Getting free storage

What are some ways to get free storage online besides free accounts? I been thinking about using steganography to hide data in pics and upload them to social media where there's no limit, but how much data can I theoretically store given they degrade quality to save on space? also it there any way to automate data retrieval in this way?

What about using video and just upload my stuff to youtube hiding inside random videos? is anyone already doing this?

Anyway, free storage thread

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run it yourself

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Who is there to download it? You, or others? Using stego is inconvenient to most people, and anyone willing to go to that effort is probably dealing immoral material.

YouTube's compression would probably ruin it.

Nah I just want as much storage as possible, got tons of shit to upload that I dont use often but I can't afford stuff like LTO drives offers unlimited free storage. Feel free to rape it as hard as you want. Just encrypt your files and set them to private so you're the only one who can access them. I don't even know why people pay for online backup when they give it away for free on

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What the fuck? Why do they just let people upload shit to their servers?

because it's a honeypot


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Wait what? dont they have IP limits or file size? how come that when I check sites from like just fucking 5 years ago most of the pics are gone? that shit is a few kb and they purge that.

The Wayback Machine (the website archiving project you're refering to) is just one part of the Internet Archive. They also allow users to upload their own data in the Community Media section.

But missing files you come across on the Wayback Machine are missing for other reasons. Their archiver follows the robots.txt exclusion protocol so if the webmaster doesn't want their image files archived they won't be.

don't expose the honeypot

A lot of shit is missing from sites without robots files, and they rarely exclude files by extension anyway. My guess is that their crawlers are just pieces of shit.

It's tough work hosting an archive of 23 years-worth of the entire internet when you're a private company with 80 employees that relies on volunteers and donations to keep going.

It's tough work hosting an archive of 23 years-worth of the entire internet when you're a nonprofit organization with 80 employees that relies on volunteers and donations to keep going.

they get a lot of gibs from several big tech companies

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I'm sure I will be well received

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Well, with better crawlers they could save a ton of money, also if they were more selective on what they archive. They give the same priority to an indian escorts site than to a scientific journal

The scientific journal is pretty much guaranteed to be archived elsewhere, those indian hookers would be lost to time if it were not for They keep images forever, even if the account is deleted. You can easily create a bot that registers an account and uploads an image. Moreover, from what I know, it doesn't have a size limit.

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If you uncovered pizzagate you'd know the immoral are the ones in power - judges/LEOs/glowniggers, which is how they ensure they can go undetected. They control the system.
Pic related - judge rules exposure of a pedo cult 'hate speech' and orders it to be removed.

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aws s3 free tier gives you 5 gb
not like they'll ever notice if you open a bunch of accounts

Wait, what? I can understand just encrypting the files and then uploading them publicly but even then the moderators will most likely just delete your shit eventually. But private? Show where do you set such options. I sure do hope you're not talking about these ones (see attached image).

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That's called stroganoff.
You can do that, there's tons of creepy youtube accounts that upload nonsense videos.
Meanwhile, you can get a facebook account and split the files, upload them on your facebook group. There's no limit but it is inconvenient. OR you may attach files on chat then message it to yourself.

Do they police porn and copyright content?

Pretty sure they'll check else you could run an app on a bunch of free instances and there's no way startup fucks havent tried that

Yeah I was thinking the same


Whats the size limit for the split?

No way to script the process then?

Could do but isn't the size limit like 25 or 100mb?

Oh. I didn't know they've deprecated letting files be non-public and hidden.

yea word is a bunch of fags used it as their personal storage so they had to nix it.

Well, they had an incident with some guy spamming CP for over 4 hours, and it's still available in their image CDN. Seriously, posts are deleted, but you can still access the images using a link to the image.

can you post links?
asking just to confirm your finding

in all seriousness though such a thing should be reported to the website owners so it can be promptly taken down/deleted

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You talking about the pole site or

you make me really sad

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The state of the world right now

BUMP, what else?

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See, that's where I disagree though. That's like saying it's abusive to publish a book because then libraries have to spend money to purchase your book and put it on their shelves. Internet Archive's mission is to archive digital data. I'm proving them with data that they can archive. Therefore I'm helping them achieve their goal. They've archived millions of websites and documents that'll never get any views because they're completely forgotten and unimportant or spam. The shit I upload though, will have at least an audience of 1 who cares about the data.


Anything that's legitimately a document, media, or software of some kind might be useful to other people. Your encrypted data isn't.