Spend a few years here

What the fuck have you done to me?

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That doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is separating your real profile from the shitposter you are on the internet.



Nothing, you did this to yourself by taking imageboards too seriously and swallowing all the memes.

You could buy fake id from the deep web, give out the fake info. You already fell for the meme, go all the way.

I bet you didn't hid your power level good enough, your ego betrayed you.
Just be a grumpy normie irl, pretend you do not know anything about the internet.
Use win95 theme, so they think you're running outdated windows.

Like clockwork

At least you didn't fall into the Black Procedure tech faggot cult....

You either take the blue pill or regret taking the red one, that's the world we live in.

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that's paranoia to a degree that it's a legitimate mental disorder
see a psychiatrist, take some xanax or CBD oil, and chill out

We're living in clown world, OP. That's why everything seems upside-down. Some decades from now they'll wonder wtf everyone was smoking.

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They don't even bother anymore. Not after all those times I was right.

Just as an example. I had to start antidepressives just so I stop piping all my traffic through tor and use plain-text mail so I can get a job. From time to time someone I know comes at me with an android with some of those shit filled roms and it hurts like a motherfucker when I look at it.
Loosen up enough so you survive.

Good opsec includes compartmentalizing. Apply to your life. Have a normie/professional identity on one set of hardware. Repeat as needed for remaining compartments. Don't leave links between.

You did this to yourself.

all my friends are more paranoia(freetard) than me

no, this board is just an echo chamber for delusional paranoid schizophrenics

And? I don't see the problem.

You're not fooling anyone with these numbers, Satan.

Do you mean those where you swipe a card every time you go grocery shopping in order to collect some points that you might cash in for something? Those programs give you back utter next to nothing, you would make more money by playing an instrument on the street and collecting coins from strangers. There is no need let the Jews know how much toilet paper you bought each month.

The black pill is the only pill worth swallowing.

Redtextfag, we need you.

What were the jobs?
And please remove the anchor from the thread.

At this point, there's literally no reason to take any pill but the blackpill
Nothing is good now, and nothing will get better. The future will be an awful dystopia shithole that we can do NOTHING to fix. It's over. We have no choice but to let our enemies win forever.

I think you miss took the cringepill

you were truly blackpiled you wouldn't bother typing all that emotiontext fuck nigger

Nah like cashback schemes where you send them your invoice and bank account after buying some hardware

CISCO, some data science company that when I went to interview told me that I'd be using data gathered from goyim who didn't actually know what they were handing over and to whom, and coca cola amatil after I learned of their murders when I was called for an interview for their logistics department

It really is clown world tho.

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what's wrong with this thread that it should be bum-plocked?

tfw no point saging

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1. Buy some products with you real name credit card
2. Post about those purchases with Tor on 8ch or somewhere
3. They check who bought such products in recent time
4. Get caught

it's not possible to separate real profile from anonymous profile if you are full goim on your real profile, use facebook, credit card, etc, eventually you will be correlated

fuck off CIA
DO NOT listen do this advice. never go to a psychiatrist, they will mark you as "psycho" forever, they will track you, won't give you a job, you will be done

some decades from now people will be even dumber

not possible. you will use some words or sentences that you use on darknets, that's how one important pedo was caught

you could apply for that job but later become whistle blower and release everything

the fuck is cashback?

I went to two psychologists
Am I fucked?

I don't know about you but all my moral hangups were developed before I found imageboards

I think it's probably because I'm old enough, but I've watched the erosion of privacy happen, the replacement of P2P technology by clouds, the centralization of discussions and moderation by twitter and reddit, and now I'm observing faggot moderarors take everything with a soul down, historically great organizations who once fought for an open internet doing nothing but sucking black feminine penis, and banks directly killing open competition to this monster that's being built.
By now I know there is something they want to implement worse just around the corner, I just don't know what it is.
This is why Stallman, for all the cringe he may offer is the most fucking valuable hero the internet has had and he's soon going out on his way thy because he's old. Had more people taken his approach things wouldn't have gotten this bad.