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Is it good this year ?

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Look at the plan, it's even more pozzed than last year. The pozz is even labelled "science", now.


It's been bad ever since Jake was banned after being accused of raping wymyn.

How to get one of these dumb hos to meme Open Borders for Israel, so nigerian intellectuals can finally get a job at their new Intel facilities?

Roughly around that time, yes.

What a bunch of retards...

That's a rhetorical question and the answer is no.

(((Ordo Ab Chao)))

It won't matter what a few people say as long as the media doesn't signal-boost it, and we all know (((who))) owns the media.

Pinko commune indeed, but at least we have some Identitäre people going there to "flash mob"

When will Generation Identity and AfD start their own hackers conference?

Founded by commies, taken over by liberals pretending to be commies.

do yourself a favour and forget this shitfest

What's this referencing?

A farewell to soul-crushing code.
I think it was between the 10 and 20 minute marks

Is this for real?

I wonder why 35c3 has become shit anons ? It's not like a group of ideological fucktard infiltrated and imposed their shit ? right ?
It's going to get worse anyway, as long as they will accept and tolerate that level of degeneracy and mental illness it's going to go down like the fury community see youtube.com/watch?v=8aF2GxWi7Ag
Reminder that acceptance of someone for his "illness" or "degeneracy" doesn't mean letting that person doing completely letting that person behave in absurd ways or doing unrelated content.

reminder that CCC are themselves mentally ill commies.

Now that is going in the cringe compilation.

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More proof that we're in clown world.

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They won't, cause they aren't attracting the european hacking crowd. IB doesn't get large media coverage and the AFD shows all the telltale signs of right-wing authoritarians.
Mind you, I'm not saying the lefties aren't authoritarian as well, but they did hide that for quite some time, until the hacking crowd grew comfortable enough with the left to slowly accept ever increasing authoritarianism from them.
This also conditioned a dishearteningly large part of them to instantly go REEEEEEE whenever they are confronted w/ someone telling them the left might be shit as well, or whenever confronted with anything slightly leftwing.

*anything slightly rightwing

Why are mate-based caffeinated soft-drinks (Club Mate and somesuch) so fucking expensive? Is it because hipster cucks buy them?

In the current discourse, anything right of centre is "literally nazi".

lmao thats awesome


finally a tiny box for the video in the middle of the screen:
Is this for real?

how bout these fucks talk about how video games have been dead for 20 years in terms of aesthetics and engineering. only complete faggots unironically cared about the story anyway, like this person

Talks by Europoor invasion force Frontex, Gamergate wannabes on Cyberstalking, Virtual slavery experiences, Russian election meddling, Fake news talk x2, Feminist perspectives, revolutionary life, EU adventures, trans life, dildo-tronics, Are machines feminine?

More pozzed than Steve Jobs.

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Never Forgetti smacks of an almost-media literate person trying to talk about that society thing everyone else talks about. I really wanted them to be a troll. After all, with such a dumb title (which expectations AREN'T normative? that's the definition!) I really expected some switcheroo bullshit about how these few examples can't say anything meaningful about the game, video games in general, the developer, or society. You can use a specific example, but you can't pretend this one example is anything more than just the one example. You can't pull a few examples out, misconstrue the reality of those examples (like saying Metal Gear shows domestic abuse), and then tell an audience, in the smuggest way possible, that these few, cherry-picked, misrepresented examples are indicative of the genre. I feel the speaker tries to present the argument (and themselves) as far more ground-breaking and important than they are. Women die in video games? Holy shit! It's almost as if game devs think women are people!

You can even find better games from 30+ years ago, that ran on computers with 16 KB RAM.

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Isn't he a troll though? I hesitate to even call him a tranny, since he's obviously just a twinkish gay guy with a wig. He even speaks in his regular (male) voice. So he's figured out that white gay guys are passé now: so out this season. Trannies are the new hotness. So he puts on a wig, uses his Apple™ MacBook® with Adobe℠ ©reative Suite⸮ to make a flashy presentation (which he can't even figure out how to deliver) that's all style and no substance, and gets on the main stage at the CCC conference for a looooooong presentation.

Or maybe he's not a troll and we're just so deep in clown world that I can't tell the difference anymore.

How the fuck can these people be real? He's talking so much shit I don't believe it's humanly possible for someone to be that stupid, SJWs must be some different species they can't be natural. Also

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The only hackers (not present) at this conference are the Jews that have successfully hacked the minds of these people. It's an interesting presentation of hacked people.

Saved video as NowThisIsHacking.mp4

No it is not wrong, however I would like to point a few things out. Most of the people writing these narratives are white cis-males. When they write about themselves, the narratives are less filled with stereotypes about people who they know nothing about. (Granted, those stereotypes are, statistically speaking, more valid than befriending a token member of that group to represent it. White nationalist stereotypes about blacks are, very likely, more correct than the token representations given by Democrats in Donald Glover or Trevor Noah (I am disgusted that Trevor Noah identifies with black Americans))
As for story-telling representing characters of privilege: there is an upside-down bell curve. The affluent can afford to go on adventures. The poor have nothing to lose, and thus can go. What you don't see in narratives are the middle classes: people with something to lose if they remove themselves from the social system in which they are ingrained.

Expectedly enough, there's been a lot of cancerous presentations of this years' C3. But what where the actually good ones?


I enjoyed these 2.

What's not right? You think it's unacceptable that gaymes marketed to white suburban kiddos have a white male main character who gets bitches?
What now.

I'm just acknowledging that that thing is correct when it observes that state of the world. I would assert, as you do, that there is nothing wrong with that, given the history.

Take Chrono Trigger:
Chrono is a young adult with no social responsibilities: no farm, shop, or dependents.
Lucca is a young adult with no social responsibilities.
< Note that for these two, their only capital is social capital and able bodies. They are in poverty by the standards of their society (as young people often are).
Marle is a princess.
Frog is basically a hobo: a ronin on a mission of revenge.
Magus is also a hobo.
Ayla is a village chief.
< Of the cast of Chrono Trigger four are in poverty and two are at the top of their social strata. There is no one from in between. And while I use Chrono Trigger as an example, I assert that this is a trend in most narratives overall: they generally exclude those actively participating in the middle class. Most narratives that involve someone from the middle class normally remove them from their social obligations. Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) may have had to manage her middle class social obligations, but she rarely went on globe-trotting adventures, and never for very long.

Okay guise i've been wondering why is the net so bloated today heres an example:


like why the fuck this uses 40% of my cpu

plus the design is so fucking hipster trash

is this the state of modern web development???

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It's frustrating that it brings up Aerith, given that it is well documented that the game creators wanted a noble sacrifice in the narrative, and felt that killing Barret would have been too rote. Aerith died as a twist to a trope.