Reminder that if you're using discord instead of riot you don't belong here

Reminder that if you're using discord instead of riot you don't belong here.

So did mine. Convert them to riot one by one.

Riot is almost as feature complete as discord, and its updated frequently. It gets better every day.


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even if you're some gay fag that feels the need to use proprietary software you should use teamspeak instead of discord. discord is webcrap software made by charlatans

how do i riot?

i know this guide looks long/autistic but it will help you immensely in case you want to get started
image courtesy of the /mde/ group

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What the fuck is this autistic shit

It's a chat program

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i know i know
it should help you with any question you have though

But I mean does it really have to explain what an avatar and a username is and detail every button and menu and tell you that you can click a username?

Its very comprehensive

Ignore the guide, it pretty much works like discord except typing someone's name mentions them regardless of @.
usernames or "matrix IDs" are in the form of


When it comes out with the new UI design I'll be it.


why are you promoting this instead of Tox? is Tox dead?


Tox is buggy unusable garbage, and is abandoned.

What's up with this? It has a CoC as well.

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Matrix OrdoEvangelistarum has no CoC,'s homeserver does.

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So how do i get in and can i communicate with people on the default server?

literaly rape

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Read and choose as the server
Fuck the default server for being SJW

Wasnt it getting bigger?

Few of my friends and I have been trying to use it (on and off) for years now. It is still practically unusable for serious messaging. It works well when you want to use only one client and do not care about offline messages. It is also full of pedos and is insecure.

You can just register on their site
Yes. Federated services typically allow communication between the different servers.

How about Tor Messenger?
oh wait, they shut it down

or XMPP + Tor + OTR/PGP



TOR is honeypot

What's the point if you have to use google captcha just to make an account to post with? That's not a big upgrade over just using discord.

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Use a different home server.they're working towards replacing Google captcha with a different one

There is no point.

what server?
fuck them. if they ever decided to use (((Google))) captcha, they cannot be trusted

I use the default server because im a huge cuck, but I know there are other servers that use alternative captchas.

If you "know" them then post them
how do you know if you never used them?

pedos use Tox or XMPP with Tor and OTR

should we use what pedos use, if they don't get caught?

They don't get caught because nobody is monitoring it. Somebody has tobe watching it for them to get in trouble. Nobody cares about it yet.

Matrix is a protocol.

Briar is basically a better Tox

It's made by mde fans. What did you expect?

Can't you just disable JavaScript for the captcha? I've also seen of a tool on Firefox that automatically solves Google captcha but I don't remember the name of it

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Also you're basically saying that a one time-spyware it's the same as a 24/7 honeypot that records beyond your browser. It's just not the same.

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Matrix is a mess that copies the format of the worst communication service I've ever come across, but

Host your own instance and reduce the maximum logging. You'll need some amount of logging if you want a drop-in Discord replacement. If you don't want Discord, use XMPP or IRC and endpoint encryption. Either way, you'd have to be very simple to assume nobody you send messages to has logs enabled in whatever client they're using.

Host your own instance.

Reminder that if you're using recaptcha after 2009 your website is botnet.

Neat CIA OP. Bet you can't install XMPP or mumble yourself.

Begone with your ancient software thot
Xmpp still isn't better than discord, and mumble lacks persistent messages which I like.
I was going to chain together IRC and mumble for persistent chat but I decided thats too much work and now riot

Xmpp isn't better than irc*

Sorry user I must be retarded

Reminder that Riot is ugly and buggy and nobody cares about your freetard shit until it works at least as well as the non-freetard shit, ideally better.

It works just as well as discord, better in some aspects. Quit being a shill and support free software.

it is better because you can use Xmpp with Tor. you cannot use IRC with Tor because they ban Tor exit nodes

Tor is a honeypot

Imageboards need to stop with this static shit and add liveposting already.

Basically take discord, except you post anonymously in threads instead of group chats, and it opens as a static content if you have js disabled.

Meguca is a step in the right direction but the "watch as snailposters type their post" is retarded, and the owner is a jew cuckchanner who's too retarded to make his website work on firefox.

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What is auto refresh

A piece of stone-age shit and bloat.

You could be getting your posts instantly and directly as they come in and see when your watched threads are updated, but instead we have to keep loading the thread or some unreliable json blob over and over and over even if nobody is posting, and the more things you want to keep track of the worse and more bloated it gets for your browser.

Federated imageboards when

Never because imageboard software is stuck in 2005 level, and any hope of it moving to the next level died when Josh fucked up infinity next.

Why couldn't it happen, user? All it takes is an user with even a bit of intelligence, its not like this shit is hard. Retards make federated shit all the time. ID do it but in confirmer retarded.

It could, but nobody is making anything new. All the new imageboard projects are either unfinished or don't add anything new or both of the above.

I'd make one myself too if I had any server development skills.

Every non-exclusive community I've been a part of that switched to or started on some form of instant multimedia mass-messaging has either splintered or rapidly degraded to an inane circlejerk. Hell, I don't think I've ever interacted with anyone who actively uses Discord that I'd be comfortable leaving my child with unsupervised. It's like there's something about the format that either allures to the worst people or that brings the worst out of people. It's not something I've ever felt on other types of platforms either; not on IRC (non-multimedia, non-persistent), Mumble (non-persistent) or imageboards/forums (non-instant). Maybe the marginal difference between periodic refreshes and instant posting has some serious psychological effect.

We need to think of projects that are not FOSS and replicate that using FOSS tech
My eyes are on and Discord (as they have the best communities)

We need foss developers to stop being immature stubborn little children and start adopting good ideas that proprietary programs have and actually aim their software towards consumer usage rather than programmer usage.

Oh wow another Electron app.

Exactly, normies are our cattle, not the other way around. It is either consumer-friendly or never. Too many faggots on Zig Forums don't get this.
Everyone here needs to see this.

Either we make something new (which is really hard) or make something 10x better
Either we disrupt the scene of group messaging scene with FOSS or we just suck

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ok but listen to this:
Text-only chat from the terminal with TOR and AES256 encryption, linux source code release only. Now that will kill discord! If you don't like it then get out!

spotted the nocode /trannypol/ nigger.

There are non-human animals that do all these things.

You do realize that only LARPers give TEDx talks?

1/2 would be LARPers and the other half would be masons or illuminati incarnate, so my bet is on the latter, since I want to fight the kikes

I don't think there's an animal that makes tools as much as uses something as a tool.

I know I'm late, but does anyone have a (((youtube))) link, so I can share with my normie friends and family?

He took the video down. It's archived.


Really, you're better off with Mattermost than Matrix-based messaging in most cases. There are tradeoffs, but Mattermost is a simpler design, and easier to use, maintain, and manage. You should assess your use cases and default to Mattermost unless you really need federation or E2E encryption (and most people actually do not; server-to-client encryption is usually good enough when you control the server).

Mattermost is a replacement for Slack and Discord. Matrix is a replacement for IRC, and all that implies. They have similar use-cases, but fill different niches. If you want a private dedicated invite-only chat server, Mattermost is what you should probably be using.

Hello CIA

Hello kike

Hello Chabad

Howdy partner

Mattermost and Rocketchat can replace slack as a project management chat, but not Discord, as it can't handle the "servers and invites" like discord does, people can't just join the network and share their private room in an efficient manner. Also VoIP is not possible so it does not really work.

Either this
Or this (/ourguy/)

Those are our options to fight against (((SPLC/Disocrd)))

it's full of aids


>Or this (/ourguy/)
fuck off triangle faggots

Riot is good... until you realize it is a slow shitty ripoff of Discord that does not have everything. Again, and has some good points

its so close though, im quite happy with it.

but the cuck devs need to work faster its been years and its a basic program.

based anons revolutionize technology pls

I'll do it if you teach me networking in pure C so I can make tutorials and code samples to make it easy for other people

Can't get fucking past the (((ReCaptcha)))
Isn't it ironic how Google has build an empire scraping data and is now involved in making sure people can't do the same?

It's an IRC knockoff made in python and pajeetscript, using web services and json for communication, with a discord dress.

its called eliminating the competition.

What does either Discord or Riot have that IRC doesn't? My main interest in chat rooms is development discussion.

inline media, voice and video calls.

Well fuck that

Reminder that if you use bloatware like Riot or Matrix instead of simplistic alternatives like IRC, Tox, Unix Talk, Email, or other things that have been good enough and have worked right for the past 6 decades then you are a pleb, by anons for anons, sign up at

Said logs does not store your ip, but a hash (unles you are a retard using freenode), it is also not hard to make up logs, so plausible deniability applies.

What are some matrix groups related to computer science or math?


I feel like there's a difference between being comprehensive and providing English lessons and fucking 2001 monolith in your manual to a computer program though. Some things you just have to assume people already know.