Forth Langauge

Use the forth, Luke.

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Luke, Forth, you, and we all are lesser for this thread.

Forth sucks less than suckless. It's like suckless--

What are you trying to say to yourself, Luke? If you want to promote your channel that much, at least do it coherently. Go home, you're drunk.

Forth is cool, though. I want to learn it. Probably my next language when I get tired of playing with GNU Smalltalk.

smalltalk is for people who still want upcummies from oracle

Use the bloat luke don't listen to them.

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Nice pedoface.


Clearly, I am fucking around with the GNU implementation of a dead language because I want Oracle-senpai to notice me. You're getting desperate, Luke.

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Fuck off Luke, don't you have a dissertation to write?

Reminder that if some user is hating on Luke it's probably Luke larping like a fucking faggot.
But here's an honest thing that many anons can agree that gaps in i3 or any tiling manager are fucking niggerlicious

Hi there! It appears you're new to 4chan.

Maybe you heard about it on Reddit or one of the other Content Aggregation sites you frequent. Since you're new,
let me let you in on a little secret... You see, 4chan doesn't work like other sites. You don't get upvotes for
sharing content and no 4chan user cares about e-celebs.

You see, maybe you really like the videos I put out on YouTube. Maybe they've really changed your life even.
That's great! Unfortunately, it is not polite to share my videos on 4chan! Not polite to me, nor to 4chan users!

You see, on 4chan, anonymity is paramount and e-celebrities are frowned upon. Linking to my content unsolicited
looks like an extremely cringey advertisement! If someone specifically asks for something that I have covered,
this would be an appropriate time to link to one of my videos on 4chan, albeit without fanfare or specific
personal glorification of me. However, uninvited links to my content, especially saying "Wow look what Luke Smith
did" when no one asks is the highest form of faux pas.

Since 4chan is an anonymous message board, you also make me look bad because people might think I, in sheer
desperation for views, am the one linking by videos for consumption on the board. I am very ashamed when I see my
personality brought up my a cringey fan on 4chan. As I've become more popular, this evokes stronger and stronger
feelings of jealousy among 4chan users. Thus sharing my content is not appropriate behavior there, although on
other sites it might be fine!

Remember that everyone who matters on /g/ already watches my channel. Those who don't know about it could easily
find my tutorials and other content on any topic by searching for them if needed. On 4chan, respecting other
users' Negative Face[1] is a high priority unless you are simply shitposting, so please do not be overbearing,
especially with respect to people with public internet presences like myself.

Or as they user to say in the old days: lurk moar. Or at least go back to Reddit where you belong!


pleb opinions straight outta reddit

This lol, we at /r/unixporn love tiling wm amirite?

i3 makes sense on laptops or small screens but not on the desktop, I realized this after switching to xfce while keeping my keybinds the same as i3. Stumpwm is very cool just to mess with but its not the lightest runtime.


ga em good boy

pic related where tiling makes sense, don't have to fuck around with many windows manually on a tiny ass screen.

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Thx luke, another copypasta to shit up threads in your name.

oops I was wrong you're just a cuckchannel

Forth is a superior operating system to linux

He didn't say he hated tiling WMs you gigga-nigger. He said that having gaps between the tiled windows is fucking retarded which it is.
Fuck your reading comprehension is absolute shit.

The forth kernel is 8 kilobytes

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