this is called (((progress)))
the plan is that goyim does not create anything on their own, but only consume content that is controlled by (((them))).

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also 4:3 15" screen has more surface area and is more expensive to produce than 16:9 15"
but goyim thinks 15" 4:3 is as "big" as 15" 16:9. so jews can sell 15" 16:9 for price of 15" 4:3

4:3 was a mistake, 16:9 has always been superior. What OP has a point about though is keyboards and the kludgery of input on cellphone devices.

let's compare

working with spreadsheets: 4:3 destroys 16:9
working with documents: 4:3 destroys 16:9
web browsing: 4:3 destroys 16:9
watching or editing photos: 4:3 destroys 16:9
playing strategy or board geyms: 4:3 destroys 16:9
working with folders & files: 4:3 destroys 16:9
software development: 4:3 destroys 16:9
reading books, pdfs: 4:3 destroys 16:9

playing "interactive movie" type of geyms: 16:9 defeats 4:3
watching stupid movies: 16:9 destroys 4:3 (only because movies are produced in 16:9 format)


its all nigga technology

[tor users cant post videos]

Different screens for different applications.
I can get a 20" screen for gaymen and having fun, and if I need to I can simply readjust the resolution or drag the edges of the frame I need to see until it fits the ratio I prefer or the one I can work with the best.
But i'll keep in mind your notes in case I decide to become an l33t h4x0r in the future

shutup nignog, LCDs (99% of the 16:9 monitors) are trash, especially for games. they're more suitable to showing shitty 25FPS hollywood movies made by engineers who avoid showing moving content on screen. ignoring blur issues, they're laggy and look like shit.

16:10 is closer to the golden ratio.
4:3 is fine, as an incalculable amount of software had been produced for displays with this aspect ratio.
I need to get another keyboard for my phone, since I almost never use it outside of the house anymore, and it makes responding to people who won't use email so much faster.

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Are you actually retarded? You do realise laptops and desktops still exist right? The only thing that has changed is that consumers get more choice.

Great argument there buddy. Way to counter the idea that there are different screens for different applications.

I can make retarded claims too, kill yourself.

cuck mods get off my board

Your only real choices for computer monitors these days is 16:9 or maybe 16:10. To get 4:3 you either have to buy used or a really expensive industrial model (like $1000 or more price range). And with laptops you're just plain shit out of luck, unless you want an old Thinkpad T60 or earlier.

Nigga, just get one of these rotatable 16:9.

This. It's a shame that only Dell still makes 16:10 monitors, though I recently bought 2 and they're really good still not as good as a CRT also no freesync

no faggot, everything is mobile-first and UX-enhanced now. even gnome has become completely unusable shit in the last 10 years. but since we're talking about nigga technology here, unbounded input latency hitting over 100ms in practice for every program and a blocking GET request to open a context menu are perfectly fine design choices.

Bet these people use 21:9 screens.

It's 4K though, if it makes any sense. Perfect for netflix @ 480p because data.
Software keyboards are the best! Anything you type goes straight to Goog HQ. Anything including that billion dollar idea for your startup, they probably already patented it for you. Smarts!
Tell me more when your fingers were wet or cold or that tiny droplet causing taps
Perfect for watching pedowood movies on the go!

There is still one company that makes 16:10 laptops. Apple.

(most expensive) 1:1 = 5:4 > 4:3 > 16:10 > 16:9 > 21:9 > (economic cut™)


UNIX heebs were a mistake.

t. noswype nigger

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there is zero choice
show me how many laptops and screens with 4:3 or 16:10 ratios are on the market. especially 4:3 or 5:4 (both great for office work).
almost every laptop, screen, TV is 16:9.

they didn't remove those posts. they removed ENTIRE THREAD
original was here: >>1011353

it will be shit either too wide or too narrow (in vertical mode)
also you think I will fucking rotate screen every time I open some pdf/spreadsheet/movie etc? you want me to rotate it 100 times per day depending on content that is currently displayed?


Rig it up to a stepper motor and do the arduino.

You should be able to run 4:3 with black bars on a 16:9 if your monitor isn't cheap shit.


I do but it's easier and cheaper to find 16:9 monitors than 4:3. Do they even still manufacture 4:3 for everyday consumers? You'd probably have to do some ebay shit.

Most laptops have cheap shit. Even my old T61p with 16:10 didn't have an option to display in 4:3. If you set X to 1024x768, it would just get stretched.

Local ads like craigslist is how I got my old school monitor. Better than paying ebay tax + shipping.

Hey let me go and sit down open the laptop wait for it to turn on drag the pad over the desktop and double tap the browser icon so I can click the address bar and type the keywords with my impressive touch typin' skillz to search this item real quick after connecting to the local hotspot.

Or you can tap the browser icon on your always connected smart phone and autocomplete the keywords before tapping "Go".

A smart phone might not be good for writing reports but it's still a highly productive device for quick searches in the information age we live in. Why don't you, like, create things with a PC and consume with a SP?

Wait, you have a 4" screen? What kind of peasant can't afford a 5"+ device? You might just be stuck in prehistoric times OP.

that's fucking stupid. you will just lose a lot of surface area

That's the point. 4:3 is superior but jews forced people to 16:9, they only sell 16:9. and consumers are niggers, cattle, that buys this shit
Producers do not produce what people want. people are fucked. and they allow to be fucked

it's time to stop buying. vote with your wallet. let companies bankrupt

faggots these days always think phones are good for small vidya on the go or watching videos, realizing too late that neither the screen will ever be big enough nor the touch screen a preferable input method nor the phone powerful enough to run anything better than GBA games.
Retarded normalfags is what they are.

What kind of nigger can't afford a 27'' monitor, your starving poorfag?

how does 1:1=5:4? don't start this meme. at least write 1:1~=5:4

you can scale or center the image from the OS or GPU. LCD scalers are mostly garbage anyway (input latency and bad image quality)

no, just because you used saracasm, it doesn't make phones efficient for anything. in theory they could be, but currently the only real advantage is that a laptop is better used at a table instead of while standing up
kill yourself

see those retard people on the street constantly looking at their feet while on the street and crosswalk? that's him

More people today are using The technology that you consider superior than people in 2000 were using computers. The only thing that got worse was the ratio.

Missing the point a bit.

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It pisses me off when things filmed in 4:3 are cropped to wide-screen

That's only true for the movie industry and CRT monitors. The first because movies go cropped for the modern audience which wasn't the aspect ratios fault tbqh but rather the hollywood jews who did it,
the second one because CRTs perform inherently worse in wide aspect ratios.
Most vidya determine fov by height and not by width anyway.

see above


Actually, everything is worse than in 2000. We're living in clown world now.

📌Are you a radical feminist?
Then visit our board

I'm a complete fucking idiot and don't know what the fuck I'm talking about, why don't we have symmetrical, true square screen resolutions?

me too. probably because human sight is not square, it's wider. so wider screens are more effective conveying of information
it could also be due to pre-existing media formats like tv/film

(post this image here)

4:3 is perfect for human vision.
16:9 is jewish shit pushed onto goys to scam and fuck them over and make them unproductive

Couldn't a symmetrical ratio display more than any other ratio though? The issue of layout is the only thing I can really think of as to why we don't have symmetrical ratios.

what fucking information are you being conveyed when looking at a blog post with empty space on the sides

One of humanity's worst traits, the reason why good things never last, and the thing that will possibly be a major cause of its eventual extinction, is an obsession, or really, an addiction to things that are "new". And it's inherent. Children tend to be born with it and most of the time it's just impossible to fix. Being a weirdo, I escaped this tendency, but I see it in almost everyone I know. Everything good is eventually abandoned because it's old. Bad ideas are a lot more common than good ones, so if you want something new because it's new, chances are you want something worse because it's new. When everything good has already been done, making something bad is the only way to make something new.

4:3 suits our vision better, but a square has a lot of advantages as well. It's inherently the most versatile kind of monitor that you can have since it functions equally well for vertical (a vertical monitor is undeniably better for certain tasks, like reading, and even a lot of arcade games) and horizontal aspect ratios. Not necessarily the best for anything, but the versatility would probably make up for it. Wide screens, though, are just annoying. I always feel like I have too much horizontal space but not enough vertical space. Not sure that it particularly benefits even videos. Video games I don't think benefit from it for the most part. Some people would argue that it benefits first person games, but back in the day, playing Doom and Duke Nukem 3D and fucking Quake on 4:3 CRTs, I never thought "I sure wish I had a wider screen right now", it just never happened.

Not all of us are NEETs user
I agree autocorrect is retarded
Movie reviews before watching something, directions to places, reading manga or posting here instead of interacting with normalfags during break, you'd know this if you ever left the house
Your PC isn't portable though
Media consumption

My phone can emulate pretty much everything before the PS2 pretty well, makes for a pretty great emulation machine with a BT controller

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They aren't forced to use their smartphones to consume Jewish entertainment; they choose to do so because they know nothing about the JQ.

How exactly is, say, 1920 × 1080 smaller than 1280 × 960 ?

but is it really something people are born with, or was it jews who trained goys to do that?

What happens when someone explains and proves to normalidiot that old thing is better than new?

I think 4:3 is more versatile as it's also good for media (photos, videos). 5:4 or square seems best for office work, web browsing, research.

never claimed you are. still don't see a point in using computer outside home

watching where? in cinema? why wouldn't you research internet at home to see what movies they have and reviews of those movies, before going to cinema?

ever heard about asking few random people for that?
but if you really needed that often, phone is an option, but you can have offline maps, have phone without sim card and in tin foil.

you can use your computer at workplace for that

I have a phone because at workplace I can go to toilet, watch child pornography on my phone and fap to it

jesus how can you be so dumb

That makes things worse, but it doesn't change the fact that the vulnerability is already there in the first place. I don't think getting rid of it is necessarily possible. Some people are more resistant to that, and it's probably the same group of people that are immune to marketing. Just looking at history is enough. Whenever people have something good, the first thing they do is ruin it because they never know what the fuck they are doing so they never want to stop. Very few people can appreciate what they have. Most people just want something that isn't what they have even if it's tremendously inferior.

In my experience they will just mock you, or reluctantly agree and in an hour they will already be talking like the conversation never happened, or they will not respond at all because talking to normalfags tends to be like talking to brick walls. Normalfags aren't people, even if they like something old that happens to be good, they will only like it because it's old and they are contrarians or have some attachment to it because they are old themselves.

I can accept that. Really, anything that isn't too different from a square or 4:3 should be fine. For computers specifically, you're probably going to have one or two bars on your screen at all times, so your monitor choice should depend on that. On wide screens I always have vertical bars on both sides because it's just too wide without that (on XFCE, that I use specifically because of that, even though it's honestly not as good as it could be for vertical bars). A more vertical monitor (maybe a square) would be better for a horizontal bar or two. Basically, the size doesn't have to be all that specific since you can adjust your configurations (though this should be better and more common). I intentionally waste a decent amount of horizontal space because clearly it's just too much. Wide screens could be more usable if the GUIs were actually designed with that in mind, but no, everything is still designed assuming that you have a lot of vertical space.

And yes, phones are awful for everything. Absolutely useless. Well, the new
ones are. Real phones are good clocks, and my 10 year old phone does that well enough and has much better battery life. They are only for (((social media))). Nothing worth doing can be done well on a touchscreen, and if you can't use a computer, you probably shouldn't be using anything because it's not the right time and place.

jesus was a jew and so were his parents

Most of the theatres where i travel for work don't have online listings so I have to physically go there
Come on now, that's just inefficient

it doesn't get much more comfy, boys.

I never said that. It's a laptop or nothing. I generally go with nothing, I don't need technology on me at all times. Consider suicide.

You never said that but that would be the alternative for me if I wanted to maintain the same level of convenience

Sounds comfy as fuck. Using old tech is now a luxury.

What is the resolution? 1280x960? Is this really "enough for anybody" and somehow better than a 1920x1200 or 2560x1440 screen? How many hours of life has the backlight have left, and wut do once it (inevitably) fails?
What specs (CPU/RAM/disk etc.)? Obviously it's way below Core 2 tier performance-wise, how long can you cope with that? What are the specs of the main computer?

Enjoy your Intel ME (TM)

I know VIA's processors also had/has something similar, not that much info on it though

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19 inch 4:3/5:4 screens are usually found with 1600x1200 or 1280x1024 resolutions

That system has been reverse engineered


Thanks, very PEEK/POKEy

it sure is comfy, pal. you better believe it

I don't have ME, retard. try again. I'm not sure you even know what ME is.

1600x1200. it's pretty nice, I actually found it next to a dumpster a few years ago and kept it. glad I did. it has one dead pixel from then, I assume that's why it was left out, but for me it's fine. I might get another 1600x1200 monitor at some point in the future.

not sure what you mean. I like it

I don't need the extra width on the sides, pretty much ever except sometimes with movies, and it's not worth the extra space it would take up for me. at that point I'd still just prefer an even larger 4:3

Windows XP Pro with a 2.6GHz Pentium 4 and 1GB of RAM. 80GB HDD.

I'm not sure, I use it for SSH, telnet, reading emails, posting on inageboards and forums, light web browsing, programming, watching videos, typing documents, and working on my websites and stuff. also torrenting and whatever. I can cope with that for a while. I have another newer laptop that I can use if I need to run engineering software and modeling stuff.

FX-8320 with 16GB of memory. I cheaped out with a GTX750 graphics card. someday I may upgrade to 32GB and a titan maxwell card or something but even as it is, I have no issues. of course the AMD chip is a housefire, but othwerwise with proper cooling it's not bad.

that could be useful for long travel by bus/train/plane. but you'd need to open phone and remove it's antenna or cover it with tin foil. bluetooth should also be destroyed somehow

LCDs are fucking AIDS. They are literally a flashlight shining in your face and look like shit. Get a CRT. The color alone will be a huge improvement over almost any LCD. People are still literally giving them away. I have two of the highest end CRTs that exist. One was $0 and the other was $30. The only problem is they can smell like febreze and shit since they're used.

I have a bunch of 1600x1200 and higher LCDs from thrift stores / garage sales and they all cost under $15. Unfortunately a lot of them have over 16ms of input lag as well and some even have frame dropping. Once you get to the "higher end" stuff the engineering becomes more shitty.

performance is jewish hoax to make goys buy new and botnet hardware