Brit/pol/ #2596: Drone Edition

Gatwick live updates: Two ‘drone gang’ suspects arrested after cyclist was spotted ‘frantically’ packing drones as flights resume

Gatwick Airport drone 'suspect seen packing craft into bag before fleeing on bike'

Gatwick drones: Airport reopens after latest suspension

BBC's London HQ on lockdown as police clash with climate change protesters demanding corporation makes global warming its 'top editorial issue'

Four migrant stowaways threaten crew with iron bars on ship from Nigeria as they demand vessel be moved closer to coast so they can jump off and swim to UK

Katie Price ‘Disgusted’ At Christmas Jumpers Featuring Her Harvey

Can this boy band keep Britain and the EU from breaking up?

'Kill your foster parents': Amazon's Alexa talks murder, sex in AI experiment

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First for festive mummys

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>"atheists aren't just anti-christians, we don't believe in any go–"

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wrong pic

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People visit strange rock formations for tourism, wew.


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Before and after images of the severed heads of two young tourists murdered in Morocco have been posted to their mums’ Facebook pages


double wew

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Nogs never fail to amaze me. It's depressing that he has influence over people though.

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this was a poorly-timed ad

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The only woke nigger is the one who is asleep.

you can buy followers so the number is meaningless tbh


Oh god his entire timeline is a weird schizophrenic mess


Would love to see the comments on this ad lad.

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lel I forgot about the filter

Everyone calling out the recent murder.


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baste Yids

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Gatwick drone disruption: Someone has "actively disabled" geofencing, or the electric barrier to prevent drones flying in restricted spaces, says security expert

6mm miniatures look like little chibi lol never knew this was a size, 2mm as well.

So geofencing can be disabled by the drone owner? Seems kinda useless for naughty lads if the owner who knows what they're doing can disable it.

Possibly an ex-employee who disabled it from within.

the boulounaiss regiment had a really similar flag to the basque euskadi one but it's in calais somewhere

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Needs an edit that can be spammed
rough draft

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too soon man
*chuckles anyway*

These goods lads are pulling out all the stops to prevent wogs flying into the UK.

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tbh it seems like a really good method of nonviolent terrorism, except for the fact that every single holidaymaker will want to blood and gore whoever did this when they're caught

What is this spy fiction???????
Spoke to a drone "expert" yesterday
Geofencing can be avoided by building your own dron that doesn't have the proprietary software built in
most commercial drones have it inbuilt and if the try and approach an airport it will be disabled
Build your own. Problem solved

Redditors and luvvies on absolute suicide watch:

Corbyn: Brexit would go ahead even if Labour won snap election

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It's ridiculous how they only deluded themselves into thinking there would actually be a second referendum.

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fucking hell, you could shut down the entire country without even trying
also can the mad lads actually be charged with anything??

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Is this THE talib kweli? As in the 'intellectual' indie rapper, Talib Kweli? I guess this is what happens when you're regarded as a font of sage-like wisdom for parroting basic yiddish talking points about rich white men and opweshun.


Games Workshop used to do a game called "Epic" which used 6mm tbh

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All seems a bit (((contrived))) tbh. I'm not suggesting a false-flag necessarily, just that whenever these sorts of things happen, there is a very obvious benefit to the scoobydoos. Any way you look at it, this was a meeting of two sets of scoobydoo-owned puppets.


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taigs every time

He should go after the BIG white gang - SW1 0AA


who'da seen it coming
toppest fucking lel good fucking luck

lad it's the Godfrey Elfwick account

my point still stands tbh

Zig Forums will just tell them to fuck off if they try to get it removed from here tbh.

it's like 5% in the UK lad

smh lad


Everytime they do something like this they are always shocked about the amount of stats calling out the niggers. It's like the 6yr old in class stomping his feet and going into a mood with his teacher because 2+2 doesn't add up to 7.

I know lad it's the per capita meem

Is it even on here?

It's been posted on Zig Forums a few times

yeah there's been a bunch of threads with it

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baste but the migrants will now seek asylum and never leave the country smh

bless them for posting based educational material

Essex Police said they were not treating the incident as a "hostage, piracy or terror-related".

where did it go wrong for the trad thot movement?

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Hijacking a ship and forcing the crew to sail where you want under threat of violence is no longer piracy. Based

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Pirates only exist in hollywood and fan fiction bigot

fucking sick of this nonsense

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If I read the article correctly, the officers locked themselves in the bridge, which effectively means the stowaways were REEing from outside.
As far as I remember from the ISPS code, virtually any crime onboard can be considered piracy, but 'traditional' piracy how shorebased people see it is specifically hijacking.

tbh there's nothing crews can do about this kind of thing unless we're allowed the arm ourselves. The IMO debating letting weapons on merchant ships a while back iirc, but it wasn't allowed. The real solution is for the navy and police to do their fucking jobs and protect merchant seamen, but that's never going to happen in these cucked societies.

Can't imagine how angry those SBS lads are. They should have done what they are trained to do, Mozambique drill the fuckers.

tbh let the gov't continue acting so retardedly, when push comes to shove the lads won't have any interest in supporting them

"all four then tried to grab Soldier A's weapon and unfortunately we had to dismember them with 900 rounds of 5.56"


How hard would it be to make it legal for you to just throw the fuckers overboard?

Woman Gets Mauled At The Zoo By 4 Polar Bears After Jumping In Their Enclosure
We shouldn't blame the woman in this either.

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Owen's wailing again

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@ least they’d be somewhat alive.
Mildly amusing tbh.

Bollocks m8
They're cute, cuddly and furry an' dindunuffin

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Not hard at all tbh
Just let us dump their bodies in minecraft in the North Atlantic and nobody would ever find them in minecraft.

This is what I suspected, we could institute a "don't ask, don't tell" rule for extra judicial punishment in the merchant navy in minecraft.

too much kek

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miss minecraft tbh

Imagine a communist from 100 years ago watching this today.

Think that was a facetious comment tbh. It ends with the words "Especially white people. *winks*".

I like the line "scoobydoos created socialism"

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I figured, but there are actual comments going around that are similar.

Thinking of doing a course in scoobydooellery design and becoming a scoobydooeller

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wew, this is muslim-tier kvetching tbh

couldn't resist that tbh



I thought opposing the legitimacy of Israel was antisemitic.

Kek. This needs to be edited and sent to every conservative good goy.

he will regret having said this line

It needs a whole re-edit. Owen basically disagreed with his own opinion. Top kek

tfw getting back into Rule the Waves

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You can weakly and vaguely oppose some of the actions of the scoobydooish state (which you must acknowledge has the god-given right to exist as such), but never mention the extremely powerful political and economic machinery, which guarantees western support for the state and all of its activities. It's utterly absurd (obviously). Someone should make an 'owen jones: rules for radicals' memi tbh: just to hammer home the fact that leftists are expected to guzzle a metric tonne of intellectual bullshit in order to have their good-goy glands tickled.

t. Owen Jones

What a lickle raycis

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Whaling is subhuman tbh

And it was great because the Squats were in it, look at all that artillery.

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someone put hava nagila in the background of

This video has the potential to be memid to piss off all types of leftists, individualists and good-goy conservatives. Basically everyone who falls over themselves to protect and champion the scoobydoos, for wholly contradictory reasons. It's getting to the point that the far-right really seems likely to become the only trusted voice in politics.

gis a sec