Brit/pol/ #2594: The Bleak Midwinter Edition

Gatwick Airport: Army called in amid drone chaos

Morocco murders: Three arrested over 'bestial' tourist killings

Schoolboy Jimmy Owens, 16, jailed for murdering man with cricket bat

Brexit: Cabinet 'ramps up' no-deal planning

Britain told to prepare for no deal DOOMSDAY: Thousands of troops on standby, ferries to ship in emergency supplies and millions of families told 'get ready' as ministers activate ALL Brexit backup plans with 101 days to go

Farage reveals real reason no-deal Brexit is 'horror story' for Europe

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Antifa don't even have communities, since when has any commie student given a flying fuck about local communities.


The rhetoric is all wrong tbh
If you really wanted to 'defend your community' you'd stockpile weapons, not go to a gym.

Ace. Ticks the tocker but can't remember where I heard this before but I recognise it.
Added to playlist

Cheers me dears

Going gym won't hurt tbf, but yeah they should be arming themselves properly too.

They have their muzzie friends doing that already, but that friendship only short lived.

80s Stacey Q > 80s Kylie Minogue > 80s Madonna


On some level it's a semantic argument I suppose tbh. The more important thing is that those gyms double as recruitment centres.

It's funny thinking about how quickly their allies will turn against them tbh

Playback is cracker an album tbh.

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Shame their IQ doesn't improve at the boxing gym but it's a good thing for us. However we all know when the useful idiots see their allies walking towards them with a blunt machete they'll run off like the cowards they are and shout at us from their safe space or go silent.

Cheers cook. I'll look into it. Been getting into vintage euro electro pop for a little while lately.

Aight lads.

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Looks like b8 tbh lad

low hanging fruit

Evening lad.

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Tbf lads it's probably little more than a reaction to getting visibly beaten up when protests collide tbh

so is no deal happening or is it just another scaremongering tactic to force a second ref?

I don't get why they are even bothering tbh

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or just fucking up bins.

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like we've said since the fucking referendum, No Deal was inevitable


These people take themselves too seriously.

the should have just done the no deal thing right after the referendum, then we would have had 2 fucking years to sort_yourself_out.exe the country.

lads what's the least tacky scoobydooellery to get a lass for Christmas? I don't want to get something over the top but also don't want her to think I'm proposing to her.

Something related to her hobbies/interests?

When push comes to shove they'll have their shit kicked in regardless of training.

They never intended to go through with it though, the whole delay was an attempt to sabotage Brexit and make the public apathetic, but all they've done is waste time and draw a target on themselves.

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Right lads, which one of you is flying drones over Gatwick Airport?

Well done

Something in white gold.

yeah but what "thing". necklace I guess? could I get away with buying a choker?

Earrings tbh lad

After 24hrs none of these idiots had the sense to fly a recon drone to follow it back to it's source location? Lel numpty comedy tbqh

Don't be silly lad, they'd find it if they did that.

Good job, now there's two drones in the sky.

Too easy lad
They would rather larp as CSI-Gatwick and try and determine the gender pronoun of the offender from his discarded fag end using a matrix screensaver in the lab.

If you lack a deep enough emotional connection with this woman to ensure a personalised gift, then your relationship with her is likely pretty superficial. In which case, why get her anything beyond a box of chocolates?

True tbh. You don't find what you don't look for. Still an expensive larp

Maybe they can shoot it down and hope it drops a passport.

I find the whole thing pretty hilarious tbh, they chose the busiest day of the year when it comes to air travel too.

Why Gatwick though, why not Heathrow? Perhaps there would have been a proper response if it was Heathrow.

Got dabbed on today lads

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..because 2 drones instead of 1 would make a difference to the present situation? Ayy la-d-dd!


Might as well just end your life fam.

The answer lies in who flies from Heathrow, but not Gatwick. Can't have them inconvenienced by a drone larp can we?

lad, I just don't get women’s taste in fashion stuff. that's all.

all the grounded planes would be double grounded, duh.

Because then you would have to send another drone up to get the other down lad, it would go on forever!

If this woman is so one-dimensional that she lacks interests, hobbies, quirks or whatever else, and is only interested in "fashion," then you should find a better one.

reckon it's communists behind the drones, me.


been meaning to finish building my drone tbh. Got too much on

This drone stuff on the TV is like PR tbh. Fake as fuck.

It's probably just some bored cunt tbh

it's them killer robots from japan

Gun dam them

Lads if you could pick one Tekken character to be your best mate who would it be?

What kind of prison sentence does this offence carry term wise?



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Possibly, or just quick set up at the busiest time of the year to do a bit of nudging, and pr for anti-drone tech.

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which is the samurai guy with that one move where he stabs himself in the chest with his own sword just to do a "backwards" attack?

Two mince pies and a whisky sour for dinner, lads.

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Did steiner make this?

God I hate our public.

It's fucking infantile tbh

I will never get tired of that mp4

only because I play a lot of Taki in SC and Christie in DOA.

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Tekken 3 - Domestic Edition

rather be around a bunch of fat remorseless mobsters then a bunch of gymrats


So the official story is currently
I don't believe you/10

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*wasn't real

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Thoughts on Trump pulling the US out of Syria?

owen shroyer and paul joseph watson are such shite tbf, they are 30 year old boomers trying to make teen boomers feel relevant

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Bring in are Ray tbh
The authorities couldn't track Moaty boy until Ray turned up

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its just a temper tantrum because he is powerless to stop the bureaucracy collapsing the economy


So either this countries EW game is so shit they can't handle a single drone OR the government have decided to purposefully ruin peoples holidays for no real reason.

Probably the latter as they seem incompetent in everything else they do.

Or they've organised the entire thing so that they can react with the inevitable brainlet call to ban drones with a manufactured legislative response in order to suppress private ownership of drones for some reason.

killing myself when the dow drops below 22k

Brexit no deal Armageddon fearmongering isn't "no real reason" lad.

Probably to pass a load of completely unreasonable legislation.

On the bright side IS has lost their air support.

The govt would love to tackle down on drone ownership the same way guns ownership is tackled. We cant have the people putting IEDs on quadcopters now can we ;-)


Colin is saving the White race with youtube hangouts and what are you lads doing?

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Mocking you for being a faggot.



Syria conflict: Trump's withdrawal plan shocks allies

won't be able to afford puppy food soon anyway

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Well they did blame those kids dying at the Ariana Grande concert on ebil Internet and Amazon shopping suggestions rather than a terrorist ferried into the country via the Royal Navy, so your suggestion is as likely as anything else tbqh.

They don't want people to be able to get intel if things turn sour.

Did you lose all your money in the jevv casino?

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who silver here?

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About to do a sh*t, and continue working.

Funny how a country no bigger than fucking Wales likes to chime in with their super important opinion.