Brit/pol/ #2591: Good Pups Edition

Lord Patten : Brexiteers are like VERMIN and Communist revolutionaries

UK Labour Suspends Official Who Blamed scoobydoos for ‘All Wars in the World

Vegan activist who played the sounds of cows being slaughtered in a Brighton steak-house is the daughter of a millionaire meat merchant behind £56.5m posh ready meals company

Judge Blocks Deportation of Rapist Who Faked Christian ‘Conversion’

Pupils, 8, to be told 'boys can have periods too' under new sex education guidelines

Meghan Markle encourages Prince Harry ‘to go vegan’ after ‘telling him to snub Royal Christmas shoot with Wills’

Controversial facial recognition technology being used on Christmas shoppers in central London

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>homo mafia ruined another podcast
giving it up, what a waste of time. what good is "alternate media" if it gets poz'd anyway.

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looking great tonight ladies

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well here we go again

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Don't be sad lad everything is going to be alright

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any good anime milkers as of late?


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"We" also wanted Finland to be re-annexed by the Soviets.

"We" also entered a war supposedly on the grounds of supporting Poland's independence.

probably because we declared war on them for being attacked and got btfo

roo I blame the French

brittany is based

Krauts and Frogs
Belong in bogs

windy this morning. nice to listen to in bed when you don't have to toil.

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Well thats fucking gay

Getting a few days off school due to minor illness during miserable weather. That's as good as it gets lads.


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the french fear the breton chad
They should join the uk

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As it should be tbh

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we can take that after Constantinople

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University was very different then.

It's not that there aren't smart kids now, it's just that the regularisation of education has meant they have to learn the same things at the same rate as all the other kids.

and tbh if I were alive back then in all likelihood my daddy would be a peasant who wouldn't be schooling me in anything other than animal husbandry so it's not like I'm going to be nostalgic about how much better things would have been.

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New Zealand is cucked

It wasn't a "back in the good old days" post lad it just makes me feel embarrassed to compare my long meandering education to that.

Cucked indeed

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I hope she meets the fate of Henry's wives.

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missionary position, I guess
also, it never happens in porn

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Imagine what a high-profile case against divorce that would be tbh.
Every man in every pub in the country would be scowling into their pints about it.

Just cut of her head. He will do it.

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spain's queen > britain's queen

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Pic related should be queen tbh

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hundreds of years of pheasant/peasant jokes down the tube.

I love her lads

mmmm creamy bokeh

If the cripple can do it, we can do it too.

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She's great.

Is she literally calling out scoobydoos here?

Gotta jump off a roof first, lad.

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Thanks to Glock, nobody bullies Americans.


Treacle tart for breakfast, lads

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Who here /quite good at sex/?


woke up after a shitty sleep ate chocolate too late I think

I gonna duvet day like a lazy wench on her period

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Bushposter is the best

Train to Mummies goes direct through Mordor now so I dont have to make any changes and risk getting stabbed/blown up.

Takes the fear out of Xmas


Why men should give their wives a cheat pass this Christmas

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Cheat on your husbands goy.

the state

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what was her actual reason?

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Went to the scoobydooellers today and there was a scoobydoo behind the counter.

I walked right out.

have a cheeky game of bescoobydooelled to calm down tbh

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Entertain me with boisterous lamentation on the state of our Isles lads.


Everything is wrong
No lives of peace left for us
Resurrection when

Anyone had any decent poos lately? Had a really long satisfying one this morning.


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What a queer


>my experience with women before I got fit


that woman is gorgeous D:


Lads, I was messaging with a woman quite regularly but now she's started messaging me once a day and claiming that she doesn't get notified by the messenger. We've switched to a new messenger but she's still doing the 1 message a day thing, is she taking the piss?


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she's got a few lads on the go, can't spend all her time on you tbf

civic dafty mummy jailed for 5 years

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Englishman gaoled for punishing street shitter who failed toilet usage exam
Disgrace tbh, poor lad

so NA's tactic to save the white race is to become burger-tier mutts through miscegenation?

literal potato wew

Ok maybe he is mental.

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you are her third or fourth choice after Jamal and Iqbal


How desperate do you need to be to shag a woman 16 years older than you.

this is a nopoo board

Reckon he'll just walk into the sea one day. I don't think he has the stones for a murder-suicide

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Gotta jump off a 25 foot drop out of the second storey of a ** tenement block and survive with minimal brain damage like me lad.

shoo shoo take your talk of poo away!

based and redpilled
How supremely out of touch are they tbh

Tranny or not?
Full story:

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