Windows thread: you can't beat perfection edition

ITT you can only post from windows

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Can I post from a Windows virtual machine running inside of a Gentoo virtual machine running on my iPhone?

Yes, you can also post from wine if you'd like to

Fel for the bait, this is a UNIX machine with FVWM95 for the WM. I'm not even OP and I could tell.

It's not the fvwm fork tho.

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Why copy Windows, it was always a mediocre interface. (And it got much worse after the pajeet took over.)

show one better interface

Gas yourself

I like mine personally

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Linux is better than Windows.


In the coming years, Linux will become Windows

I'm posting from Firefox, which is basically a clone of Windows.

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Excellent taste in wallpapers, also everything else.

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I fail to see how something that is full to the back teeth with SJW horseshit will become something that is full to the back teeth with street shitters' spaghetti code. They're two entirely different types of fucking horrible.

Japanese people tend to know Japanese.

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Classic Mac (obviously), BeOS, OS/2. If I may mention current stuff: macOS, Cinnamon, and Budgie.

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Op, didn't do a good jobbu

Does ReactOS run games yet?

ReactOS doesn't even boot on native hardware yet. I should know, I tried it. Wait for a bit.

The one Windows Copied

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Linux is just a kernel dude.

[interjection intensifies]

I-i-is that ... os/x?
How do I modern *nix that?

I meant neXtOS
And I even see it in the bottom corner, I am a n00b, ignore me

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Install WindowMaker.
With GWorkspace, you can enable the dock layout instead. In that case, use it with OpenBox or FVWM instead.

I wish GNUstep was a more popular toolkit. I prefer programming in it than QT or... GTK.
Plus, it's just as multiplatform and would create a common ecosystem for programmers across UNIX since OSX has to use it (with a theme engine of course).
GNUstep is so versatile, it you can have code in the themes such that the fundamental layout of things, such as a floating menu vs an in-window menu vs anything you can come up with is C-programable in the theme.

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Stupid dumb nujak scum

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Windows sucks ass, but everything else does as well, so I still use it. When doing something simple on a Unix system ends up being a massive pain the ass for no reason, when it just decides that it doesn't want to work, that's where Windows 7 comes in. It will be worth keeping around until someone makes an actual good operating system for general use (it will never happen). Windoes what Lignux don't is my mentality, I guess. They are both massively outdated, but in different ways.

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This is projection right? On Mac, transferring files is a breeze.
What do Windows users even use? Homegroups? How do you even set that up?

I think that Windows users are just incapable of learning to do the same task a different way. You can only teach them once.

I don't know. I only use Windows when doing something on my distro would take too much work while doing it on Windows would be effortless, or if it's actually impossible to do on anything else. It's pretty unusual overall, but it can still happen. There are a lot of things that I have simply never done on Windows, though. Windows doesn't really encourage you to learn how to do anything, so I only know how to do it on other OSs. I have never used a Mac, though. I could go outside and suck 30 dicks right now and I still wouldn't be gay enough for that.


Were you able to get out of your mental breakdown faggot? Still use Kratom?

Set up file sharing, then you can move files around from explorer, web browser, or cmd.

Windows kinda sucks for programming. Also it is botnet.

I still use Kratom in significantly-lowered dosage and my "mental breakdown" was just a multi-week bender with not a second of sleep.