Brit/pol/ #2595: Mulatto Waifu Edition

As requested

Gatwick Airport: Army called in amid drone chaos

Morocco murders: Three arrested over 'bestial' tourist killings

Schoolboy Jimmy Owens, 16, jailed for murdering man with cricket bat

Brexit: Cabinet 'ramps up' no-deal planning

Britain told to prepare for no deal DOOMSDAY: Thousands of troops on standby, ferries to ship in emergency supplies and millions of families told 'get ready' as ministers activate ALL Brexit backup plans with 101 days to go

Farage reveals real reason no-deal Brexit is 'horror story' for Europe

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Based edition

good la- wait

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good lad

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smh, pal.

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We have a local newsreader called Joanne Malin who looks similar to her and she is a redhead. Saw her on the train once in Worcester.
yummy mummy tbh

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tbf are big round eyes distinctly celtic or brythonic?

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there's no such race as celtic it's a cultural identifier


answer the question, some of those mene pictures list "atlantoid-celtic" as a facial type


I'll delete him.

Good lad

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quick rundown?


He's making up for bombing Syria earlier this year tbh.

why do people make 30 minute rant videos about shite everyone alreay knows

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part of being a skilled presenter is being able to deliver a concise message

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Not as yummy as Kelsey Redmore though.

A love of their own voice



every lass I've met who names kelsey has nice milkers

Oh yeah, I saw Hitchcuck asleep on the train yesterday lads. He was in a very dramatic pose leaning against the window.

I'm not even sure what Anarchists want tbh

Money and (you's) tbh.

I just copied the old one tbh, and yes British politics gets priority on a British politics board.

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They want what we all want lad (you)'s

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he looks pensive, as if contemplating the correct course of action in the presence of tossed salad and scrambled eggs.

Analysis of Pleasantville as deconstruction of white 1950's America by a cryptoyid

Tbf lad most film analysis videos are 30min to 1 hour see Collative Learning for examples.

Like killing the man who raped and killed his sister.

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How am I going to get out of this one lads?

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rooo ferringhi backpackers fuck off

why did seth rogan do that


Implying scoobydoos have physical strength

Just put on your chad hat and be an alpha male lad, she'll probably kiss your willy right then and there

What the fuck is wrong with you?

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Lads, I asked civic qt drink counselor lass to come cinema with me to see the Blade Runners.
She first asked when it was, to find out if it wasn't in her holiday break from work. Then when I told her she just said it would be inappropriate to do anything outside of the work, nothing like a "no, I have a bf" (which I once got as answer from a lass in a similar position that it would have been deemed inappropriate) or "no, I wouldn't like you that way". Sounded as if she would come with me if it was during her hours, weird
Don't know if I should be a cheeky lad and ask to go do something with her outside her holiday in the new year
I'm glad I at least asked her and didn't let the feel of regret for not asking eat me up inside for the next few weeks

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shit throw, if you want to escape a normie throw like that just drop your center of gravity as soon as they touch you

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good lad, I was at a work party on wednesday and this one nice looking lass who is at my work who is not one of my mummy bosses and works in another deparment kept staring at me the whole time what does that mean?

Me rn tbh smh

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What the fuck is wrong with you?

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just use kung fu

Pay her to meet you at the cinema for a 2 hour film, slide your arm under her seat

Honestly this thread was terrible from the start and I regret posting it.

tbf those guys look like good lads

you should have made a move on her you virgin

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smdh its not even cold out, when is the lakes going to freeze

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Mercia I take it back save meeeeeeeeeee

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what if she was staring at me because she hated me?

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it means you should suplex her through a PC desk then drag her by the hair to parking lot and stomp on her skull until it cracks like a cheap easter egg then hitch her carcass to your truck and drive around town blasting 'Miracles' by ICP

Can't get in the Christmassy mood lads.

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iktf tbh fam#

she like Jim too….;'/

should change the board's name to /shit/

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same tbh, I'm flying home tomorrow though

easy way to tell
whip yer cock out

What did you mean by this lad?

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maybe he wanted you to hip throw her throw a window lad

feel the warmth of her bum

Posting festive tunes to help

Don't think that's possible through a thicc cinema seat

Its nice to see you have all given up on politics..tis folly

Lad all that's going on is Gatwick shenanigans and that seems over.

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Zig Forums has never been about politics tbh lad


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dont lie

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So a customer was shocked last year when Alexa blurted out: “Kill your foster parents.”

Alexa has also chatted with users about sex acts. She gave a discourse on dog defecation. And this summer, a hack Amazon traced back to China may have exposed some customers’ data, according to five people familiar with the events.

Alexa is not having a breakdown.

Fooking tasty
Given me an idea.

go on lad


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Flights suspended at Gatwick again


jokes aside, if they cancel my flight tomorrow I'll be pissed