Hey lolicons, what in the actual flying fuck is your God damn problem? So you like diddling cute innocent little girls...

Hey lolicons, what in the actual flying fuck is your God damn problem? So you like diddling cute innocent little girls, huh? So you like oppresing your big toned adult body against her flat torso because you know you are both stronger and more confident than this ignorant powerless creature. So you like tearing appart her tight clothes as you smuggly chuckle because of your sadist superiority complex, getting her tiny insignificant body completely naked in front of you as your virulent erection grows larger and evolves. So you particularly enjoy impaling her with said dick, while you spit at her repeatedly during the process, filling the girl's interior with your thick dense seed as the meat of her pussy bleeds heavely surrounding your phallus, and then proceding to ruthlessly let out of your phallus a violent cascade of jizz that covers her entire virgin body while she licks the tasty remaining drops out of the foamy glans of your mighty tip. Y'all make me feel fucking sick.


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wrong board, repotred

You got it wrong, OP. We're all little anime girls.

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She loves it.
Nah, she only bleeds the first time. Look at the penetration training section of the Pedophile Handbook. xnyvcjj6ybauprjx.onion

Not sure what this has to do with Zig Forums, but thx for playing, m8.

Should be "yup." Nothin' like blasting a load in a girl who can't get preggers yet.

Tldr but I fuck babies until they are just a bloody rose

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Tyrone detected.
Wrong board. Zig Forums is SFW and restricted to Zig Forums, nigger.

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You wrote all that text then managed to submit it to the wrong board. And i didnt read a single line of it. Get fucked

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No, damaging clothes would be a stupid waste of money. I'd undress her carefully, then look in her eyes with a smile and say she's the prettiest thing in the world, and then I'd carefully lay her on her back and kiss her all over, including her lovely child genitals.

Then how could you know it is the wrong board? You would have had to read some of it.

They're trying to normalize pedophilia or make it seem like children are capable of consent. The reason? We're about to be flooded with many more millions of African migrants in the coming few years and it's very likely a lot of children will be raped by these migrants as well, primarily because of low IQ and (thus) impulsiveness --- and because of this normalization and lowering of the age of consent they'll have an easier time blaming the victim instead of blaming the perpetrator ("She was asking for it").

Soon it will be a human right to migrate to other countries and illegal to criticize it. For what purpose? This was planned long ago by the founding of the Pan-European Union and Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, the founder of that Union, said the following in 1925:
>The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. [...]

Or they're just low-iq creeps who failed as men and think that raping children is acceptable.

Pedophiles deserve death. Violate the NAP....

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You are parroting the argument of women who waste their fertile years riding the cock carousel until they become worthless and then start resenting those who are obviously more fertile and attractive.

you're absolutely batshit insane

anime girls can, at any age. even when still in the womb.

Can confirm pic related. Also, OP reported for shitty copypasta.

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You're on Zig Forums, faggot. Nobody here has been inside anything with a vagina unless they stapled a fleshlight to their computer. And even then it wouldn't be under 18 years old.

I think you mean "try to", you fucking stupid street shitter.

ah, the fabled "matryoshka sex"




Look at the inside of a gas chamber and/or oven.

Women get pregnant as young as five. Has to do when they start ovulating.


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If the child wants it, it isn't against the NAP. This is why AnCap is retarded and will degrade the morals of a society.

Children can't consent to sex, which is a moral binding agreement with a potential offspring.

I could do that. But I'd much rather go put my 8 year old cousin to bed. She's visiting for Christmas, and she always sleeps better if we have "playtime" before bed.

What is wrong with lolis?