westernized women in the capital does not reflect the country as a whole.

Certainly there were attempts at modernization in Afghanistan by the USSR, both through the puppet regime, and during direct occupation, but they were exactly that, modernization of a backward and superstitious nation. Needless to say a decade of rule by the Taliban/Mujahadeen, followed by another two decades of incompetent reconstruction under the US puppet government, has thoroughly reduced that to ashes.

Actually transgenders are tolerated by Islam. It's gays they have a problem with. They think you should pick a gender and stick with it, not do the whole fluid thing.

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It's a stretch to say transgenders are tolerated or accepted, but I've certainly heard that in Iran gay men are pressured to become women - if you wanna have sex with men, you must be a woman.

I'm the afghanistan guy and I have to say I never researched the topic, I just heard it from a friend (which I thought was reliable). Well, I think I will really have to research it to be sure about it. Anyway don't get me wrong, I am atheist and hate islam as all other religion, I both hate liberals that suck mohammad dick and people who think islam is a Special Religion of Evil. Secularism and promotion of lukewarm version of religons is a good weapon because in the long run it discourages religion.
But I really think the singling out of islam as some kind of special evil is the result of the United Corporations of America trying their best to justify their invasion of the territory. Liberals always justifing muslim is exactly the same thing, because it does not make them humans subject to blame but some sort of noble savage that can do anything but not questio his liberation from the status quo.
I really think secular islam is possible and would be the one of the greatest achievements of the middle east.

Fuck I want this to return. There are some qts there

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Huh, I don't think a nazi would take kindly to trans people.
Have you been to Amerimutt land, Islam is the least of your worries here. Christian fundamentalism and liberal/conservative retardation is more likely to get their hand in hanging/lethal injected trans then some irrevelent religion concerning this region of the world.


Americans are mostly the ones spreading the 'no go zones' meme and pretending to be the guardians of 'western culture' so it seems relevant to me

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third pic is almost correct.
The second post is 50 "lol rekt" and "BTFO" replies too short.

idk about koran but the point remains in nations such as iran there is anti-lgbtqai+whatever stuff

does anyone have a chart/infographic of left wing kino films?


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I'm not sure which, but the person who made this is either a radlib or has only seen about four of those films.

dunno, I watched very few of these films but I liked most of them