Open source = botnet

open source is fucking trash and botnet
when I install Microsoft Visual it doesn't download some shit during installation in clearnet and doesn't send my IP to CIA, like mingw
Microsoft respects my privacy, open source niggers don't
open source - never again

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There is a way (or at least there used to be) to install Mingw without automated installer, but you need to download a dozen different packages and install them separately. Just download clang instead. Also, I don't think modern Visual Studios can be installed offline.

Your fault for using Windows, faggot.

The sad thing is that OP probably isn't baiting and really is this retarded.

Why have there been so many shit threads over the past week?

thanks open source

I don't have time for such things. I will choose the way that works, in this case, Microsoft way

implying I needed that

Linux is botnet and piece of shit that only allows you to watch cat photos in sorosfox
If you want to do real things and big things, you need strong operating system, like Windows
and if I used linux, it would be even worse, because all installations on linux are botnet by design. every software you install on linux, you download it from (((repositories))) that can track everything you install and what version of each component do you have. then that knowledge can be used against you

because of you

Your retarded rambling autism doesn't warrant an argument or real response.

10/10 user
You did a great job baiting us by pretending to be fucking retarded

Don't do it user, it's too risky. Doing anything is too risky. Just sit and watch TV and shit like a good little nigger cattle.
Oh good, you gave up. PHEWWW! I thought you were a goner for a minute.

You're also retarded

There's your first mistake
There's your second mistake
And there's your third mistake


it's one thing to be concerned about privacy

but this is just delusional paranoia and creating problems for yourself

stop calling everything "botnet"


Literally never heard of this. Is this something people recommend for use with gcc?

Sure lol. Just keep believing.
Also, if you see something with a "web installer" just keep on going, I installed cygwin (which Id suggest over mingw based on it supporting 64 bit) on someone elses computer in less than five minutes and hadn't used windows before, so dont know what your issue is. Mingw seems to be unmaintained, but there is a download link on an official looking website (, so seems legit. What did you even download?

Seems you may be the problem.

Lololol. Windows is a botnet. Ever heard of gentoo linux? Compile everything yourself. Do you not think that that windows tracks what things you install? If not windows itself, then if you dont have blockers set up correctly, JS and ad networks will track you.
Also, why do you trust windows but refuse to use clang because major companies contributed? Personally I dont like LLVM or clang too much, GCC is just easier to use for debugging, but I dont distrust clang much.
Also, I use linux for everything, and it works fine. AFAIK windows has no good alternatives to LUKS encrypted disks on linux, especially some of the more advanced features like nuke keys, so thats something windows cant do. Linux isn't a botnet by design, at least the linux kernel. Most distros have pretty trustworthy repositories, not sure about some, heard some stuff about one distro collecting user info before but not 100% sure if it was ubuntu or deepin. Id check out the code for the package manager if your that worried, also, you realise that windows downloads could be backdoored more easily than linux repos, at least if the repos have signed packages, you verify all keys, and force SSL. For windows, if someone were in a position to MITM you, they could easily change the website to use HTTP rather than HTTPS (unless you have HTTPS everywhere or something like that) and then change the download.

no, it's markdown spacing

ever used github before?

inb4 you call that a botnet too

how it's a mistake?
how it's a mistake?
I'm not idiot to use text editor, text editors can't even compile or debug your software
how it's a mistake? what should I choose then

fuck your recommendation
it's as botnet as mingw. installer downloads files during installation

there is no download link to mingw
that's just the botnet web installer

show proof. when you install Microsoft products you can do it without internet connection (I don't know about newest ones).
when you want to install open source shit those botnets steal your IP and computer information.

compiling means shit. did you review every single line of code of what you install?

Yes, windows does not track what I install. Newest windowses do, don't use them.

JS cannot track what software you have installed on your PC. JS and ad networks cannot track me because I browse internet with TorBrowser.

Microsoft is 5 times less evil than (((Intel))) and (((Google))).
And I refuse to use clang because it does not work. It doesn't provide any "include" and "library" files so you cannot compile anything. Even HelloWorld won't compile because it uses STL.

Maybe "everything" for you means web browsing, watching videos. Some basic shit works (barely) on linux.

There is plenty of encryption software for windows, like VeraCrypt, TrueCrypt, Diskcryptor and more. I don't know what's "nuke keys".

SystemD is a botnet. Other important linux components are botnet too.

Trustworthy by who? Nobody should be trusted. Software distribution shouldn't be so centralized and non-anonymous like on linux.

you can do same on Windows, download with SSL or onion, then verify file.

They couldn't. I would notice there is no HTTPS. But it wouldn't happen anyway because I use TorBrowser which has HTTPS everywhere by default.

Psst, there also exists torsocks/torify, but given you are a Windows user, I think this will go way over your head

OP is retarded tho

Its really sad that OP is actually this sped.
Probably thinks CIA would go mental with a "we got him" attitude if he installed Linux.

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When you contribute to open source, you're telling the world you don't value your work or that your work is valueless.

Imagine being so new.

You are interested in customizing your use of your computer. Windows is not suited to this purpose. Install linux
linux is a kernel. If you have a problem with a given userspace tool, install a different one
install a compiler and a debugger then. IDEs are shit
It's a full featured package manager with literally thousands of packages. You need to somehow pick what to install, the full thing would be many tens of GB. You ask why people call you a retard, this is why.
it doesn't have a compiler out of the box
cygwin can do this, but of course it's done using the installer.

And what happens when you use open source? You're telling the world that something completely valueless is providing value to you?

You're retarded. NSAkey has been a thing since Win98. Unless you're literally running Windows 3 on DOS then you are absolutely in the botnet right now.

TorBrowser is botnet trash
it downloads files while browsing the web
I use only file browser to find things the non-botnet way

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What are tor repositories?
you are fuckin retard
too retarded to be a bait
would kill you/10

y the fuck did u think that someone would make software "open" & "free" in the first place ??? u wouldn't take a shit without incentive; u expect developers to write software without anything to gain whatso.fucking.ever?? people use opensource & free to validate their delusion of "anarchy" - nothing more, nothing less. use macos & get the fuck_off this ch. :D

Tor middlebox is evil.
if two apps will try to connect to same IP, it will use single (same) circuit
this shit works only on shit OS

I did customize windows. its more customizable than most linux desktop environments
on many linux DE you can't even dragndrop programs into your start menu to create a shortcut there
on windows you can also easily modify your file explorer, you can add/remove buttons etc (except win7, where you cant)

there is no "different one" that isnt botnet. all are botnets

and have to switch window every fucking time I want to compile or debug? on IDE I just click a button and it works

why don't they provide offline installer with most common packages? that will just let you compile some standard app in C or C++?

windows doesn't but when you install Microsoft Visual, everything is there, you just open Microsoft Visual, type your code and compile, it works
when you install stupid open source IDE it doesn't even have compiler and niggers tell you to install some, but when you try to install there is no way or it doesn't work
why stupid open source community sells IDEs if they don't work out of the box? Microsoft Visual works out of the box

bullshit argument. NSAkey does not make your installed program list being sent anywhere. NSAkey was related to encryption, it probably allowed NSA to decrypt some things that Windows OS encrypted, maybe it was some master key.

Tor is open source.
Tor repositories are exactly like other Linux style repos.

You say you can't trust Linux style installations.
You say you trust Tor which follows the same open source model.

Since you seem too stupid to be real you do know you can download many distros packages and install offline.
Get a list of the packages you require (they have a suffix of .Deb, .rpm etc).
Install the dependencies then the main botnetkeylogger.

Install MacOS.
It just werks.

Both Orwell's DevC++ and CodeBlocks have installers with MinGW included.
Works ootb.
Stop being a retarded nigger.