Brit/pol/ #2592: NO DEAL Edition

Brexit: Cabinet 'ramps up' no-deal planning

Britain told to prepare for no deal DOOMSDAY: Thousands of troops on standby, ferries to ship in emergency supplies and millions of families told 'get ready' as ministers activate ALL Brexit backup plans with 101 days to go

Farage reveals real reason no-deal Brexit is 'horror story' for Europe

PM warned group of Tory MPs will quit party if government chases 'no-deal' Brexit

What could no-deal Brexit mean for house prices?

London loses out in cost of living rankings thanks to falling pound in the years after Brexit referendum

Gary Lineker told 'keep your Brexit views to yourself' by BBC cricket commentator colleague

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good lad

1st for fuck e-celebs

Gud lud

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Cheers, pal.

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Good lid


hu-whats the matter lad dont want to be part of my prevent group?

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These Scottish snooker milkers, lads.


Potting the pink is worth more than the brown tbh

Are you suggesting that this fine figure of a woman has put you off men?

still annoyed at top gear getting killed tbh

Milleniyule 2018 Power Rankings

God Tier

Good Tier

Ok Tier

Not Bad

Not Memorable

Shit Tier

I havn't seen the rest.

How about

known tier

Literally who tier

She's a great specimen of a woman. I'd ask her to polish my cue ball with those gloves on any day.

what happened to granvile thorndyke tbh

Smdh, he really is a faggot.

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Prevent got him.

Are you suggesting that you only have one bollock?

this tbh

looking good tonight ladies

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You got any other rare lauren's, lad?


Wait for the outcry about this revalation on the BBC.

God Tier

Fuck e-celebs. Notice Joe Owens has gone very quiet since he got it wrong about the Brexit march and Batten.

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This is my only Lauren and one of the most prized images in my folder tbh lad

What did the march achieve, lad?

She isnt really active.

Yeah yeah spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) etc. I like Mark Collett, i'm not about to go on one of his camping trips but as far as alt right e celebs go he is alright and does advocate local politics.

meh. You say fuck e-celebs in one breath then talk abojut Joe Owens in the next. He might be niche but Joey is a youtube e celeb.


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No lad I'm bullshitting.

Far more widespread support for UKIP and Brexit, it has boosted Batten's credability and influence, people are very receptive towards him. It has geared more people to actually act.

The highlight of this year has definitely been the yellow vests in France which has spread to other countries. Belgium's PM stepped down and Macron is on very borrowed time.

Precisely my point, fuck him too.

I smash her rose in if I had the chance, if you know what I mean tbh.

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smh bullies out

He wanted UKIP with teeth, got it and then still fucking bitches about it and is STILL blathering on about Nick Griffin and saying he should get back into politics - as if he wouldn't repel EVERYONE at this point.

This is a pro bully board.


All conjecture. Where is Batten's influence seen on a political level? Who is more receptive to him? Who has been "geared to act" and to act how?

Depends who he is talking to because some times he is personable but he can be quite annoying with his poor interviewing skills and off-topic ramblings.

t. bins

I bet they haven't repealed the fucking UN migrant pact thought.

anti-joe is a codeword for anti-white


Not watched one through, the vast majority of these people are irredeemable cretins.


This tbh good lad

Suit yourself. I like Milleniyule. Anyway im off to bed. Goodnight spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine).

joe and to a much lesser extent duke are the only alt righters who aren't boring or cringy


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Does she have a twitter?

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The British public. I see more and more people saying they were wrong about him and respect him for pulling UKIP out of the shit that Bolton had put it into, it has not only brought old voters back in but also new ones.

Batten is brilliant at dealing with the media as well.

Membership has also grown. Whether we like it or not Farage will never start a new party, he's full of shit. There's no other voting option and people actually know who UKIP are. The way the gov is fucking things up, you can be sure UKIP will steal the votes, nobody wants a party with Corbyn and Abbott. Kate Hoey is literally the only decent labour MP.

Not yet, give it time, over 100,000 people alone who knew about the petition were pissed off about that.

you have to be a quadruple agent lad, pretend to be slightly prowhite but as a leftist only first discovering it ironically but secretly underneath it you are potentialyl thinking of reporting them but underneath that you are actually a post-political aryan gnostic exterminationist

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probably a bot lad


What was the worst day of your life?

No way. Anybody who's associates with popular youtubers is cringe.

After a long period of people expecting me to have it I just caved in.

Farage not winning South Thanet.

The wider membership of UKIP don't give a shit about Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad or Dankula.

I still cannot get over the spy shenanigans of announcing TOMMEH being his personal advisor, on the weekend where the biggest open goal regarding Brexit laid before him.


Kek. I fall at the first hurdle tbh. Way too animated by rage.

It's a total embarrassment


I legit got trolled on Tinder by a house of Uni thots once,


and yet no damage. Tommeh is inadvertedly a boost for "the right" and UKIP, "state agent" or not, he has many every day lads who support him.

You talk a lot about conjectue and rhetoric, yet there's no real evidence that Joe ever provides for his claims so why should I give a shit about what he has to say?

Last monday

No one gives a shit, so it really isn't.

fucking hell lad

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Tomorrow tbh, got the dentist.

Dunno about ever but yesterday was definitely up there in recent memory

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27th March 2016


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international scoobydooery plan and simple tbh

He looks like a soy kike as well

literally no one cares right

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Petition to filter 'Israel' to 'Mystery, Inc.'

this tbh jej


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I upgraded a few years later but it bad at the time.

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requesting a filter that makes "fuck" into "jinkies!"

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daphnie>memi thot


Seen any good anime milkers lately lad?

I'd zoink her jinkies tbh


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filter "wew" to zoinks

just the classics

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