Brit/pol/ #2593: Manifest Destiny Edition

Brexit: Cabinet 'ramps up' no-deal planning

Britain told to prepare for no deal DOOMSDAY: Thousands of troops on standby, ferries to ship in emergency supplies and millions of families told 'get ready' as ministers activate ALL Brexit backup plans with 101 days to go

Farage reveals real reason no-deal Brexit is 'horror story' for Europe

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Shite Edition tbh smh

Behead those who lick fannies tbh

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trolled tbh

This, and the gays

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Based tumblr

top jej

it's toil christams gala lad,

This cunt

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so naive smh

He's a window licker
wonder if Maddie's noshed him off

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He's a conservative liberal who would delight in prosecuting strikers if the shoe was on the other foot

What sort of name is Jolyon anyway? Why couldn't his parents call him John or Alan or something normal.

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Mogg? I agree. I was just pointing out the ridiculousness of leftist self-deception.

OP fixed

Uhh can you believe that those lemmings like rees-mogg? he's a stupid persons idea of a smart person!

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That's cute.

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Is steiner here? I need the quick rundown on this lad.

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His dad - who he never met until he was 17 - is an Old Etonian and his mum is a top English slag

Ok. He's dead


Isn't actually a good rundown at all but i just like hearing Bowden's voice tbh


No one wants to discuss who the Guardian have got it backwards.

The Yellow Vests will be No Deal or No Work


textbook rootless normington tbh

Want to ask the lass out REEEE

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Reckon the service industry and public servants will be most hit tbh. The only private industries that will suffer are those who rely on a vulnerable supply chain.

Backpackers beheaded in Morocco mountains were ‘executed by terrorists’ security sources claim


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b-b-brown people are so nice

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Pottery tbh

I feel nothing reading this tbh


now now, men die in Morroco too

top kek


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More wews, tawkin' wif da saf afrikan boers

I forget how fucked up you all are sometimes

they look like nice girls, and yes that was their downfall but that doesnt mean they deserved it.

thick as pigshit to fall for this

lel fuck off, if you tell someone not to walk into oncoming traffic and they do so anyway, and then people continue to do so, what are you supposed to do.

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Fuckoff Lauren

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Maybe they wernt as woke as you SA

ultimately tbh it is our fault for allowing women too much freedom to roam

this tbh inshallah

>Maren Ueland had been training to be a tourist guide

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Even if she survived the extreme, miserable and tormenting expierence that she called a holiday in a third world country she would most likely be returning home with a black maggot growing in her womb for the next 9 months.


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I don't get why travelthots think they can go abroad alone without consequences, they've deluded themselves with modernist poz and think that's how the world works, and then shit like this happens and they act shocked.
They lived in fucking Norway, could they not go backpacking there if they really felt the need to be strng indpndnt wmn wh dnt nd n mn

Who here /will and purpose/

Don't be silly lad, dehumanising strangers for street cred on right wing Twitter is based

Rather answered your own question there lad

tbf tbf
Do their parents tell them to not be stupid cunts

tesla what the fuck

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They're probably pozzed up mongs too.


They probably ignore this advice because it involves prejudice tbh

lads did you see that dafty get bullied by a black lady to clean the swastika he spray painted.

Based and redpilled

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Just posted in old thread, re-posting here.

I work in mental health. There are so many shit "experts" - mostly psychiatrists - who absolutely should not be employed by the NHS. I've seen some of their reports and some of them are barely comprehensible. A 12 year old would have a better grasp of English. I've seen incidents where the expert has meant one thing but written another due to their poor English skills, causing the entire clinical conclusion of the work to change - with potentially life changing consequences for the patient. The worst offenders tend to be Indians and West Africans. I feel sorry for the poor patients who are under the care of these alleged doctors.

2018 was the year I finally stopped watching porn for good and my erections are now more powerful than ever.


Good lad, 2019 will be mine tbh.

i used to get really powerful erections but then my dick got bigger and now i don't think i have enough blood to fill it


Good lad. Porn isn't real anyway, no point wasting your life watching that tripe.

Good for you, I've been meaning to do the same for some time.

tfw stress at work recently has killed my sex drive anyway

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Two out of the six died in a storm due to being crushed by a tree, the other four were killed by a mentalist.

Can you even see your willy, fatty?

Toil isn't worth stress lad.

I quite agree, I'm jumping ship soon - just need to get all my ducks in a row, first.

just watched an old Shooting Stars:
Vic and Bob blacked up to play two famous soul singers, Gary glitter is a nonce joke, also this; what's highly flammable and should be kept away from children……Michael Jackson. I'd forgotten how much comedy has changed tbh.

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*blocks your path*

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Yes lad porn is utterly soulless and unnatural. It really is the devil's work.

Right then lad, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you didn't know what an absolute machine I am. You've got two minutes to retract your statement pal.

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Reminder this is a semen retention board. Ripper would agree

It's quite obvious why, lad. Comedy relies on breaking taboo and ridiculing "real life" as it were. As breaking taboo now has a political cost, it simply is not done, therefore nothing is funny anymore.

What could have happened if Hitler had just finished the job?

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Anyone noticed how Lincolnshire lads tend to be more masculine, charismatic, and popular with the ladies than "lads" from elsewhere? Why is that?

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Is this satire?

also there are fewer taboos. Someone's bra flying off isn't naughty, if one can watch anal bleaching and pig wanking on prime time terrestrial tv

I don't believe so.

our scoobydoo population went down despite taking in all those scoobydooish refugees?

Incorrect. There is more taboo than ever before, by way of political coercion. What you mean is traditional taboo no longer exists as seen through socially conservative eyes.

they went to the states and israel?

Weren't most of them declined entry and shoved off elsewhere?
Nobody wanted the kikes.

Really makes you think

we took in a lot of kids tbh which was right tbh

I suppose one could say we live in an age where everything is taboo and at the same time nothing is taboo 'till you're so fucking crazy you can't follow their rules' as John Lennon once sang.

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